The King of Crunk has dropped his lawsuit against TVT Records and transfered his recording services over to The Orchard, a digital distribution company.

Lil Jon announced the deal today to media in a press release.

"I walked into The Orchard and came away with the sweet taste of freedom!" he explained. "Others talk, The Orchard does. I expect to do great things with them, and look forward to my future."

The Orchard is set to re-issue all of the producer's past albums, which the company acquired as a part of its acquisition of TVT when the record label filed bankruptcy.

Lil Jon will also serve as a musical liaison with the company; the Crunk Juice CEO will lend his A&R experience to The Orchard.

Jon is free from his contractual obligations arraigned under his TVT deal, however, any future projects, such as albums, would be released under The Orchard banner. Lil Jon is still at work on his next LP, Crunk Rock.---Anthony Thomas