Young Jeezy is all grown up now.

The Def Jam star is set to hold a voter registration later today at Justin's Restaurant in Atlanta in support of his latest release, The Recession.

The CTE-sponsored event follows an in-store appearance the rapper made at North Georgia Compact and an album-release party at The Velvet Room.

The 31-year-old rapper told the Associated Press he's excited about registering to vote.

"I'm excited; I feel like I'm going to sign for a new car and I don't need a co-signer this time. I'm going to do it myself. So I'm definitely going to try to encourage a lot of people from my city to actually come with me," Jeezy said. "Your one vote could have made that change; that one vote could be that vote. It could be my vote, you never know."

The rapper has been among a number of MC's who have vocally supported Barack Obama. While Ludacris was rebuked by the Illinois Senator's campaign for a track he made in support of Obama, Jeezy said he see's no problem with hip-hop embracing the presidential nominee.

"As any smart individual, he has to separate himself because we do live a different type of life," Jeezy said. "I don't think it hurts, I think it shows the excitement and the urgency. Everyone's feeling it; I think everyone's excited for that change. And I think we're realizing our voices are more than just music, we're trendsetters. If we say something and everyone sides with it, that's what goes."---LaTisha Robbins

He's been among a number of rapper