Diddy To Headline Canadian Block Party Festival

Diddy has been tapped, along with DJ Samantha Ronson, to headline the eTalk Festival September 5 in Canada.

The Bad Boy mogul will perform and Ronson will DJ the outdoor block party bash.

eTalk, similar to E! in the states, is celebrating the network’s sixth anniversary this year.

Diddy is scheduled to perform in front of thousands, and the festivities will air live on Canadian television Friday September at 8pm.

In related Diddy news, the hip-hop impresario recently had guns drawn at him and his entourage by police in Los Angeles on August 23. The Bad Boy chief’s car was pulled over when officers spotted an expired tag. Diddy and his crew got out of their vehicle causing police to pull their weapons.

The incident, however, was resolved quickly. The car was a rental and no citation was issued. Diddy’s camp said the LAPD were “very respectful.”—LaTisha Robbins

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  • Tony Grand$

    Somebody remind me again why we’re deprived of OG Christopher Wallace’s phenomenal presence, but stuck with this no rappin ass baby chicken stunt double! Oh yeah, I remember now, God has a cruel sense of humor. Shine’ll be home soon yall, Piff Doody better start getting his ass kissing game hella tight. I predict, heads will roll!

  • iLL G

    dawg what is you talkin bout? Shine is irrelevant to hip hop now. he gonna TRY and put suttin out but its gonna flop

    • Tony Grand$

      ^^^^actually ill g, I didn’t make a reference to hip hop and shine whatsoever. I said puff better get his ass kissin game right, i.e. He did shine wrong and couldve helped that man a little more to reward his loyalty, and there’s not a lot of things worse than a man who’s had nothing but time on his hands and revenge is his mind. That’s what I is talkin bout, homie.

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  • Wopz

    Shine killed it on his last joint. I say he’s gonna rip a hole in hiphop and give us what’s been missing. And dude’s been on lock for some time, so he’s got a lot to get off his chest.

    Puff is…why bother?

  • niggafrommemphis

    I ain’t goin to that shit.next thing he oughta host is a coming out block party for him,Mase and their down low ass buddies.

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  • Prince Ceasar

    Fuck Diddy. Black People lets come out to vote this November.

  • creflo

    What type of bullshit journalism is this? Canada is a bigger country than the United States. How can you just say ‘in Canada’…where in Canada?

    • Biz

      That’s what I want to know. Shame on you stupid fuckin’ U.S. Media. Canada > USA