Slick Rick, Too Short Lead VH1 Hip-Hop Honors Inductees

Slick Rick is among the five acts that will be honored at the 5th annual VH1 Hip-Hop Honors event premiering on the channel in October.

The storytelling MC will be joined by Too $hort, De La Soul, Cypress Hill, and Naughty by Nature.

Tracy Morgan is set to serve as host again. Last year the comedian appeared in sketches during the program that challenged fans’ appreciation of hip-hop. “One of the refrains: Have you ever been hit in the head with a BlackBerry by Foxy Brown? Well then you ain’t hip-hop!”

Fab 5 Freddy–who was inducted last year–will executive produce again, along with veteran writer Nelson George.—Evan Waterkneck.

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  • Stylee

    1st-This is the Best and really only Hip Hop show of the year. I’m surprised that Kool G Rap didn’t get nominated yet!

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  • bernard

    I’m surprised several other artists haven’t been nominated like doug e fresh, dr.dre,dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince,kool g. rap, nas,epmd,redman,queen latifah,the diggin’in the crates crew- (lord finecess,Big L, O.C., Showbiz & A.G., Fat Joe),I don’t know if Big Pun got nominated or not but he should on there too. UKG and 8 ball & MJG should be on there too. Jay-Z is deffinately a shoein for being nominated as well. I just think they should really do more of a better process of which artist should get a nod or not. This process is almost as bad as the NFL & MLB of who gets to go to the hall of fame or not. A change deffinatly needs to take place!

    • Skillz

      I agree to a fault.
      Jay, Nas, even Redman…may be too soon for them to be inducted. Most def EPMD, Dre, Doug E, Juice Crew on a whole need to be inducted. UKG and Pun need to be but I think too soon also even in the death of Pimp and Pun. Keep it old school pre-94.
      All in all, the show is still hot and shows the young’uns how to do this!

  • bigfamily

    I really thought that this years honorees had to be De La Soul, Queen Latifah, EPMD, Jazzy Jeff + The Fresh prince. I could see Too short from a perspective of West Coast and what he did for independence. But Naughtu before Latifah?

  • mr.martin

    To bernard
    this is just a tv station program. it’s not a hip hop hall of fame like the rock and roll one in cleveland. it’s just a tv station trying to draw hip hop viewers and their demographic in since they barely watch tv anymore. They are hip hop honors inductees.What does that mean??? Viacom is the same company that had Eminem as 3rd emcee all time, slick rick at like 26 and kool g rap and heavy d not even on the list. just take it for what it is, not a purist or true die hard fans list. watch 5 years from now when eminem is inducted and g rap still not in

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  • shawn t

    this is a step in the right direction. they really really crashed when they put missy in last year. i almost died.

  • yung storm

    i wasn’t really a fan of too short way back. but i respect what he did for the bay area. naughty, de la and , cypress hill were my 3 favorite groups along with epmd and tribe called quest. so i’m happy that their getting hall of fame treatment because they definitely deserve it. slick rick was way ahead of his time as far as storytelling goes during the old skool era. i think since then there have been a few emcees that have patterened their storytelling style after slick rick.mainly nas. should be a good show in october. i will be watching.

  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    What took them so long to do Rick? It’s about damn time. EPMD gotta be next!!!!! Gangstarr as well. and if Missy and Snoop is in it’s never too early to do the boy Hov. Face should also get some love.

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