Son Of Dr. Dre Found Dead, Cause Unknown

Andre Young Jr., also known as the son of veteran music producer Dr. Dre, passed away on Saturday, August 23 of unknown causes. He was just 20 years of age.

According to the L.A. Weekly, Young ventured out the previous night and did not return to his Woodland Hills home until 5:30 AM the next morning. His mother checked in on Young around 10:30 AM and found her son to be unresponsive. An ambulance was called to the scene and later Young was pronounced dead.

Young, Jr. is not Hood Surgeon, which is another son of Dr. Dre’s, named Curtis Young, who has embarked on a career as a rapper.

A toxicology report is pending, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office. The cause of death for Young has not yet been determined as press time.

Dr. Dre’s label only issued a short statement: “Dr. Dre is mourning the loss of his son Andre Young Jr. Please respect his family’s grief and privacy at this time.”—LaTisha Robbins

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  • TheFuckingZigZagMan

    Wow!!! So sad to hear. My Heart goes out to dre & da family

    • MOE


  • Rockcity

    Damn My prayers go out to tha fam.

  • triplesixninja


  • Mutada al sader the king

    First mofo who get on here and says ” Now we’re never going to see Detox” is a clown.
    This is tragic and this is probaby his FIRST son. My heart goes out to the man.

    • duubbzz

      We are NEVER going to get detox now!

  • Jack

    It’s always sad to lose a child and this will delay detox about another year.

  • ~Shinobz~

    Ahh Mann – My prayers definitely go out to Dr. Dre and His Family – My condolences!! R.I.P Andre Young Jr. – Peace Ya’ll

  • iLL Nature

    RIP – well wishes to the family

  • ~Shinobz~

    I don’t agree – I think “Detox” will actually come out faster than it was scheduled to come out before – Reason being – Dre obviously is going thru something trageic – what better way to get a bunch of stuff of your chest than to put the finishing touches on his Album – and ya know Game is probably going to make a tribute song to his Mentor’s son – Peace!

  • Maurice Garland

    well Mutada…looks like Jack is your clown.

    Condolences to the family. This son wasn’t Hood Surgeon right?

  • Donte

    i think that is sad his brother and now his son he will probably make something like the message for son when detox comes outs

  • BlackCardFam

    are ya’ll really about to complain about detox or even mention what effects this could have on it? that’s some damn disrespectful stuff. i hope he never releases it now so you busters can learn how to have some damn sympathy

  • Snowman

    To Maurice Garland: No its wasnt Hood. Hood’s real name is Curtis Young.

    RiP to Andre Young JR and condolences to Dr.Dre and the rest of his family

  • RIP

    RIP!!!! hood surgeon!!!
    my prayers go out the Good Docs family…

    • Mr S

      wow you don’t read much

  • kevin

    damn…i pass my condolences out.

  • The Netherlands

    man it’s sad to hear this!
    my condolences to Dr Dre and his family.

  • iforgotmyname

    My condolences go out to his mother and their family. Also, Dre although I highly doubt he was ever much of a father to the kid.

  • from Finland

    my condolences to dr. dre




  • iLL G

    wow dre. be strong.

  • johnny

    damn i guess itll be a while for detox lol


    That’s dude’s son. Is Detox more important than a person’s namesake?

    A few of you need to drink a whole bottle of Massengil to clean out that facial hole. What you’re saying on this post stinks to high hell.

    • TxTitan

      LMAO!!! Trill talk though RIP to Dre’s son

  • Maddolies

    Detox Will Now Come Out In 2089.

    • Diesel

      Wow now your going too far.

      You mean Detox is coming 2065, he’ll be 100 yrs old.


    R.I.P. 2 Dre’s son

  • Feedback0008

    Bumping the message my man

  • REAL TALK 08

    RIP…faSHO!….forget about DETOX….this iz way more tragic..hopefully,Dr.Dre wont retire!..

  • Face Phoenix

    F&*k Detox, This is something monumentally more important in this man’s life. Losing a child is one of the hardest things we as human beings have to sometimes deal with. My Sympathy goes out to Dre and his son’s family and I pray he can find solace in knowing he may one day see his child again. RIP.

  • king-hydro

    My, god what bunch o fukig clowns some of youare!!!!!!! show some respect, the man just lost his first born, and all you can worry about is when DETOX comes OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Grand$

    Damn,I couldn’t imagine losing my junior. I pray that Father God eases his grief. God bless the dead, and those left behind to mourn. On a serious tip, yall ignorant motherfuckers crackin jokes may think its a game, but the funny thing will be the ppl laughin @ the demise of YOUR pathetic existences. Grow up, you immature little school girls. RIP Andre Young Jr. Stay strong Dre.

  • I AMsterdam

    fuck man, they found my homie in dead his bed too
    something with a hart muscle

    Rip Andre Jr

  • Maurice L Dees

    Sad new.

  • bashin

    My prayers go out to Dr.Dre and family.
    Keep ya heads up and release that Detox album soon.R.I.P. Andre jr.

  • lee

    detox aint coming now i agree wit all of u that are grieving for detox over the young dre maybe he wasn’t even sonning this kid so the son that we fans mourn for is detox

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