DJ Khaled & DJ Obscene Present Ace Hood: All Bets On Ace

I’ve heard of Ace Hood before but aint’ really feel the need to acknowledge him. But then my man J-Rod hit me off with this joint so I decided to give it a listen and see what son was about. I mean he got DJ Khaled and DJ Obscene co-signing so that has to count for something, right? I mean its not like Khaled co-signs everybody from Florida.

After giving this joint a listen, the first thing I thought was that son sounds like a young Flo-Rida. The type of rapper that feasts on uptempo beats that’ll tire me out by the time the third track begins. Basically a club rapper. So it was no surprise then that duke featured Flo-Rida on “Face Good.” I’d probably like this joint if I heard it while I was X’d up and had blinking lights directly in front of both my eyeballs.

I can’t front on that “Blood Money” joint, either. I don’t care how many years the Bosss was known as Officer Ross, he’s G’d up from the feet up. Poor DJ Vlad had to find that out the hard way. Even Birdman kinda got it in on this joint. And he’s basura for the most part, b. Last time Baby spit out a good bar it was only because he was chewing his Snickers too fast.

Ace is an aiiight rapper. His flow is consistent, but after a while it just gets annoying. “Ride” was one of the few songs where he slowed down the pace and made a good song for the shorties. with Trey Songz manning the chorus. I’d definitely bump that joint if I’m trying to romance a cute lil’ philly. Save that M.O.P. album for when the drawers come off, na’mean?

But everything else was just more of the same as far as his steez went. He just ain’t show too much diversity on this mixtape. I’m sure in Florida heads is loving this dude and Fat Joe will probably be in all of his videos, but as far as I’m concerned, Ace is only an ok rapper.

Hottest Joint: “Blood Money”

Weakest Joint: “All Bets on Ace” (Hearing anyone other than Biggie on the “Victory” beat is blasphemy. Lloyd Banks was the one exception.)

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    “I’m sure in Florida heads is loving this dude”

    Naw cousin. We dont hate the dude, we just dont enjoy him like that. Ride is garbage as fuck. TOO AGGRESSIVE!!

    His only good song is the one with Trick Daddy, and Trick murdered the guy on that. The mixtape is trash on hot summer day. I got it, then threw it out my window 30 minutes later. Fuckin disgrace to Florida music.

    Bottom line: Ace Hoodrat is an underpar rapper. You’ll get sick of him real quick.


    • Big Devine

      I went to school wit Ace, he’s gonna be serious if he goes back to the way he used to rap. He changed his style when he got with Khaled.

      Check out my music, let me know what you think.

      • NAWLEDGE

        If thats true, I dont like him at all then. Niggas need to stop selling out their music for some damn change. And fuck Dj Fagled annoying ass. If its true what you say, than that nigga just ruining rappers.

        • Big Devine

          I hear ya

  • chad bro chill

    never liked him at all…or most of khaled’s new signees

  • niggafrommemphis


  • capcobra

    i just watched this nigga on worldstar…he’s extra wack…i hate when wack ass motherfuckers be feeling themselves…maybe i’m a hater…but khaled coulda found another nigga to cosign…once again this nigga extra wack…..fake ass wayne ass nigga.


    “Last time Baby spit out a good bar it was only because he was chewing his Snickers too fast.”


  • balaramesh

    i’d rather listen to the jonas brothers for a week than this dude. much success to him anyway

  • the truth

    ACE HOOD SUCKS!!!! and a fight go wit that

  • gkid12345

    WOW SOME Lloyd banks recognition? whats the miracle. Banks is the most under rated the writer even gave him a nice look next to B.I.G. Ace is corny tho. Allow me to quote a craig mack line “you wont be around next year”