Dr. Dre To Helm New Queen Latifah LP

The Queen is set to return to her throne. Queen Latifah announced recently to Rolling Stone that she’s dropping an album this December, with production handled by Dr. Dre. The New Jersey rapper also said LL Cool contributed heavily to the project.

“They pretty much did the whole album,” she said.

Missy Elliot and Swizz Beats are also scheduled to get on board before the rapper wraps production on the album.

No title has been set yet, but Latifah said she flirted with the idea of naming the LP The L Word.

The title, which is the name of a lesbian-themed drama on Showtime, she said, would have played off of her rap tag, plus all the rumored innuendo regarding her sexuality.

“Since people want to play games, I like to jab back sometimes just for fun, but I’m like, ‘Nah, that’s too much energy wasted.’”

Latifah said the first single should drop within the month.—Anthony Thomas

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  • Young Angel

    Wow. Here’s yet another reason why we haven’t seen Detox. As a matter of fact, I think we may see the Four Horsemen Of The Apocolypse before we see Detox. Oh well.

    • xlwhite

      yea..and this is also why he hasnt been working with game..or xzibit..or snoop..or em..they all need to have some sessions with da chronic.

  • Three4

    I repect Queen Latifah but I´d rather want Dr. Dre to focus on other projects, like his own and Eminem´s…

  • captian Poo Anus Balls the 35th

    yo Latifah hot yo! almost as hot as queen pen!

    She so much better than all thees male rappers na’ meen?

    dre is luky he gets 2 work wiv dis bitch na””’m sayin?

    50 cent, 2pac & eminem all wish dey was as good as dis ho’ naaaaaaaam sizzling dawgs?

    it’d be so cool if she puts coolio and sillk the shocker on her album too!

  • S.U.R.E

    Your completly right.

  • http://www.asdf.com Hey

    Well now we know QL’s album is never coming out.



    • Ya Heard

      Just let it be….no one will ever forget about true greats. And if they do, then they must have not been so great. When they do whip out their albums, I know it’ll be worth the wait.


    If Dre is producing it then that shit aint never coming out. I dont know why people keep depending on him for an album. What has he put out in the last 5 years?

  • OsoulG

    Dre, LL, Latifah and Missy did this whole album… and this album will be distributed by G.L.A.D….

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Queen is THE most successful female MC of all time.She is an ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATED ACTRESS ..and has proved that big studios can bet on her to helm and star in an entire movie and still make a tidy profit. Dre has literally thousands..THOUSANDS of tracks in his computer, all of them tracked and mixed down to 24bit 96k wav files. Believe me..Queen went to the studio and went through all of those tracks, picked what she liked and made an album PERIOD.. Its not slowing up Detox


    Ya’ll need to stop crying over the fucking detox record..All you motherfuckers are going to do is download it a week before it hits stores from a torrent site. Then get on the blogs as the songs start to appear and talk shit. You motherfuckers don’t even know how to appreciate good music anymore. Your so used to this FL Studio/808 shit being shoved down your throat that you don’t even appreciate the time that it takes and how to properly mix and master a record so that it sonically sounds right. If Dre takes another 2 years with it so fucking what, when it hits it will be fire.

    • Macdatruest

      You dont have to wait two years for detox, Dre has made other shit recently, and “mixed and masstered it down to 24 bits of 96k time pie” but it just wasn’t shit really. I mean I think dre got talent, but I hate when other relevant producers get cheated out of their shine by default because of a big name on a big label. “Kingdom Come” was Jay-Z’s weakest album he made all mixed and mastered by Dre. Xzibit had Dre beats. Dre did “Let’s All Have A Party” for Mobb Deep. All boo boo shit records. Please XXL make a list of all Dre’s production since the Chronic so people can finally see concrete evidence of what to expect from detox. I guess Dre got the greatest beats in the world just sitting in a computer for years waiting to just revolutionize rap at any stage its in whenever he decides right? No matter how people’s taste change his beats are just that versatile people are guaranteed to like it. And Queen Latifah… LL Cool J “did the whole album” so basically he wrote raps from your point of view and your gonna recite them over dre beats? No wonder this shit been done but its just now getting announced….bunch of old rap war buddies teamed up for one last shit brick flop before they complain that hip hop is over and yata yata. Dre, give up. LL, give up. Queen Latifah, you aint do shit on your own shit, but give up being a puppet.

  • thechangeman

    That’s good to see the Queen getting back up in this game. She’s been needed for quite some time now. Plus it does seem like it was only yesterday that I was listening to her classic U.N.I.T.Y (GOod Shit). Well hope it’s hot and i’m sure the beats will be ill thanks to the doc.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Man, fuck Dre. I know he’s going thru a few things now but we’ve been waiting for Detox and OBFCL2 forever. Who the fuck does this nigga think he is anyway. Fuck him…………Premier’s #1 anyway. Bastard.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Man fuck Dre. I know he’s going thru some things right now, but we’ve been waiting for Detox and OBFCL2 forever. Who the fuck does this nigga think he is? Premier is #1. Bastard.

  • king equality

    Hey why not she was like the original niggas use to compare the queen to krs one shw was on that lauren hill shit before lauren was on that shit I’d rather hear her then another foxy brown cd

  • TheRefriedMexican



  • King B

    This is why I’m not checking for Detox because of bullshit like this

  • BklynBandette


  • grant ny

    dres promised detox and hes fucking around with a overaged rapper turned actor, he wont work with game, doubt very much he done much for ems new album seen as em produces his own shit, and hes trying to make a average rapper (bishop lamont) an amazing one. not going to happen, game fell off in my oponion the day he sided with 50 over the game, turned his back on cali, i think detox is not a good idea anymore.

  • Mutada al sader the king


    Mac no one said Dre’s beats were the cure to Camrons wasting disease or can cure snoop and Scott stortch’s lung cancer.

    He like every other producer is hit and miss. Kingdom Come was whack because of Jay Z…A rich, lazy over the hill MC resting on his laurels and believing he can live off of his past work. Sonically as in how they sound in your car, Dre’s tracks sounded the best..There is no question that Dre and DJ Quik have the best mixing and mastering and make the best “sounding” records. Like any producer its easy to pick out some whack tracks, I’ll be the first to admit the Mob Deep song was trash, and the stuff he did for Xzibit wasn’t that great either.
    My Name is, Guilty Conscience, Kill you, Who Knew, Bitch Please 1&2,Say what you say,My Dad gone crazy, Evil Deeds, Rain Man, Big Weenie,
    In Da Club, Heat, If I Cant, Back Down, West Side Story, How we do, … detecting a pattern here ? The nigga’s got heat, yes he’s got got producers, like Kanye, Just Blaze and the rest..you didn’t know ? Please believe it..But Dre is still one of the most consistent and best producers hip hop has ever scene.

    That’s just pre 1998, go back and listen to efilforzaggin and the DOC’s album or Eazy e’s solo album.. The dude is a beast, he don’t have to make beats that change with peoples taste’s…people change with his beats..Were you a hip hop fan in the early 90′s when the first chronic came out ? Do you remember how EVERY SINGLE PRODUCER did all they could to sound like Dre and mimic the west coast sound he helped create? Or how about when the Chronic 2001 came out and EVERYONE started sounding like him again ? What does he need to do get some 808′s and do southern music to be relevant?…oop’s forgot he was using 808′s in the 80′s on hip hop classics like “Dope Man” and Boyz n-the hood”

    We didn’t even touch on Snoops first album or his deathrow soundtrack work…Who can fuck with Dre ? ***Don’t you dare say Premo…he cant hold a fucking candle to Dre… But who ? Hi Tech, JR Rotem, Just Blaze, Kongay West, DJ Toomp, Shawty Red, The Runners, Cool and Dre, The Heat Makers ? The only one that even gives him a run for his money is DJ Quik and he still cant fuck with Dre…. No none of these fuckers come close either they are clamoring to work for Dre or just don’t have the talent to keep up. Its not about how “dope the beats are” its about the song stupid… Thats what makes a good producer…Do you remember beats or do you remember the song, lyrics and performance ?

    Detox will be another fucking classic, and the fagot bloggers will hate and the people who love music will appreciate it.

    Fuck outta here


    Dude I feel ur pain, maybe you and dre can have a candle lit dinner an after take a long walk on the beach. All the while you can tell how great his. I bet…I just bet you could get a kiss on the 1st date. LMFAO.


    Sorry 4 the typo’s I was laughing my balls off!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stylistic

    I agree with The Refried Mexican who’s checkin for queen latifah? A Krs-One/Dr. Dre collaboration album (which was rumored about five years back,) now that would be Fire!

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