Eminem’s Mother Sets November Date For Tell-All Book

Eminem’s mother, Debbie Nelson, has set a November date to release her tell-all memoir, “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem: Setting the Record Straight on My Life As Eminem’s Mother.”

The tome was penned along with Annette Witheridge for Phoenix Books.

In the book, Nelson is set to reveal her side of the many stories Eminem has made public in songs.

Topics included Em’s allegations of child abuse.

In “Cleaning Out My Closet,” the rapper hinted that he was a victim of Münchhausen’s syndrome. The disorder is a type in which the patient fictitiously claims to have severe illnesses. In interviews Eminem has chosen not to speak in detail regarding his allegation.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • Mrs. Mathers

    That’s my boy. hmmmmm

    • ko



        ARE YOU DEAF?.”The Marshall Mathers LP” was a top 10 classic and “The Eminem Show” is insane.

        In order to HATE someone that bad (especially your mom) she must have really fukked him up. Otherwise he would a squashed that shit…

      • IMACC3


  • richml1992

    this lady must need some money…

  • http://www.fuckyou.com Sweet

    i’ll prolly check it out at my local library because i’m no giving this bitch any of my money.

    i hate bad mothers. let her burn in…

  • Mika

    Third …….BITCH !!

  • The-Truth

    That bitch must need pill money. . .white people do shit like that.


    a few nuggets for you eminem stans:

    1. his mom would not be able to drop a book if he hadn’t focused so many of his rhymes on her…he made her a star!

    2. “i hate bad mothers. let her burn in…”
    what about bad sons, that talk shit bout their moms for the world to hear?

    • iLL G

      lmao maybe she shouldnt have been a bad mother. ever think of that?? if she wasnt a bad mother to begin with he wouldnt have talked shit bout her. She made it seem like he was sick all the time, she was an attention whore!! Proves it now, with a fuckin book. I think its way late if ur gonna eat of ya son at least do it when he was makin news ems been irrelevant for how long now? lol

      • DETROIT

        I think that this may be a cultural difference. in black culture, YOU NEVER DISRESPECT YOUR MOM, no matter how fucked up she is! which is why you don’t really hear any black rappers talkin shit bout the ol girl, even tho they may or may not have been a fucked up parent.

  • Michaelbchnn

    Didn’t she do this already


    This shit is sad as fuck, what the fuck is she gonna say about Eminem. Whatever he did or went through as a child or before he started rappin is basically the mother’s fault. We seen just about everything else about him since he been rappin. Fuck dat book. lol

  • Patrick Sheelan

    This will be an excellant book which I would like to read, it’ll be intriging to see how that bad man treated his loving mother.. I hope eminem gets in some type of car crash and dies… c yall later aligator…

  • Mr KCMO

    White people do what for what? That was an ignorant ass statement. Excuse me but thizz aint a hood drug huh? I bet you suck dick for thizz. How about correcting your ignorance by saying “She must need money for pills. Poor people do that ya know…”

    • jgo

      “Poor people do that ya know…” that’s an ignorant ass comment too

  • grp03

    If you notice, Eminem never once mentions anything about his father, ever, only his step father. Reason? He was immaculately conceived trough his crack whore of a mother, by God. Reason again? God likes white people.

    Thats my theory, Im sticking with it.

    The bitch just wants some money anyways, who really gives a fuck. It’s not like anything she says will damage Em’s career at this point, so i doubt he gives a fuck either.

    Im out, I want one of those meals from Taco Bell that come in a box.

  • jme

    i wish people would stop sayin dumb shit bout white people—im fuckin white and God doesnt jus like white people everybody is the fuckin same get a grip already a white guy can get a really good job or sell drugs and a black guy can get a really good job or sell drugs it has to do with wat type of place you live in not wat color your skin is im sick of hearin racest shit from black and white people it needs to stop were in this world together everyone jus needs to get along!!!

    and p.s. dont think im jus some stupid white girl from the suburbs that dont kno shit either cuz you got me fucked up if you think that

  • the code


  • http://myspace jt

    I want volcano 4 tacos from taco bell

  • Prince Ceasar

    I love to fuck white bitches. The End

  • Prince Ceasar

    Damn, that’s not cool. P.S. Why did ya’ll block my last comment. I can’t have sex with thick white girls now ?

    • styles11

      all my comments get blocked anyway but if this one does get through man fuck the book she should have gone on oprah or something it just sounds like some ignorant shit to get attention or to get another shot at sueing eminem because she got no pill money left or she blew all the money she got from him last time

  • http://chea.com whitepillpopper

    white people do what? look at ya boy lil wayne that overrated cocksucker is all fuked up on pills, and codeine syrup….hmmm he dont look white, hes so fuked up on pills all the time that he raps about beetlejuice beetlejuice and thinks he should be compared to biggie and nas..not quite. and look at dicksucking ja rule and his ecstasy habit. pimp c…his ass od’d on codeine and so did ODB, but white people do shit for pills…at least it aint crack. holla at ya boy dmx hes prob smokin rocks right now.

  • Jon Dog

    Why do people gotta throw in black and white jabs all the fuckin’ time? We all need to stop this shit. Maybe I just don’t understand enough to have an opinion, but I was raised to hate everybody equal, no matter your skin color. White’s and blacks need to stop fighting and come together, like Shady Aftermath….EH????

  • http://www.myspace.com/adilomar Adil Omar

    ^^I agree

  • moh.p

    Meinems Mom Must be Broke again, n i dont really giv fuck bout Em anymore, hes albums been wack for long time, his last classic, probly the marshell mathers LP, and his last good song was like cleaning out my closet, cos after that they was too wack, shit like Mosh and just lose it were just stupid, and the re up wasnt even a proper album..maan em definelty lost it.

  • thechangeman

    Ayo someone tell Ko to shut the Fuck up. That person obviously doesn’t know when talent is in front of him. Em has had succes with all his albums, he’s also a.k.a Elvis Presley for the entire hip-hop community. So dumb shit shut up and don’t interupt the grown folks or their talent cause you like a nat.

  • moh.p

    oh my bad, i meant songs like, Just lose It & Azz like that not mosh,

  • Arcey

    “Em has had succes with all his albums, he’s also a.k.a Elvis Presley for the entire hip-hop community.”

    This is why I don’t trust white people (Hate is waste of time & energy).

    You’re not helping your cause plus you’re living in denial!
    Sales should not be a factor when it comes to the quality of music. Em is the sixth man in my top 5 MC’s but all that shit he said ’bout his moms, no matter how fucked up she treated him, should’ve never been made public & I been feeling this way since 1999. There’s a bunch of 80′s babies with crackhead mothers yet we, as black people, don’t go that route out of respect for our family & SELF-RESPECT.

    Y’all got to admit that Em had it coming – too bad!!!

  • grany ny

    cant hate on her for doing this, em cant complain either, he said some bad things maybe they true maybe not who knows but she definitley deserves her say.