Kanye West Pushes Date Up On New LP Release

Kanye West announced today on his blog that he’s pushing up the date for his next release, 808′s & Heartbreak.

“I changed my album to November something, ’cause I finished the album and I felt like it,” he wrote. I want y’all to hear it as soon as possible.”

The album’s first single, “Love Lockdown,” currently sits atop the iTunes Top Songs list.

West first premiered the song earlier this month at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. The rapper closed the production with a version of the song that later appeared online. ‘Ye then later leaked two versions himself, a rough version and a mastered version of the track.

The song has been downloaded over 215,000 times as of its official release.

West penned the only weeks before he first premiered it and announced he would be releasing a new album by the end of 2008.

Initially retailers such as Amazon.com and Target had the date for West’s album slated for a December 16 release.

Currently West is working on a clip for “Lock Lockdown” and finishing off his LP. The producer is also working on tracks for Jay-Z’s next album, The Blueprint 3. As of press time, Def Jam has not confirmed an official release date for either album.—Anthony Thomas

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  • Dee

    See, I would b excited.. except i heard its gon b almost all autotune..
    this might b tha first kanye album i dont buy.. smh..

    • Paulie

      Totaly agree!! It sounds like the biggest crap of the century!!

  • K0ld

    To people not coppin’ the album just because he’s Autotunin’… SMH. You need to open up your minds and give it a chance. Might blow y’all’s minds!

    • Shawty J

      After a year or so of rappers experimenting with singing and auto-tuning their voices, the last thing we need is another auto-tuned out album.

      This isn’t a matter of people having closed minds, this is a matter of people being tired of auto-tune. I’m a big Kanye fan, I might cop this but if it is all auto-tune I doubt I’ll listen to it as often as his other albums which I kept in heavy rotation.

  • Raj

    love lockdown was bs…i aint coppin 808s and heartbreak..bunch of autotune shit….that shit needs to die

  • http://xxlmag.com Purv

    Lock Lockdown is one of those when you don’t like it the first time you hear it. I was like wtf is this. but it kinda grows on you and Im digging it. I wonder what the next singel will be.

  • dusty boy

    Maan FUCK that open your mind shit!! I fux with TRILL music not no fuckin’ Autotunin’!!! All them lames need to leave that shit to T-Pain!!

    R.I.P. to the real KING of AUTOTUNE/BOX

    Roger Troutman ZAPP


    • TonyStackz

      WordtheMotha Homie Most Teens don’t even know who Roger T. Zapp is what a fuckin shame those kids should at least check out 2Pac & Dr. Dre’s
      “California Love” before even Crediting T-pain for that shit!!!

  • patkilpat

    So yeah, autotune is a fad thats on its way out. Kanye was one of the people who started to bring it back on College Dropout. Thats why I’m against it, because he’s a trend setter with this hes back tracking. But again if the lyrics especially the punchlines are there I’ll be cool.


    I rage against machines to create audio slaves

  • UK Ray

    trust kanye boys never let us down before! believe that like a true story!!! UK

  • UK Ray

    kanye never let us down before, wheres the trust! UK love.

  • http://WWW.NYCE-ENT.COM Dee-Nyce

    why would we wanna hear something thats all auto tune…get the fuck outta here…that shit is cool onne in a blue but a whole CD is just wack and un-original from one of the most original rappers in the game…I WILL NOT SUPPORT COPY CATS…be original and stop dick rididing these artist challenge them to step they game up..POINT BLANK

  • mac

    im glad he pushed it up. so it can some out flop, then he can go back to making really good music. i would like to believe it could be good, but i will give four good tracks the rest are going to suck.

  • MewLover34

    Has Kanye said the album will be mostly auto-tuned? Because all I here is people who don’t know saying they heard it somewhere…us

  • young 50

    Yeah Kanye said it would be majority autotuned. Cosign Dusty Boy I feel you people think t-pain started that shit.

  • Tre83

    Yeah if it’s autotuned I’m cool. Autotuned aint got shit to do with opening up your mind. The shit is just annoying. If a fly kept buzzing in your ear would you open your mind? Shit no! You’d swipe at the damn thing and try to kill it! But I hope he has something else to offer other than that. I’m looking forward to hearing it before I buy it honestly

    Like I’ve said several times before I only fool with Roger Troutman, DJ Quik, and Teddy Riley on the autotune!

  • Kaze Bitches!

    Honestly i dont giva fuck if its auto-tuned to fucking death since when has kanye delivered a bullshit album and now that he doin some different shit that HE never did before like always yall doubtin the nigga yall ot tru fucki kanye fans so dont fuckin comment i got faith in my nigga

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  • Nate

    Don’t buy his argument- That’s the logic a gay man would give you “Open up your minds”- notice he says underneath “Might BLOW y’all’s minds…” sublim. this dude likes BS- because it’s popular but we all know good music and only Teddy Riley and DQ Quick have made that sound good in recent years. So no- I’m not buying it Ye, if it’s mostly autotune. Lil Wayne isn’t good either just because it’s popular…
    K0ld says:

    To people not coppin’ the album just because he’s Autotunin’… SMH. You need to open up your minds and give it a chance. Might blow y’all’s minds!

  • markamilyon

    idk if i’ll cop it..that 1st single is terrible. im sorry, i tried to like it but its jus not my style. white ppl will eat the hell out of it though so he aint gotta worry bout da shit floppin..i think the video is gone be interesting, im actually lookin forward to seein it. his vids r always on point visually, but other than that i’ll pass on dis one!

  • PD

    Dee that’s funny u said that i said the same exact thing once i heard that it was gonna be autotone. 1st Kanye album i won’t be buying. I’m kinda tired of hearing that shit from everyone. Let T-Pain rock. thats his shit (well really teddy riley) and he on everybody tracks anyway so i really don’t wanna hear it from anyone else. Kanye don’t do it. please

  • http://baker.edu DETROIT FRESH

    y’all think kanye using autotune is unoriginal? hating is unoriginal! love lock down is dope on some otherwordly shit. and i will cop the album because i’m a fan of the music, even if it’s wack, which i’m sure it won’t be. open up the minds, you’ll be suprised what you experience. you may just wake up one morning and miraculously lose your wackness! if the album is fire, cop it. if soldierboy dropped an album on no limit records executive produced by vanilla ice with milli vanilli on background vocals i would still buy it if the album is good.


    kanye in mexico arena monterrey

    oct 18 dammit

  • wat-wat-watt

    im not opening my mind up to get a headache from no stupid auto tuning sound, it sounds like a robot malfunction… can’t do it, i’ll wait to buy a kanye album until kanye is back from this trip men!!!

  • Dee-Nyce

    Detroit fresh sounds like kanye west has his dick in his mouth….why are you trying to change peoples minds…we dont want to hear a full album of gay techo ass beats with auto-tune…give that shit a rest….love lockdown is garbage…but next week it will be a hit because radio will spin it a million times…but sorry I still will not buy that garbage and I dont listen to the radio so I will not be brainwashed to become 1 with these homos…