EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West To Speak On New LP Details At VMAs

Kanye West is set to announce plans for a new album this weekend at the MTV Video Music Awards, XXLmag.com has learned.

Word of a new West project began to surface online when it was discovered a new single by the Def Jam star would be available on iTunes this coming Monday. A spokesperson for Apple could not be reached as of press time. “Love LockDown” is supposedly the single that will go on sale, but it has not been confirmed.

A source in ‘Ye’s management camp, however, told XXLmag.com late yesterday that “official word” would on the new album will be coming Sunday night.

It was announced yesterday that West will close out the MTV award show. It’s being billed by the network as an “explosive finale.” Last year, Kanye released his much-hyped third album Graduation, where he battled and bested 50 Cent in a first-week sales showdown. The two rappers appeared on last year’s telecast of the VMAs to promote their projects and the burgeoning rivalry.

The VMAs air live on MTV Sunday, September 7 from Los Angeles.—Anthony Thomas, with reporting by Jayson Rodriguez

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  • Hova

    cannot wait…

    Blueprint 3
    King Mathers
    Kanyes new sh*t

    • DJGakaDIGGER

      I aint knockin your tastes, but do you only listen to the shit that the video stations and mags tell you to?

  • Hova

    oh yea……..1st b*tches

  • bucsormore

    yea one of the best and real rappers droppin it is going to be nice maybe jay can give us another black album hiphop needs the jeezys yeezys and hovs keep it real tho and creative stop the following suit

  • Teddy

    haha detox will never be released eminem has grown to be a lazy mother fucker lyrically and king mathers will never come and whne it does it will most likely be the garbage type raps heard on songs like t.i. – touchdown rest in peace Marshel Mathers LP, Slim Shady LP, EMINEM SHOW, and 8mile eminem no in the place of eminem inhabits a lazy lyricist devoid of his old passion almost the same can be said for jay but im hoping blue print 3 will prove my theory wrong , jay take it back to Hovi Baby remix jay-z not american dreaming american gangster mediocar Jay-z, lil waynes carter 2 solid classic carter 3 commercial garbage wheres dedication 2 lil wayns gone best shit to look foward to these days T.I. Kanye Lupe Rick Ross the despite “i know the warden the real warden”

    • Neven

      co sign they are getting lazy with their raps em needs to get back with royce and dre needs to make up with ice and mel man it seems the richer they get the more garbage they put out.

    • preSTige

      detox will be insane, eminem could still be considered THE best lyricist in the game along with biggy so his shit will probably be experimental but still insanely talented, kanye will deliver cuz he’s got mad work ethic and jay is jay. if you’re a hip hop fan you gotta be excited for this season

  • yo

    If this shit is going to be all auto tuned then he can keep it.

  • http://xxlmag.com Peu

    Chamillionaire gonna have the best album

    already got the best mixtape out

    Mixtape messiah 4

    Go get that

  • http://xxlmag.com Koo g


    Chamillionaire Mixtape Messiah goes hard

    Cant wait till Pt 5 and his album come out

    november and december

  • http://XXLMAG.COM NYC

    Yea true about that cham Mixtape Messiah 4

    Thats the best mixtape since the drought 3

  • http://xxlmag.com Master plan

    Finally some 1 knows music

    that chamillionaire Mixtape messiah goes hella hard i been bumping that since yesterday as soon as it came in package

    Im not getting that kanye, hes overrated

  • Eric

    cosign yo

    its cool every now and then, but i can’t take a whole album full. if i wanted that, i’d go cop zap and roger’s greatest hits

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Gotta check that Chamillionaire mix tape out.. You cant even defend the wackness that was The Sound of Revenge…that album (except for the Scott Stortch song) was trash.. Second album was better.

    I hope Kanye does a good album this time.. some “well produced” shit.. The last album had cuts but nothing to write home about.. He also should just come out of the closet and say he’s gay. I mean if Wayne can kiss his daddy and Jay-z can live with a man for several years..(Larry Johnson) than Kanye can come out of the closet and stop acting like he love’s brest’s and pussy.

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  • texasleen

    It’s Koopa

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  • ONE


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  • Freddy Vega$

    MURS 4 PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • http://xxlmag.com d money

    Kanye is what the game needs

  • http://www.myspace.com/sirfrancis1 Sir Francis

    Good Ass Job is funna be a beast!

  • boy looka here

    how is eminem getting lazy when he murdered all the songs on the re-up? proof’s death lit a fire up under his ass and he’s getting back to his old shit… just listen to no apologies or the re-up

  • ProDunkgirl

    Wow Just call the 4th Quarter Ye’ and The Coldest Winter Ever

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    it Is easily my favourite, lovely post really will be coming back to this time and time again. Thanks!