Juelz Santana wants to make something clear: Cam'ron didn't sell the young rapper to Def Jam. "I was upset about the part of me being 'sold for $2 million,' " he explained. "At times like this, nobody is trying to 'sell' me. I could have come out and said, 'Oh, yeah, Cam got bought out.' But I didn't go that route. They just gotta watch me move. We gonna make it hot." The rapper may seem like he's steaming, but Santana said business is good. He, along with Jim Jones and everyone else, couldn't wait while Cam sat back. "At first people kinda looked at us like, 'Damn, what's going on?' " Santana said. "They looking at us like we're disloyal. But as the time went by, it's kinda like, what we gonna do, just die out because the dude that was supposed to be the boss and the head of the table decided to disappear? That means we would have vanished along with that. We from Harlem, baby. We hustlers. We're gonna stay afloat. We're not even floating right now; we're surfing. We not even surfing; I'm the ocean." The rapper said the Dipset boss blocked him from appearing on a number of collaborations, but now expect a series of mixtape, both solo and promoting his new crew the Skull Gang, before his next LP, Born to Lose, Built to Win (The Rise of the Skull Gang) is due in 2009. [MTV News]

Eve might have had a hard time getting her last album on shelves, but the Philadelphia rapper is doing just fine in Hollywood. The blond bombshell will appear in actress Drew Barrymore's directorial debut, "Whip It!" Eve will star alongside Ellen Page, who starred as the title character in "Juno." [SOHH]

New York radio jock Wendy Williams' brief run as a talk show host has been extended, it was announced. Williams, who had a trial run with Fox Television, passed her as she garnered larger ratings in May this year than Montel Williams during the same time slot in 2007. The show will return on air in mid-2009. [NYT]