DJ Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks: Return of the PLK

Back when Lloyd Banks was rapping about “I’m wide awake, but it still feels like I’m dreaming / 40 cal under my pillow, condom filled with my semen / the physical presence of a female’s the form of a demon / that’s why I fuck ‘em and leave em / get my nut while I’m breathin’…” you couldn’t tell me he wasn’t the nicest MC in the game bar Jigga.

But then Banks and the whole G-Unit started eating like the 12 Apostles with Jesus and suddenly he went from “Mixtape Aritst of the Year” to just another artist dropping a mixtape once a year.

Regardless to whom’s fault it is or what happened, Banks is still someone I’d listen to just off of GP. And while he isn’t the MC he was just a few years back, he still has the ability to make heads bop and his voice can give any beat just a tad bit extra bass.

And Return of the PLK just reinforced what I’ve known for a while: Banks can still rhyme his ass off, but his lyrics lack substance and at times add up to a bunch of “nothing be said.”

Once known as the punchline king, Banks’ skills have deteriorated to the point where his punchlines are becoming more and more cliché. His rhymes were once filled with lyrics that had us saying all the “oooohs” and the “ahhhhs,” now got us saying “ehhhh.”

Example, “Never Enough”: “Never have I ever, will you ever see another–cold hearted muthafucka / watch me as I make ‘em suffer / watch me as I make ‘em supper / them bullets ain’t stop me, they made me tougher / built harder than Rocky, I ain’t no sucka…”

Lines like those are all over PLK. The beats are this mixtape are OK. They sure as hell made joints like “Flatline,” “Put It Back,” and “Never Enough” sound listenable, but the self-proclaimed Boy Wonder must’ve really got his share of bread to fill him up ’cause he just doesn’t sound hungry at all.

The mixtape isn’t wack, but it ain’t good. Throughout the whole joint he didn’t say anything memorable and he sure as hell didn’t take it back to the pre-Get Rich or Die Tryin’ days. He wasn’t even close to the Hunger For More days.

From the look of things, Yayo’s G-Unit’s last hope of having a good rapper left in the group. ‘Cause that new 50 single, (“50 For President”) would only get son elected to an electric chair.—The Infamous Omar

Hottest Joint: “Another 50″

Weakest Joint: “Hate On Me”

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  • 210

    Seriously my nig?? Hate has never been so noticeable. Most of these songs and “50 is preseident” have been on almost every website with nothing but love shown from fans. I think this g-unit shit with you bloggers is personal this shit is getting ridiculous. No good rappers? When 50 drops this crazy album I wanna see how hard it is for you “supposebly neutral” bloggers to give em his props!

  • MrPresident916

    to 210.. co-sign homie.. if was wayne sayin that shit they would be on that mans nuts.. xxlmag is wack as shit nowadays..

  • Crash

    This mixtape has a lot of hot joints on it. It is not what I expected (expected better), but how can you say Yayo is the last hope for G-Unit? Yayo is garbage, 50 and banks know yayo gets a lot of flak for being the weakest member lyrically.

    Anyways, 50 will stay 50 and will continue to do well. Banks has a shot to be hot again but we will see.

  • balaramesh

    line for line, not many guys on llyod’s level.

    i agree, if wayne said any of those “wack” bars above it would different

  • bubble

    word i think im gon have to leave this site alone for awhile, they always late wiht news & bangers now anyway, then its always hate for the joints I like and they love whats wack, and wayne is a perfect example of this.

  • real niggas

    this nigga is a fucking could u write this shit when every other website is given 50cent props for the new song. go to yoraps website u fucking faggot.i hate this site any way peace out.see me on yoraps and this is batty boy.

  • dark vanilla

    Do you know how 50 and G-Unit can resurrect their careers? They can by going to Game and Young Buck and admitting they were a bunch of dumbasses for letting them go.


    U’s a fucking hater Bra real talk,u making niggaz not even wanna come to this site. U gotta b out cha damn mind 2 think that aint the hottest mixtape in the streets right now that shit is better than sum of the albums out!! and u said tha beats are okay??? fuck outta here,c u lames at

  • drox

    wtf is happenin 2 this site… y u hatin the unit sooooo much? like everbody’s sayin if that lil nasty wayne dropped the word play banks had u’d b talkin soooo much bout him. So much for ur shit bein neutral. And we’ve seen enough of ur flip flop method (givin banks credit for pre-GRODT and then snappin it back… nice set up) Btw i hate g-unit but I for one would wanna c banks take over the game and as far yayo bein the last hope of the unit… jus give up bloggin dude… u’s wack

  • capcobra

    the mixtape sick…s.o.d….hater!

  • dark vanilla

    Culli quit talkin like ur black cuz ur not. Why don’t u speak english dumbass. Honestly, I said it before and I’ll say it again. 50 is holding his group back. He wants all his artist to be soldiers. Thats why him and Game didn’t get along. Game wanted to be his own man, but 50 wanted him to be another G-Unit soldier. I mean seriously, what kind of fag takes credit for writing his groupds album. I don’t really hate Banks. The only ones I really hate in the Unit r 50 and Yayo.

  • Jay-eF

    these abbreviation these suckers use these days is getting too much …. the gave is too world wide for that shit ….