Kanye West Won’t Face Felony Charges In Attack On Photographer

Kanye West doesn’t have to worry about a little thing like a felony getting in the way of him producing his and Jay-Z’s next solo albums.

The rapper will not have to face felony charges against him for his involvement in a scuffle he had with photographers in a Los Angeles airport early this month. According to TMZ, the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office decided to drop the charges. The photographers also did not pursue legal action.

West and his business associate, Don C., were arrest at L.A.X. after the two men battled with photographers who snapped pictures of the rapper at the airport. West confronted the man and Don C. later grabbed the photographer’s camera and smashed it on the ground. A video camera man caught the incident on tape and police eventually questioned all parties involved.

West and Don C. were arrested and posted bail. The two were on the way to Hawaii, but were detained by authorities. ‘Ye blogged about the incident afterward and noted he liked paparazzi.

‘Ye isn’t completely off the hook, however. He may be subject to a possible misdemeanor rap still. No decision has been made as of press time.

West recently announced he’s moving up the date of his forthcoming album, 808′s & Heartbreak to November. In addition, the producer is working with Jay-Z on crafting the legendary MC’s next project The Blueprint 3. Neither album has firm release dates set.—Anthony Thomas

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  • iLL G

    at least its not a F

  • Stonyman

    No injury no felony. Plus that camera wasn’t no $10k.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mc585 MC

    xxl..i just took a sht & posted it on my myspace page..so put THAT on ya page so ppl could know to go check it out..I don’t understand why you guys report the most fucking nonsence sht”..I dont give a fuck about Luda’s pool house nor this kanye sht”’Your post a fucking thousand sht on lil wayne every fucking day…Who gives a fuck about him??? Your keep that sht up your magazine will end up just like the source irrevelant…

    http://www.myspace.com/mc585 listen

    • EReal

      YOU MAD!

  • Allstar

    now kanye finish da album!!!

  • REAL TALK 08

    U still in my Top 5 ‘Ye…as long as u don’t team up on Soulja boy’s side….

    4.Young Jeezy
    5.Lil’ Wayne…

    Honorable Mention:Nas!

  • Caine

    Ur top 5 sucks…