For a while I’ve considered Hell Rell the most underrated member of the Dip Set. He’s been one of their illest MC’s, but son has always been overshadowed by Juelz, Jimmy and Cam. He sure didn’t help his career by starring "Killa Season." The hood had jokes for days about their horrible acting. That scene where Rell and Cam were steaming on an L and crying about that little girl that got hit was meant to be serious--but was funnier than most Will Ferrell movies. Literally.

His mixtapes and guest appearances, though, have mostly been on ball point, na’mean. Top Gunna is just as G’d up as his previous projects. He’s not trying to be a super lyricist on any level, but like Young Jeezy he’s saying things that most block huggers can feel. For example, on “CNN” he spit: “And I really don’t care if it’s Obama or McCain / the prices ain’t changing what I’m charging for the 'caine / run up on a nigga put the lama to his brain / put him in the trunk and drop him off by the train / they say I’m insane--I just got a few screws loose and they can’t find a screw driver…”

His flow definitely does limit the damage he can inflict on a beat. His slow style is constantly heard throughout Top Gunna along with slow sample-filled beats (A Dipset trademark). This can limit the amount of times that Top Gunna gets burn in your whip. Only joint where he picked up the tempo was on his “Survival of The Fittest” freestyle.

If son ever wants to break out and be that nigga, he’s gonna have to expand his strike zone and think outside the box, with the way he spits, the beats he chooses, and so on. If he doesn’t make those changes? Then he’s dooming himself to an acting career that will earn him a few Raspberry Awards.

Hottest Joint: "CNN"

Weakest Joint:
"Shine On"