Paul Wall Alive And Well, Report Of Death False

Paul Wall is alive and well, according to a source close to the the Houston rapper.

A hip-hop site sent an e-mail alert earlier today stating the Swisha House artist was shot to death in a night club incident. The message also said two teens were being held in custody as a result.

A source, however, confirmed to that Paul wall is “just fine.”

Paul Wall also responded to an e-mail message stating he was ok.

Shortly after, the site backtracked and reported that an associate close to Paul Wall had been murdered, not the rapper himself. At press time it remains unclear if in fact an associate close to the Houston artist had been killed. Representatives at Paul Wall’s recording home, Atlantic Records, have not issued a statement.—Anthony Thomas, with additional reporting by Jayson Rodriguez

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  • Uncle Jay

    First bitches….

    • hall of fame


  • Rodjilius

    dat was a stupid ass rumor…


    PAUL WALL came to do a show in my hometown….ITs a small venue! About 1000 people. Snoop was here about a month ago and NAS is coming in two weeks. WE GET SOME GOOD SHOWS OUT HERE IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA.

    & the show flopped. ITs not cause he’s white either…its because he sucks.

    There was like a hundred people in the crowd for PAUL WALL. He gets no love in Northern Cali. We got love for TECH NINE though.

    • 239allday

      Yo Clete… I can’t speak for my entire region, which is the south, but I can tell you that Tech N9ne gets love over here too. I been fuckin with dude since 03′ year.

    • 305G

      You wack and so is nocal. Tech9 is nerd rap. lol. Paul Wall keep it 100. Big up to da dirty dirty. Tell em I said it.


      • 239allday

        305 bg, You can suck on some balls. Tech N9ne aint nerd rap nigga. I bet yo faggot ass listens to Kanye because that’s the cool thing to do. You aint hip hop homie. You claimin dade but but you prolly a canadian white boy. And you talkin about Paul wall. that’s one of the wackest rappers to ever grace hip hop. Hit the teen club and dance to soulja boy fuck nigga.

    • mizeryluvkompany

      ur full of fuckin sht…lol…i was ay the same tour in az, and paul did his thng!!…i like sum of his joints, a tech n9ne hes not!!…but he dosent suck! tech is the best period, not fair 2 compare him.
      i thnk jay-z sux, but i dont wish death on him!!…….i guess paul still got the internet goin nuts!!

      • http://donthaveone jemima

        that tech nine is balloks listen to motionless in white they will show that tech nine and paul wall are both sh’t

  • iLL

    Maybe they were talking about his rap career.

  • aaa

    paul wall is peurto rican dumb ass

    • c. gabi

      uhhh, no actually he’s white…

  • Sweet

    co-sign with iLL

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Pauls best song was off the first album called “Just Paul Wall” he actually talked about his relationship with God, his famaily and other matters. The second album was SUPER TRASH..I couldnt get through the whole thing before deleting the files.

    All he talks about already know

  • ..::HytekDesign::..

    Damn..I Was Hoping He Was Dead..Now He Will Put Out More Music..DAMN..

  • Chris Mac

    Big props for the big white boy doin his thing, but his rhymes are trash. Dude had a huge chance to shed some light on the white in the rap game and didn’t so i aint got no love for’em. 1 paul wall

  • baby

    whats the relationship between paul wall being an average rapper and wishing him death. if you dont like his raps, just dont listen. but dont wish death to a man

  • dronkmunk

    Oh, Goody.

  • REAL TALK 08

    Paul Wall..Alive..yezzir!..he my fave white boy…he iz white right…lol..oh well,if MikeJac can be his own bleached color..its

  • bigphil


  • escobar9300

    Man Paul Wall isnt all that bad, dude dosnt have a lot of substance to the music but he knows how to rock a crowd. I saw dude in concert in Rocky Point for spring break this year, the shit was fire.

  • Maddolies

    Co-Sign Wid Hall Of Fame

  • grp03

    Lol at anyone who would rather listen to Paul Wall than Tech.

    Unfortunately, i didn’t go to their fire & ice tour when it came to my city a couple months ago, but I heard Tech tears the place up. I wonder if he did “Riotmaker”, that shit will make anyone get out of control.

    Paul Wall is just an embarrassment to the movement of white rappers.