KRS-One, EPMD To Headline 11th Annual Black August Benefit

New York legends KRS-One and EPMD have been tapped to headline the 11th annual Black August Benefit Concert in New York. The veteran rappers will lead a lineup also featuring soul singer Bilal, Immortal Technique, and Juice Crew leader Marley Marl.

The show is scheduled to take place August 31st at the Nokia Theater in Manhattan.

Black Moon, Smiff-N-Wessun, and K-Salaam are slated to be on stage as well.

Black August is produced by Brooklyn’s Malcolm X Grassroots Movement to bring awareness to social injustices and raise funds for political prisoners.

“The Black August Hip-Hop Project has been a great way to communicate the importance of supporting political prisoners in the U.S. and the issues our people face locally and all around the globe,” the event’s Co-Chair Tamir Z. Brown said in a statement. “It has cleaned up some of the negativity associated with hip-hop and shows that we are self-determined and self-sufficient.”

In the past, David Banner, Saigon, Talib Kweli, Mos Def and dead prez have all performed at Black August.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • giantstepp

    1st snitches! oh, and KRS one is in my top 5 alltime! The teacher snitches…

    • Justice4all

      Can we grow up from yelling 1st!!! Who cares?

      • giantstepp

        …yelling 1st aint that serious to be commenting on after someone did it. it means nothing really …just an internet thing. lets speak on the teacha (KRS1)!

    • Boogie The Don and thats whats up

      I don’t know. The way urban legend has it, KRS-One was just walking in a field one day, ain’t nobody seen him since. (Norfolk State Homecoming 2000, front row, seen nostrol hairs, FREESTYLED on surroundings for 20 minutes straight!)

      Ru-So Records

      • Stylee

        The only people that think Krs is gone is people that jock flavor of the month mainstream television and radio rappers. This man is still puttin out albums that are better then the grammy nominated bullshit! For eaxmple 2007′s Hip Hop Lives, and this years Maximum Strength are better then Jay Z’s last two albums, Jeezy’s last album, and shit I’ll even say Kanye’s last pop album….

  • http://XXLMAG iceman23

    Must be a New York thang,,so what is it exactly implying…1st,,, I want the raw version,,Not the Watered down one…

  • Bol lil brother

    haha back in the day u could get away with having a name like the Juice crew

  • The Atheis

    KRS-One top FIVE? KRS-One does not exist.

  • RCV

    Sounds like a fun show.

  • krsthree

    damn man why cant krs come to australia, epmd as well, my two all time fave hip hop acts,


    You know Hip-Hop is in a state of emergergency right now…people need to be self sufficient and get some money in their lives…

    You know…go on vacation or something…

    go back to school…become a lawyer to affect change…

    It’s ok to be rich…get off the merry-go-round of life and stop for a minute…

    Hip-Hop needs fresh ideas…New York…L.A.,…and everything in between as far as education goes is behind the rest of the world and that is a major reason Hip-Hop is dieing because it’s being dumbed down…

    Nobody is “Teaching or Dropping Science” anymore…

    We let the people who control the industry tell us what Hip-Hop should be…

    What is on the radio now is not Hip-Hop!(repeat this 100x)
    True Hip-Hop is innovative…

    It’s time to scrap what’s on the table and go back to the drawing board …

    • Anti-Mainstream

      Co-Fucking sign to that one! You couldn’t be more right


    95% of everyone on here is broke and not ready for wealth….

    sad but true…

  • Maurice L Dees

    KRS-One music help me grow up. As man and dad.

  • Stylistic

    This is a REAL Hip Hop show from start to finish!

  • Tony Grand$

    Granted, this will be quite the live venue, because rarely will you get to enjoy Smif-n-Wessun, Kris Parker, Black Moon, Marley Marl and EPMD all in one show, but I can totally overstand how nobody in the audience will be under the age of 30. I grew up listening to them, but I’m a 32 year old husband and father. According to the status quo, I am not Hip Hop. I’m regarded old school, which is fine by me. OG status, ya heard. I just don’t see a lot of youngstas considering this a ‘must see’ venue. More power to the cause, but I hope they gotta daycare center set up for us hip hop baby boomers. But thanx for the trip down memory lane yall.