JUELZ: “I Was NOT Robbed!”

With rumors swirling online that Dipset member Juelz Santana was robbed overseas during a recent trip to London, the New York rapper released a statement to the media to refute the false information.

“Bottom line, my former manager along, with an ex-group member, accepted an astronomical amount of money for a paid date that never happened or was ever brought to my knowledge,” Santana explained. “I was NOT robbed.

“My staff and I were kicked out of our orginal hotel for the commotion,” he continued. “The promoter, myself, and my Dipset associate Blackadon worked out the outstanding issue like bosses do.”

Santana was overseas from August 21 to September 1, according to his representative. Word began to spread that the Harlem MC and his entourage were approached by local promoters in London over the weekend. Allegedly, the men stole items from Santana in response to the rapper missing a booked show.

The boisterous Dipset artist performed in a number of cities while overseas, however, the U.K. stop was the only show that was canceled.

“That was my first European tour,” Santana said. “I enjoyed it. I appreciate my fans in Europe for the support and I look forward to seeing them next year during festival season.”—LaTisha Robbins

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  • adsfadfadf

    Hahahahhahah first, juelz sucks. KIlla kam sold him like kunta kinte.

    • http://www.myspace.com/uptownempire Trouble

      Cam did the right thing. Fuck Juelz, he has no loyalty. Just like he claimin his manager fucked him over, he fucked Cam and Dipset over by going on stage with Fif. karma is a Bitch !! LOL

  • Mack 11

    Fuck being first

  • Kani

    Somebody needs to rob this lame ass nigga of his life!! Dipset my ass!!

    • Pierzy


  • Come Find Me Gilbert!

    Ppl always get shit misconstrued , its either one or 2 things, Juelz is lying and did get robbed and is just trying to cover what really happened to protect his rep, Or.. The promoters are just super swolled that he didn’t do the show, and had to make up some bullshit ass story.. either way whos to say I wasn’t there and neither was anyone else

  • Me

    Rob him for his life? Cause He lame? or cause u dont like his rap? U niggas trippin…

    • http://XXlmag.com Tre Trilla

      Yea Forreal Pierzy and Kani, yall talkin real silly. U talkin bout baggin a nigga all cause u dont like his music??? U clowns must never had a family member murked???

      Yall talking dumb and Pierzy talking bout Co-sign nigga yo credit prob not good enough to get a pack of Gum on yo credit. U clown think before u speak before that table get turned on u real fast,and U get ya tombstone signed nigga… 504 til the meat sho. New Orleans stand up we made threw another one…

      • yessir

        ignore that bull bruh…these la dudes dont even understand wat they sayin they listen to the music and now they repeat that shit like its a fairy tale land…niggas in N.O. gettin cut back by the hour on some real shit…but they say a dude should get takin from his family because he doesnt entertain them…smh



  • http://www.myspace.com/uptownempire Trouble

    Man if his last manager did that shit hes saying, that would be durty. But they got a no gun law so he wasnt strapped, I think this shit is tru.

    And why does everyone keep saying hes with Dipset?? Cam sold his ass like an indentured servant, for $2 Mill. Which was a good move, Juelz and jim Jones couldnt be trusted, fuckin sleepin with the enemy (No Homo. LOL)

  • Wopz

    Why do rappers always sound so ignorant? I love reading interviews with intelligent/humble cats like Common or Talib. This dude sounds like he’s stuck in the ninth grade trying to cram all the big words he’s learned into incoherent sentence:
    “worked out the outstanding issue”…wtf are you talking about?

    • yoprince

      actually you’re an idiot..

      “outstanding” can be used in that context.. the meaning is “unresolved.” pick up a book.

  • Worley

    Wonder if that ex-group member is Cam. If so, how many times did he do that? They haven’t messed with dude for a while. It must have been a pretty strong reason. This might be it.

  • avon

    damn kani you say the nigga need to robbed of his life thats some hatin jealous broke no pussy gettin ass nigga shit to say yall niggas is illin



  • KF UK

    I was meant to go see the other show that got cancelled in Wolverhampton England, and they said for unforseen circumstances. to swagger jack mexico..NEGRO PLEASE

    fuck you talking about the only unforseen thing is that you got ran up on by some London Goonies and taken for a joke. Theres alot of stories about wats gone on, but this DID go down, he got taken for all he was worth theres a video out there and that will tell all.

    Londons no joke, and alot of rappers will say the same, Young joc..ROBBED, Game..Ran out of London (check the video if you dont belive), Ja Rule…ROBBED, Jagged edge..ROBBED and now Juelz for all his big talk has been done over. Its a mad place with some dont give a fuck people, and im not suprised that this has happened. I read a couple places the main suspect is MEGAMAN..this dude from some old “grime crew” that got locked for gun charges before, and hes meant to be some real ass dude so im not suprised at all.

    Theres 2 ways to deal with this, Juelz comes out like in the next 12 hours wid his chain (not a copy HIS CHAIN) and is like there you go..OR these other dudes show the video.

    But UKS no joke. Fuck this dude for cancelling the show in my city. Shudda still carrried on like aint shit happened if shit didnt happen u know?
    OR did he get a beat down, shit himself and ran back to uk like the straight fag hes acting like? (no Juelz)

  • 92FS

    Damn damn damn. Well I dunno if it’s true or not but I been there quite a few times, and they kind of crazy like that over there. Brixton and Hackney don’t fuck around! I remember when they stabbed one kid to death in front his own mother.

  • Kani

    Yall stickin up for this lame ass nigga like you know him personally or some shit!! New York niggaz stay losing!! HAHAHAHA!! Get off this fuck nigga dick!!!

  • treezy

    why is juelz talking about his dipset associate? dipset is cams, and he dropped juelz, so whats that about?

  • Maurice L Dees

    Low it like u O it son.

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  • Prince Ceasar

    Juelz is a lame. Dipset is history. The End.