Big Mike & DJ Thoro Present Grand Theft Audio 8

I knew it was only a matter of time before rappers began using the T-Pain machine to make these sappy club records. It started with Snoop and his “Sensual Seduction.” Then more recently Kanye.

Now we got some group called Skull Gang rocking it. Their “Make ‘Em Say Yeah” joint belongs on the curb on Monday night so the garbage men can pick it up and take it away.

I swear to God. At least T-Pain and Snoop was harmonizing on they joints, Skull Gang couldn’t hold a note if it was glued to they hands.And for real, I got mad love and respect for Jadakiss, but he has to stop being one of those I’ll-rap-over-any-beat type rappers. His rhymes on “Reppin’ Time” was dope, but that beat was lame. It was two dimensional and Jada is as 3-D as it gets in this rap shit. “Buck ‘Em Down” and that Lox joint “It’s Like That” was a better example of what Jada is capable of when given the good track to ride.

50 Cent is the opposite. He has dope beats but doesn’t get right on them like he used to. He does show signs of life here and there, though. His “Bitch, Here I Am” freestyle was official tissue. But I don’t know what to feel about his joint with Mr. Smith. A couple of muscle-head niqqas known for being half naked in their videos get together in the studio and make a song called “Heartbeat?” Sounds a little suspect to me. The song itself was aiiight, but it wasn’t all that.

I was just as disappointed in “Swagger Like Us.” You got T.I., Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Kanye West on the same joint and all you get is four mediocre ass verses.Kanye’s using the T-Pain machine (again) to get by. Jigga’s rapping about Rocawear, meanwhile he was probably wearing something I can’t pronounce. Lil Wayne tried to come hard [Editor's Note: A-yo!] and sounded soft. And T.I. was being T.I.Jesus H. Christ! What’s hip-hop coming to?!?! Four of the game’s best come together and they can’t even top “We Are The World?????”It is what it is. Then after listening to that Game and Akon joint, I was confused as to why it didn’t make the LAX album. That joint was pretty damn hot. Game and Akon came off on that joint. Their untitled joint was hard, too.

Speaking of which, can DJ Khaled get anymore annoying? Him saying “I do it for the ‘hood ’cause the ‘hood told me that I should,” on Juelz Santana’s “Go Hard” made me not wanna be ‘hood anymore cause I am not co-signing this man to speak on ANY record.Some DJ’s can talk on a record or over a record and sound cool. Dude’s like Kid Capri, DJ Clue, and Whoo Kid can pull that off. DJ Khaled can kill a record by speaking over it. And I don’t mean kill it in a good way. I mean he’ll butcher it. After he said that “I do it for the hood” I wasn’t even interested in listening to what Juelz had to say anymore. He just doesn’t have the voice or the energy to pull it off. So please, Khaled, just stick to the occasional “Whoo!” and let me enjoy these records, aight?As a whole the mixtape wasn’t that good but it wasn’t that bad either. It definitely had more aiiiight songs than it did hot or horrible tracks. Don’t blame Big Mike or Thoro though. It ain’t they fault. Throw that blame on these lazy-ass rappers that are living off their name more than they are their talent.

Hottest Joint: The Game feat. Akon

Weakest Joint: “Hammertime” Lil Wayne

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  • Pierzy

    Yeah, I saw this available and I just completely passed it over…

  • Shawty Reg

    yes, yes, yes,…FINALLY, someone is bird eying the game like I’am. This Rap game has lost the art form. Nas said it but a few rappers quickly got their T-shirt on claiming that they are hip hop..But in reality sht haven’t been the same in a while. So many garbage niggaz making a living out of selling the fans garbage. It’s hysterical. Kanye West steady sucking the voice coder, it’s almost like the nigga carry that sht with him in his backpack..Wayne steady confusing niggaz..You invite the nigga on a song and he goes off talking about sht’s that has nothing to do with ya song. I miss brothaz like PAC, BIG, and the rest of the niggaz that did it and done it well…..Cause RAP IS ALL FUCK up-SO fuck up that niggaz are taking that sht overseas because there the ppl haven’t realized the trash that these niggaz have to offer. When in reality all the rappers see over there is the difference in the currency….i mean it with all my heart when i say FUCK RAP

  • LightsOUt

    The best track on the mixtape is Fab’s “Let the Beat Build”

  • steph

    worst mixtape in a loooooooooooooooooooooong time.

  • damion

    stop complaining – swagger like us is hot! BTW Jay was not rapping about Rocawear – Do @#$@#$s listen to music or just skim through it? – He mention Roc jeans once, only once. Everybody’s verse was on point.

  • mr kcmo

    jays verse was hot on S.L.U. waynes is easily the worst

  • Paulie

    “lazy-ass rappers are living off their name more than they are their talent”

    So true!!! Oh yeah, DJ Khaled should kill himself! Nobody except her mama would miss him!

    • O

      Damn dunn, i wouldn’t go THAT far on Khaled. LOLOL

  • BlackRonin357

    I agree with dude sayin Khaled need to choke on dick or a shotgun barrel, but that SLU joint is flames! They all came w/ good lyrics. I won’t say great cause I’ve heard better, and I understand what you mean, that joint shoulda been a single so the rap game can rebuild on some “we are the world” type shit collabo! I wish they would promote more shit like that w/ our top notch rappers, but sadly they don’t!

  • A’aron

    Sweet kicks and drop socks never on the block hot/ finger tips Cheeto flavor laughing and son’s knot/ who got all that bird seed? Get them pigeons outta here/ strutting with they ice cream, shades, and designer wear/ its money to be made, I be back in 15/ my man say he gotta a plan for us all bigger dream/ kinda saw it, I’ma take a trip to Warwick/ if its official I return wit Visas word to Horace/…


    “MaNaA” – 2009

    Sonson Records

  • 619

    XXL is sleepin’, that Grand Theft Audio 9 is already out. 8 is garbage, 9 is way better. That’s an almost all East Coast mixtape too. I thought XXL was all New York/East Coast writers. We bumpin that shit on the West and already beat you to the review. Really though that new DJ White Owl was better than G.T.A. 9. I kind of realized that’s where XXL gets most of their bangers from, White Owl. That’s where they got Luda’s ‘Undisputed’, the Cassidy freestyle over the Shook Ones 2 beat, the Lil’ Wayne, Bun B, Scarface joint, and the Jada, Pusha T, Snoop joint. XXL need to review that mixtape though, because they slept on a couple hard tracks off there. Sheek Louch, Termanology, and Freeway’s ‘Drugs, Crime and Gorrilas’, and Prodigy feat. Un Pacino on ‘Shed Blood’. The East giving me some hardcore shit to check for. Jada and Cassidy are doin’ it big on the mixtapes right now. I’m waiting for P to get out, because the shit he recorded before he went in was grimey as hell.