Duke Da God & Diplomat Records present: Top Gunna (The Ruga Edition)

For a while I’ve considered Hell Rell the most underrated member of the Dip Set. He’s been one of their illest MC’s, but son has always been overshadowed by Juelz, Jimmy and Cam. He sure didn’t help his career by starring “Killa Season.” The hood had jokes for days about their horrible acting. That scene where Rell and Cam were steaming on an L and crying about that little girl that got hit was meant to be serious–but was funnier than most Will Ferrell movies. Literally.

His mixtapes and guest appearances, though, have mostly been on ball point, na’mean. Top Gunna is just as G’d up as his previous projects. He’s not trying to be a super lyricist on any level, but like Young Jeezy he’s saying things that most block huggers can feel. For example, on “CNN” he spit: “And I really don’t care if it’s Obama or McCain / the prices ain’t changing what I’m charging for the ‘caine / run up on a nigga put the lama to his brain / put him in the trunk and drop him off by the train / they say I’m insane–I just got a few screws loose and they can’t find a screw driver…”

His flow definitely does limit the damage he can inflict on a beat. His slow style is constantly heard throughout Top Gunna along with slow sample-filled beats (A Dipset trademark). This can limit the amount of times that Top Gunna gets burn in your whip. Only joint where he picked up the tempo was on his “Survival of The Fittest” freestyle.

If son ever wants to break out and be that nigga, he’s gonna have to expand his strike zone and think outside the box, with the way he spits, the beats he chooses, and so on. If he doesn’t make those changes? Then he’s dooming himself to an acting career that will earn him a few Raspberry Awards.

Hottest Joint: “CNN”

Weakest Joint:
“Shine On”

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  • DevilintheFlesh

    Rells that dude, but this post pretty much sums up the way I feel about him. He’s nice but he has alot of growing to do…..Is it in him?

  • somthing to laugh at

    Get back in your cell now. Do you wanna go to the whole? Said rick ross

  • http://www.myspace.com/agent00negro08 Nasty nigga

    How ignorant is this nigga and that cover…way to set black people back 10 years

    add me

  • http://xxlmag.com O

    I agree that the cover isn’t exactly a positive image, but do you expect anything less from a gangsta rapper? Look at the old G-Unit mixtape covers and D-Block joints.

  • Blanco

    This dude omar is always hating on his blogs. First Chris and now Rell. What do you want both tapes are tight.

  • vitaminwater

    This guy as well as all of dipset with the exception of juelz santana suck monkey nuts. Who cares if this clown has another mixtape ? they bring out there wack mixtapes every other week.

  • http://xxlmag.com O

    Blanco, I just said Rell’s tape was hood. I just pointed out where he was flawed. What you want from me?!

    • Mac Sleepy

      He obviously wants u to kiss hell rells ass..lol Fuck outta here! good reveiw…


      and yea that cover is cheezy as fuk, look like sum old master p shyt…lol

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Here is my problem with Ruga, he is a talented MC.. And even though he aint got flows like say a JR Writer he’s actually more enjoyable to listen to than the majority of the dip set. But I have never heard him do a song about anything other than drugs, murder and crime.

    This guy has to have a family, a mother, children, something outside of the violence that he constatly talks about.

    I understand the whole “staying in your lane” but this dude has to have SOMETHING beyond that. Also a lot of his rymes are anti-GOD and while I understand that everyone is a Christian or belives in God some of his work just come accross as overly demonic and thats the reason why I stoped lisening to him 2 years ago

  • http://theseishishardestlyricsthough stobo646

    And moms talkin ’bout I need Jesus in my life (what?)
    Look he hangin from my neck, I got Jesus in my life nigga
    - Jesus in my life

    a yo god must love that im thuggin b,
    i guess thats y he gave all guns and drugs to me
    - God must love me

    and u prayin jesus ma he cant move mountains,
    rent backed up living room need new couch
    - forgot the name of this song

    2 crosses on my neck and i aint never read a scripture out that motherfuckin bible,
    - i aint playin wit em

  • http://EYE95.Tv Beeyo

    I Just realized how fucking fake this nigga Omar is. Rell is from tha Bronx, you fucking fake. All these “sons”,”na’means”, and other ebonics you pepper your reviews with ain’t coverin up tha non-hoodness of your personality.”But is it hood?”. Nigga shut tha fuck up. Fuckin rap fan ass nigga.

  • http://xxlmag.com O

    The fuck does Rell being from the BX have to do with me? Peppering ebonics? Rap fan? Son, you obviously have some issues with your damn self. Lemme guess, you look in the mirror and see a suspect, right? O a fake? Fuck outta here, nucca. Real recognize real, and if you can’t then get a new prescription for your glasses ya nerd.

    • http://EYE95.TV Beeyo

      “Real recognize real, and if you can’t then get a new prescription for your glasses ya nerd.” You took tha words right out my mouth. Your real ain’t comin off right nigga, you frontin. Your shit just comes off… fake. You ain’t bein yourself. You know when you hear a nigga talk, and you instantly identify with, or respect where the man is comin from? Yeah, You don’t have that.

  • dipset 4 life

    hell rell and jr are the most underated rappers

  • http://EYE95.TV Beeyo

    Oh, and Rell bein from tha Bronx? Recheck tha title you put on this post, stupid.

    • http://xxlmag.com O

      I ain’t put that post, Jackass.

  • chedda iz bedda

    i felt this mixtape more thean i did his latest album. I don’t give a shit wut anybody say’s i’m diggin him like wut you like and i’ll do the same. keep puttin it down hell rell do the damn thang,

  • drew

    lol this dude omar said rell from harlem. GET EM BEEYO lmao to funny

  • http://yahoo.com Rugga Rugga shoot ya Blattt!!

    I thought Ruga Rell was from da BX Bronx, matter fact he is yo nigga dont Blogg shit if u dont know what u talkin bout.

  • Ryan

    Mutada al sader the king, I think his “demonic” tendencies are just you reading too much into things. Maybe you have a bible stuck up your ass? The majority of the population is blinded by their faith in a god that was and will never be real. Maybe Rell just knows what’s up.

  • chad bro chill

    hellz yea son realz recOgniZE rEAl its kIll or Be kILLed out hizzere in this jungle mAn and i can tell when a dude be faking just through his blogs and this fOOl be TRIPping with no Mizap
    word to the street son im a gangstuh i been shot 4 times and didnt die and they all hit me in the head

  • Mutada al sader the king


    Unless your parents raised you as an atheist. You know in your heart that you believed in God at some point in your life.
    What ever internet video, college professor or book you read changed your view. It’s the hip thing in hip hop now a days to be anti or against god. Believe me dude I’ve seen every Zietagist like video, read all the supposed explanations that God is a myth. Seen all the research that attempt to prove that Jesus was not a historical person. I’ve read all the stuff that attempts to link Christian tenets to paganism etc. But you know what ? I still have faith and still believe. God Bless you

  • A

    When do we begin to mature?
    This is non-sense!!!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/uptownempire Trouble

    Hell Rell has always been very consistant with great street albums. I thought he was one of the best from East coast on that grimmey tip. I think hes doing the right thing, pumpin hot mixtapes untill he gets a major deal. Dipset is in turmoil right now so I hope be can maintain.

    He murder Roc-A-Fella on that song “Laughting At You”.

  • http://xxlmag.com O

    I’ma keep it 100, I can see where the confusion coming from. I ain’t never said Rell from Harlem. I ain’t post that shit. And Bee, if you mad cause I ain’t talking “ebonics” throughout my whole review, then at what point do you think a n*gga grow up? I’m 28. I ain’t 18.

  • http://xxlmag.com O

    And yo, I know religion is important to y’all, but this is a hip-hop mixtape blog. I can take dudes hating on me for this music sh*t, but come on, let’s keep this sh*t hood and not make it a holy war.

  • Ryan

    @ Mutada al sader the king

    I respect what you’re saying, but you seem to be forcing the issue of god on people, that’s why I came at you that way. I don’t like pushy religious types. My reasons for not having faith are my own.

    @ O

    Religion is a topic covered in Hell Rell’s music, so this isn’t turning into a “holy war”. It’s simply discussing the rapper whos mixtape you reviewed. It’s relevant to the discussion, it didn’t come out of no where.

  • stobo646

    Die on a cross like a christian,
    So fuck u plus ya weak religion
    - Noreaga, T.O.N.Y.

  • Anti-Mainstream

    These dipset clowns have tried to blow a good few times since 2005, and it just hasn’t panned out. They wack and need to fall back, and gangstas and guns in rap records is like shower scenes in horror flicks. Wack, Played the fuck out, and how many more of them are we going to have?????Fall back already, people ain’t feeling you clowns!

  • Mutada al sader the king

    @Ryan Cool, respect.

    Lets talk Rell

    I just want to see the dude expand his scope. Not because I want him to turn into some kind of “save the children, teach the children” rapper. But because he is a skilled lyricist. He’s cleaver with his word play, can stand out on a track with other MC’s..has his own distinct flow and voice (which is rare in hip hop and even more rare in the dips who all kind of “rap alike and talk alike”)

    He really could be using his skill to bring some other issues to the forefront. I mean who is rell, do you have a family, how do you pay your bills in between albums? tell us about the infamous dip set mix tape hustle, talk about ANYTHING except for more songs about murder and death.

    And to be honest he’s no worst than say a Spice 1 or any of these other MC’s that have high body counts, bricks of cocaine etc. The thing is the majority of the rappers that fall into those categories are wack artists and cant really put the verses together to talk about anything else. Rell on the other hand has talent.. So its just a waste, and he wonders why he cant catch a break or sell any records.

  • Ryan

    @ Mutada al sader the king

    I feel what you’re saying, but I think the thing about rappers like him, Spice 1, etc. who just stick to rapping about guns and all that that makes them worth listening to is that they do what they do and do it well. Look at a rapper like Ludacris, he’s good with the punchlines and can rhyme his ass off but he made that one song “Politics” and ended up looking like a fool. Some people just aren’t built to take on political/social commentary and don’t want to look like jackasses. They may have opinions about it, but it might not come off well when they spit about it. Besides, I look at a rapper like Hell Rell as more of an “audio cinema” type of guy. Pure entertainment, but at the end of the day I’m not taking anything significant away from it other than loving what I’m hearing and how he manipulates words and rides the beat. If Hell Rell is as real as he says he is, he doesn’t need to catch a break rapping to make his money anyway.

  • Ryan

    P.S. I think he makes it clear how he pays his bills between albums…….

  • chad bro chill

    im being faceous you should heed this
    im the one who hammered the first nail in jesus

  • Ryan

    You should try to hire a therapist to beat this.

  • http://kellsfetish.com Lo-Doe

    He’s second of being The Hardest Out!
    Styles is #1. Rell is nice but sometimes to much of what he have.