Kanye West Arrested, Detained After Fight With TMZ Photogs

Kanye West has been released from police custody this afternoon after posting bail, MTV News is reporting.

The rapper and an associate, Don C., were arrested this morning in Los Angeles after a confrontation with photographers.

According to TMZ, ‘Ye and Don. C  were at LAX when a photographer began snapping shots. Allegedly, West confronted the photographer and smashed the camera to the group. Another photographer (with ties to TMZ) then video recorded the incident, which reportedly led West’s associate to grab the video camera and break the equipment.

The Def Jam star apparently attempted to gain possession of the footage. “Gimme that fucking tape,” he said, according to TMZ. [Watch Kanye Vs. Paparazzi Here]

West and Don C. were both held on matching $20,000 bonds.

After the scuffle, West and his party attempted to leave to board their flight. Police, however, detained the rapper. News services are reporting the blow up occurred at 7:51 PST this morning at the American Airlines terminal.

‘Ye was apparently on his way to Hawaii.

West and his associate were charged with felony vandalism and battery charges were dropped, according to multiple reports.

TMZ also reported West, his associate, and the photographer were later questioned by police. When authorities inquired about the the incident being taped, West allegedly lunged at the man when he responded he had in fact recorded the dispute. Police reportedly had to restrain the rapper.

The value of the equipment destroyed is believed to be more than $10,000.

West, nor his label, Def Jam, has not issued a statement regarding the incident—LaTisha Robbins and Anthony Thomas

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  • http://www.xxlmag.com damion

    GET EM YE!!!

    @#$ing Bastards. Felony vandalism, that aint nothing. Sick the lawyers on them, get it bumped down to a MISTER, give em a little bread, say your sorry, and do it again!

    • mo


    • Matt Herbz

      That’s the bitch coming out of ‘Ye right there… Nigga acting like he’s too good to have his picture taken or something. Damn, he let a few pictures get in the way of his trip to Hawaii? Everyone knows that Hawaiian pussy takes precedent over getting booked for a felony camera-smashing charge. That’s why Kanye’s gay, right there…

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      • yaOK

        You think you know so much but the reality is you don’t know shit. Sure you can talk shit about someone on this fucking comment section over the internet but how far does that really get you? You don’t seem to understand how frustrating and annoying that must be for them to constantly get flashed by cameras while all they are trying to do is go on vacation. He probably doesn’t give a fuck about Precedents when he can go anytime of the day if he wants to you dumb fuck. He’s got enough money to drop anytime he wants to go anywhere he wants so I’m sure he’s not stressing that shit. You would because your a fucking loser. HAHA bitch.

  • BGZ

    shits funny too me!!!!


    Somebody need to beat the shit outta them muthafuckaz from TMZ, they talk all that shit about celebs and shit. They deserve that shit. Fuck TMZ.

  • capcobra

    love lockdown…love lockdoOown….lol

  • Killer Kali

    Kanye needs to stop being a bitch. What does he expect from being in the public spotlight.

    Keep it trill

  • aquma

    Now you KNOW he doesn’t do all that blogging by himself. How you gonna put up 10 blog posts while in police custody?



  • Ayre

    Damn! now we gotta hear a autotune song about this shit.

  • F Tmz

    Pap to McConaughey: My Gay Roomie Loves You!
    Posted Sep 11th 2008 11:18AM by TMZ Staff

    It was like talking to a wall — a perfectly chiseled wall — but that didn’t deter our photog from bombarding Matt McConaughey with some of the most ridiculous questions and compliments ever

    You see that shit this is what them bitch ass tmz people do and then they wonder why there camera gets smashed the fucked up Fuck TMZ

  • Amar

    expect an new entry on his blog in all caps

  • wat-wat-watt

    When authorities inquired about the the incident being taped, West allegedly lunged at the man when he responded he had in fact recorded the dispute. Police reportedly had to restrain the rapper.
    —at least TMZ should know ye don’t play tht…

  • Bang

    Ye is a diva

  • This Guy

    Damn, so he’s gonna have to pay all those fuckers back. Why would go and do something like this on your way to Hawaii?

  • JeffDaChef

    Good, the paps should be wiped from the face of the earth. They are all low life scum, who will roast on spits in hell.

  • Luke

    pretty dumb and uneseccary on Ye’s part if u ask me

  • DJ DaveLee

    Hey, if you see TMZ or any paparazzi take thurr camra’s and run. Errbody should be tired of these bitches. Why don’t they go shoot film on them dumbass white girls like they always do.

  • Dee

    yall niggas are real funny..

    I bet if it was anybody else eryone would b like “he go hard, hes a real nigga”
    but since its Kanye hes a “diva”..

  • BigNat

    man kanye grabbed that camera and smashed it and kept it moving

  • Mikey T

    It’s ok Kanye, Jesus will save you!

  • King B

    You might as well say Def Jam isn’t his label home now Live Nation got the ROC

  • NotoriousRambo


  • Teddy

    don’t celebs understand that if you live by the gun you die by the gun you take the good with the bad papparazi and success are intertwined both sides of the same coin you can’t seperate them if you want to be famous why complain u cant want press wen u need it and then turn it off when u dont this is the price of fame

  • king equality

    ATTention black people we are trying to get a black man into the white house all negros should be on their best behavior especially the ones that are in the public eye who the fuck is stupid enough to wild out at a airport on the 911 aniversary this nigga should not have dropped out of school

  • nellz

    At king equality…stfu this has nothin to do with gettin obama into the white house

    N speakin of 9/11…how about the fact that ur not allowed to take pics n the airport….but LA is fucked up….they have press passes for the airport

    U dunno what ye was goin thru or what happened b4 he spiked that camera (2 arms up….touchdown). He isn’t the 1st to spaz on tmz…so why is it a big deal?

  • macdatruest

    ATTention black people we are trying to get a black man into the white house all negros should be on their best behavior especially the ones that are in the public eye- most slave minded shit I heard in my life. You should have never dropped out if the plantation-somebody find dude’s massa. The president of the united states is a job which should be judged by whoever is most qualified to do that job. Campaign issues are on a global scale, and you mean to tell me you dumb that shit down so much as to say Negroes with good behavior is a factor for a presidential candidate? What type of white bred coon are you? I bet you got watermelon seeds all over your keyboard…I hope nigggggas like you aint old enough to vote-coons who only see “black man in office” thats bullshit white propoganda too that “one of us makes all of us bad” white kids can shoot up a million classrooms across america and they still hold they heads up proud cause they dont group themselves together, they aresmart enough to know skin color doesnt make them all alike. King Slave, you a Willie Lynch homo go back to school

  • sozzay


    you aren’t very bright. White kids can do and not worry about being grouped because they are WHITE!!! This is Amerikkka! We black! We will ALWAYS be lumped together. Whether you are a proud black man, or a dumb ass nigga, you are the same in this countries eyes. That includes you and Obama! Stay Black.

  • Jon Dog

    Kanye’s a fuckin’ bitch man. Ya, we all deserve a lil’ privacy, but you acted like a fuckin’ child throwin’ a temper tantrum. Damn.
    Oh, and the black and white thing, shit’s gettin’ old dude. We’re all one, if you can’t see that by now, you deserve to be the way you are!!! This shit has nothing to do with a presidential election. Ya’ll so fuckin’ blind, you think Kanye throwin a fit is gonna effect Obama’s chances just cause he’s “black”?! It’s a new day, it’s just too bad you people can’t see that!!!

  • 11KAP

    Now they have Kanye wasting his money on jails. Damn.

  • Jon Dog

    Sozzay, YOU ARE A STUPID, IGNORANT ASS FUCK!!! Tellin Obama or whoever to stay black. It’s only retards like you that “lump” african americans together. “Blacks”???, you’re a fool man, a fuckin’ complete fool!!!

  • Sozzay


    Try reading again young “dog”. No one told Obama to stay anything. A little less emotion and a little more reading would serve you well. The only “retard” in this conversation would be you. You are obviously very young or un-educated. Because in this world I live in, Black men, have been lumped together in the court of public opinion no matter what their success level. If you think we walk around this country with the ability to be judged on our character and actions as individiuals, you are insane. And yes, Blacks! I have never stepped foot one day in Africa. So you can keep your PC white man’s label. I am a BLACK man and will stay that way until I die!

  • Prince Ceasar

    Celebrities are funny. Everyone is so serious about dumb shit.

  • niggafrommemphis

    That bitch ass nigga just want some publicity for his new album.yeah i said it BITCH ASS NIGGA.supposedly went to anger management.the boy is a ho and so are his admirers who think that shit makes him cool.