Suge Knight Posts Bail After Allegedly Assualting Girlfriend


Suge Knight is set to be released from prison today after posting a $19,000 bail late Wednesday afternoon.

The notorious American music executive was accused of assaulting his girlfriend, according to TMZ.

Las Vegas cops arrested Knight and the Death Row founder was charged with terrorizing and attacking the woman.

Knight and the unidentified woman have been romantically involved for three years. On Wednesday morning, however, she claimed Knight punched her in the pack of the head while driving in a car; she attempted to get out of the car and grabbed the wheel to cause an accident to draw attention to her attack.

The car struck a curb and came to a stop. She fled the vehicle and Knight pursued her until cops arrived.

Reports indicated authorities saw Knight kick the woman and brandish a knife.

Knight is due back in a Nevada court September 26 to answer to charges.—Craig Hume

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  • Mutada al sader the king

    This dude is finished. I dont belive in Karma, but its a bitch



  • MARK

    Suge is usually a stand up citizen. I can’t believe he would do such a thing.

  • yo

    Suge..why dont you go pick on the nigga who knocked your fat ass out instead of some chick?

  • giantstepp

    Big as he is he has no business hitting a woman. He has been exposed as the coward he is….send that Nigga back to the pen, ASAP! Lets find the barber dude who knocked his ass out to have a word with Suge!

  • Big Rob

    Anyone find it strange that after all the shit he’s been in, All the supposed evidence/witnesses the cops have… 19’000 dollas gets him bail. I know people who have had that doubled for weed possesion. F’d up.

  • Trickdd

    This man is a official punk he got knock out now hes trying to beat up women.

  • Yvonne

    What is up with him He has a successful business and just screwing everything up. Because he is big he is intimidating. I heard he treats women like queen! Guess not. He’s a good looking man but his attitude makes him really ugly.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    How the mighty have fallen

  • Its Me

    Yeah co-sign what Big Rob said, the system fucked up !

  • E-Roc

    Shut the fuck up with that how the mighty have fallen shit, you lame dudes be praying for a motherfuckers downfall get a fucking life!

  • Nate

    Suge has money?! Of course not when it comes to paying his artists- only to save his A$$
    and for those $100 trips to the barber to trim his beard.

  • Tony Grand$

    I think we are witnessing many egos in todays society reaching their inevitable breaking points. First DMX, now Marion Knight. These dudes got so high on the stench of their own asses that they’ve forgotten that they put their pants on one leg @ a time just like us. Supposedly, they come from such humbling, dismal beginnings surrounded by nothingness, and then find themselves thrust into a real life movie. Complete with all the drama, action, sex, and violence one would expect from a local cinema. Never once, it would appear, do they stop to contemplate what’s actually happening. Life is. While they become stagnated by fame and fortune, they lose touch with reality, and their lives become a reality show. Then once the credits roll, it aint no commercial break. Its lifes turn to do a little ass kickin, with them as the oblivious victims. One would almost feel sorry for them, blaming their stupidity on naivete, but, gimme a fuckin break. That would be like me being upset that my wife got pregnant. Nigga, you know exactly what you’re doing. Far as I’m concerned, both them dudes, and countless others, need the perverbial wake up call, bcuz their immature behavior is not only self destructive, it makes us, as a people, look stupid to the rest of the world. “Look Jimbo, told ya’s dat dem dere niggra boys aint gots no senses. Wish they’d just gwon and kill all each other and be dones wit it.”

    • http://xxl gside

      Tony Grand$ I here you on what your saying about suge fuck em he got it coming to him , but dmx is a junkie he was a junkie before he got money and still is long as he can afford his habbit they should leave him the fuck alone like they do rich ass white junkie’s he ain’t fucking up nobody life but his own as for suge he has cause alot of pain so fuck him.

      • Tony Grand$

        I feel u gside, Suge be on that bullshit, especially if the nigga really hit his girl and pulled a knife on her. I been in hella situations with females, but when the fuck do u need to beat her ass and pull a weapon. That nigga just a big old bully, and he already got knocked out by a anynigga ass dude, niggas behind the wall prolly just waitin for that nigga to come in there with his chest out. Cats’ll deflate ya mans tires real fast. Now X, that’s a complicated one. Assuming he was already gettin his zoot on, even though he aint technically hurtin nobody, the brother had a life that cats like us wish and dream for. On top of the fact that he has a family to take care of, so that would be hurtin them somewhat, feel me? He had the world in a nutshell. I’ve been on the other side of that addict fence, rehab, hospital stays, all that “good” shit, and it sucks alligator nuts. No true junkie wants to really live life by the rules of chasing down a high. What happens is that the habit gets so out of control that u have no choice but to live like that and accept what comes with it bcuz u don’t see a way out, aside from death. All the money he mightve blown behind whatever drug of choice could prolly put one of my kids through college. Fix up my house. Shit, feed an entire village in Africa. But anyway, that star status enabled him to further not his career, but his appetite for self destruction. Cmon dude, I know u gotta be a lil tired of us as black males being statistics, unemployed, drug addicted, criminals who turn our backs on our fams as well as ourselves. He couldve been some lil niggas role model ten years ago, now X is the posterboy for what not to do if u get rich. That’s sad. His life startin spinnin when he hit the scene, and hasn’t stopped since. In fact its now the size of a tornado, destroying everything in its path. I can’t really call it, but if u say they should leave him alone like the rich white folks, then what u say bout Lindsay Lohan, Robert Downey, Mel Gibson, Brittney Spears, Nick Nolte,etc. They didn’t leave them alone. “They” been leavin the black man “alone” far too long. Why don’t “they” help him like “they” do the rich white folks, feel me? Every man lives how he chooses, but we all also know what’s right and what’s wrong. I wish we could ask his mom, his (ex) wife, his kids, hell maybe even Boomer and Superhead if they think he aint hurtin nobody…..

  • sthxdnn

    so he gets knocked the fuck out n thinks he’s hard by hittin his woman..thats funny

    • Yvonne

      Yeah you are Ignorant hitting a woman is funny huh? Anyone who hits a woman is a punk! You got your wife beater on?

  • Maurice L Dees

    It’s hard all ready co signing 4 u suge, violence against women is not cool man.

  • moh.p

    fuckkk sugee..hes a a Industry Bully n fuckin Women beater..thas loww..hes finished. karma always come bak on fools

  • 11KAP

    Bitch probably turned on him, just like these faggot ass bloggers.

  • Maurice L Dees

    what up with 11kap faggot ass bloggers who your self.

  • 11KAP

    nope, not me. you missed the point. I’m not advocating or justifying what the man did. I’m just stating a probable reason why the nigga flipped. get it? I could really care less really tho.

  • Maurice L Dees

    Cool 11kap it’s water under the bridge.

  • lostgyrl

    12 years ago tonite Tupac was with this son of a bitch so honestly Suge Knight can suck a dick!! I could care less about his domestic problems. If shawty has enough sense she’ll leave his sorry ass alone. The dick ain’t that big and neither is the money to be going through the bullshit when his washed up ass!!

    Missing you always Pac!!