Joe Budden Sets New Date For Padded Room

Joe Budden is set to release his long-awaited sophomore LP, Padded Room, on October 28, it was announced.

The Amalgam Digital release was originally slated to be in stores in September, according to the former Def Jam rapper.

Padded Room features 14 tracks and no guest appearances. The LP will be serviced both digitally and in retail stores.

It’s been five years since Budden released his self-titled debut album. In that time, he’s releases a string of critically-acclaimed mixtapes as he waited to cut ties with Def Jam.

“Tough & Go,” the album’s first single is available now and a video for the track will premiere in September.—Nino “Dubs” DeLuca

1.) Now I Lay
2.) Touch N Go
3.) If I Gotta Go
4.) Blood On The Wall
5.) Don’t Make Me
6.) In My Sleep
7.) Outcast
8.) I Couldn’t Help It
9.) Do Tell
10.) My Life
11.) Better Me
12.) Just to Be Different
13.) Angel In My Life
14.) Pray For Me

A preview of the clip is available here.

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  • Pierzy

    Budden goes hard. If you don’t know, listen to anything, especially “Family Reunion”

    • yo


      • DA TRUTH

        dude are you retard???? joey murdered game & 50 and the rest of the 5 heart beats. and how can jay-z son some one if they never went head up.

        • King B

          Naw Game bodied buddens easy

        • Rob The Music Ed

          Not on Game’s BEST DAY!

        • OH YEAH

          The game killed budden and joey sat quiet like a bitch and now joey wants to talk tough on a mixtape but when he saw the game during allstar week out in la a while back joey didnt want no problems….check up on that bitch niggas!

  • 239allday

    I hate the fact that he’s realeasing it digitally. I one of those rare niggas that actually buys albums. I don’t even fuck with limewire(not as much as yall niggas do, anyway). But niggas gon pass this shit all around the internet, you aint the eagles Joey.

    • J Killer

      The album is being sold both physical cd and digital(I don’t mess wit limewire either like to keep my Zune organized). Also, if ya going to hate on Joe do it on ur on fucking time. The nigga went through a lot of shit at Def Jam n he’s been putting in work. If u are a true hip hop fan u should be glad that a lyricist is coming up. Stop hating on rappers n open ur mind n listen to what all rappers have to say.

      • 239allday

        I aint hatin on Joe, I fucks with dude’s raps. I don’t see where you detected any hate in my statement. Just clarifying.

  • black

    can’t wait for it but he is not going to put any of the who songs on it come on joe all of them were fire I need those songs on the album

  • dutchess

    I cant wait for Joey to drop everybody should kno by now that hes the future. We’ll I hope he is anyway because its looking kind of hopeless right now.I used to be so excited about music and tuesdays going out not knowing what to buy first, now its the same old shit

  • Peru

    Budden is one of my favorite rappers because of his lyrics and delivery. Dude got content that I can relate to and his rhyming structure is smooth. His words are constructed to where the syllabus of the words fit in his patterns. He can actually flow to a beat. I will say he needs to hook up with better production, but his lyrics and flow make the bad beat selection tolerable. Cant wait til the album drops.

  • matrix

    Joe is bar none the hardest out right now… I even went as far as saying he’s the best ALL AROUND rapper of all time. There’s not one rapper that does EVERYTHING like JOE let alone at the level that he does everything at. Dude is an unparalleled artist for real… ‘One’

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Buddens my nigga, but this shit might sell another what 700-1000 copies like the last mixtape, hopefully not,the touch and go shit is kinda old to the internet community but if he can push that shit on a television station(u know put some money in 106&park pockets)he might do fat joe’s #’s in any case shit aint really bright for good hip hop but I’ma still support that shit.

    • DA TRUTH

      i think its pretty good for a FREE mixtape to sell 700-1000 copies, and seeing his only retail album sold more than gold that pretty d*mn good.

  • HERM

    The Mood Muzik series are all hot albums. I’ll definitely cop. That Blood on the Wall joint is fire too.

    • J Killer

      Hell yeah he went hard on Prodigy. “Washed up 90′s nigga now a gangsta blogger.”

  • Cam Jones

    For all the people that say Budden sucks or is wack take a good hard listen to “Who Killed Hip Hop” he is talking exactly about you functioning retards.

  • jig

    He’s mediocre at best.
    He must not’ve gotten that Def Jam memo
    that his career is over.

    • chad bro chill

      wow ur a retard if budden is mediocre is lil wayne the best rapper alive

  • Q

    Uesd 2 neva’ give a damn about dude.His debut was a dah…then came those mixtapes.Lyrics & delivery dope,hope he really kill it this time.