Eminem To Interview Delicious Vinyl Founder On Shade 45

Eminem is set to make a rare public action as the rapper is scheduled to host the co-founder of Delicious Vinyl on Shade 45 on September 16.

The Detroit native will interview Mike Ross to help celebrate the legendary indie label’s 20th anniversary.

The broadcast is set to take place on Shade 45, which Eminem is the executive producer of, on September 16 from 8pm to 10pm, EST.

Delicious Vinyl was found by Ross and Matt Dike in Los Angeles and was home to a number of rappers, from Young MC to Masta Ace to The Pharcyde. Non hip-hop artists such as the Brand New Heavies, Mr. Vegas, and Born Jamericans were also signed to the label.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • that nigga

    WTF. Who cares? WTF Is this Wigga a reporter now? He betta kick a fuckin rhyme, damn Em.

  • that nigga

    WTF, Is this WIGGA a reporter now? Kick a fuckin rhyme already, damn Em.

  • Che

    Sometimes i get the impression that eminem is very overrated. The marshall mathers LP was good, but then.. I dunno there weren’t any oter good albums. a few good songs. but not good albums.

    • Og Bobby J

      Check the Infinite album…excellent.

      I also think the eminem show is a good album.

      The reason he is not overated is becuase your favorite rapper is threatened by him…he has flow, word play and lyrical insanity…

      The great white hope is nice…top 5 in the modern era…top 10 all time….no matter what color his skin is.

    • FrankWhite

      NO NO NO, Eminem is in NO way overrated.
      I get the feeling you say this because….
      He has not release any music recently((( his album his coming soon, less then 6 months))

      Em murdas everything he spits on.
      Biggie – dead wrong ,
      Jay Z – renegade. etc etc.
      Lil Wayne said out his mouth that he cant fuck with Eminem.

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Damn, haters as far as the eye can see. Props Em, WE can’t wait for your return.

    • dusty boy

      Get off his dick faggot!!! LOL!!! Fuck Em!!!
      Z-Ro’s new Album CRACK is finna be some real off the chain shit!!!

      Cop that shit!!!


      • metal24

        dude what the fuck are you smoking….you fuckin black people cant admit eminem is the GOAT!!!! every rapper in the game will admit it 50.weezy. jay….the list goes on!!!! eminem is the goat period!!!!!!!get over your racial shit and admit it….as far as z-ro that album he just did abn is wack as hell you gotta be on some syrup shit to listen to him!!!!!

  • iLL G

    LMAOOOO @ Z-Ro’s new album CRACK is finna be some real off the chain shit.

    your comment is off the chain funny shit lmao

    • FrankWhite

      Please do NOT compare ZRO to Eminem.

  • akos

    Get off his dick faggot!!! LOL!!! Fuck Em!!!
    Z-Ro’s new Album CRACK is finna be some real off the chain shit!!!

    Cop that shit!!!



  • HipHopFive15

    What? Say what? Do I smell a hater in the room? Stomp that muthafuckaaa out! Fuck the haters and fuck Lil Wayne Em is one of the greatest if not the greatest lyracists alive. Come on now Marshall. Drop that album already.

  • Y.O.

    akos ur so dumb ZRO is so shit first of all and second u cant talk about someone like him compared to Em

    but anyways does anyone know exactly wen the next em album is out cuz wen he comes back hes gon come hard styll (no homo)
    plus cant find the new eminem song wit DJ premier

  • hiphopking

    to Y.O eminem’s new album is suppose to come out sometime after dr.dres detox album so we are properly look at 2010, 2011, hes been in the studio recording like crazy thats all hes been saying. to that eminem dj premire its a fake cause I know that for a fact cause he said he will only work with dre but on his new album he is suppose to work with swizz beats

  • Teddy

    if he just made 1 album and it was the marshel mathers lp that would be all he would ever need to make his only made 31/2 dope albums n his his well respected as an mc so goes to show u the level of skill displayed when he was at his A game ull be hard pressed to find anyone who can match that or has since thats y his so highly rated doesnt matter if he makes 30 wack albums just remember him when he was at his A game that eminem is stupid crazy

  • Teddy

    everyone just stop hoping for an eminem album or detox or a matter of fact anyone from shady aftermath labels albums to drop where is stat quos album wheres obie trices album d12 detox eminem?? does anyone work there anymore

    • K0ld

      Correction: Obie Trice is not on Aftermath anymore.

  • A’aron


  • thakiddill

    yeah…… and thats about all he’s gonna sell (Zero)Z-RO



  • carbucket

    devin the dude new album landing gear in stores october 7th. Now that guy is over rated

  • soy’yo

    Greatest since Pac!! He doesnt even need to put albums for everyone to wanna work with him. Think of any rapper that hasnt mentioned him as the toughest competition: Jay (the overated number 1), Nas (top 5), Wayne (today´s best seller), T.I. (today´s greatest flow). Im latino and it dont matter the race, this dude could be black, indian, yellow…Its his spit what counts!! The gratest, Pac, would have said it too.

  • that nigga

    Pac actually dissed EM before he died In a freestyle.

    “Eminem better close his trap/ or be the first white motherfucker murdered In rap.”

    Sorry dude.