Dr. Dre To Push Liquor To Promote Detox

Dr. Dre will introduce Aftermath Cognac as a part of an integrated marketing plan to promote the producer’s next album, Detox.

According to Billboard Biz, Geffen A&M Records (the parent company to Dre’s Aftermath) previously inked a joint venture deal with Drinks America to produce alcoholic beverages.

The cognac is scheduled to launch within the next 60 days, Billboard reports based on Drinks Americas documents that were made public. The same documents state the beverage is part of a marketing plan for Dr. Dre’s long-in-the-works album, Detox. In a recent interview with USA Today, Dre said the LP will be released by the end of 2008.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • B Knife


  • blu3bl0od

    safe tingsz ah gwann..

    • http://xxlmag.com J.Golden

      What the fuck did u juss say nigga?

  • Peru

    Damn they sure do market liquor to black folk…

    • DevilintheFlesh

      I think these rappers/producers that push liquor are responsible for killing people in our community….Not a good look Dre.

    • Justice4all

      that’s all they think we are worth, some liquor, Air force one’s and some jeans with the hot rapper of the minute of the back.

      We stay losing

      • DevilintheFlesh


  • http://j.golden77@yahoo.com J.Golden

    That shit better get me drunk if I’m gonna buy it. And we already know the album’s fie fie!!

  • Matt Herbz

    Kids I haven’t even conceived yet will probably be old enough to drink by the time Detox is released. Dre, you suck, nigga…

    • iLL G

      not only that but u know that shit gonna be expensive as shit like them fuckin headphones he put out. man dre u suck not only are u takin forever to put out an album that wont even have any relevant “hot shit” on it, but then u use a substance that has been the downfall of so many ppl (white or black). U suck dre

  • dusty boy

    Say PERU, your right ’bout that!! But the fucked up part is it’s niggaz doin’ it to eachother!!! It use to be the crackers fuckin’ us over now we doin’ it to our selves!! Niggaz Wake the fuck up!! Buy some stock, build a school, or start a foundation, just stop commin’ up with liquors that flop anyways!!! Fuck all that fuck ass Hip POP liquor shit!! I sip Codeine!!! Lean with me world!!! Stay Screwed Up!!!


  • Pierzy

    How many rap songs will this be mentioned in over the next year??

  • Peru

    You know whats fucked up Dusty Boy, its always been black folks selling out their own people. Even all the way back to the very 1st slaves brought to America from Africa. Africans sold Africans to them Cracka ass Crackas…Niggas stay fuckin themselves with shit and Cracka ass Crackas stay sitting back and just watching in amusement…and it is actually amusing as sad as it is…ITS ENTERTAINMENT!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/jazz1 Peru

    Peru, it sounds like you know just about half of the story.
    The Africans selling other Africans were usually their prisoners that they were selling. Also sometimes those sales were made to avoid a whole village being taken.
    Now I do find liquor being sold by the guy who is calling his album Detox a little ironic. I have always loved a little irony with my hip hop.

  • giantstepp

    I like to occassionally partake in some fine spirits so I’ll try the shit. It’s gonna have to be on one the Homies dime tho ’cause I aint buying it til I know its official! Dre’s name on it dont mean shit to me.

  • Vicious Seiger

    DETOX in 2008, Don’t Hold Your Breath… I’ll believe it when I see it on stores shelves. Is Dre a procrastinator, a perfectionist or the most overrated producer in hip hop – YOU DECIDE.

  • Valdez

    I’ma just stick to the remy, man.

    Also, this def. doesn’t sound like a good marketing plan at all. Just let the album speak for itself Dre. this leads me to believe that Dre already knows its probably over for him already.

    I liked Dre better with World Class Wreckin Crew anyway, although he was outwardly gay back then (no homo). Glittery CAT SUIT and make up! LMMFAO!!!

    Anyway, with all this hype & delay, this better be a good album. Otherwise it’s a wrap for him. & sometthing tells me he knows this.

  • http://1290wmcs.com “The Party Killa”

    Isn’t this an OXXYMORON….Detox + Selling liquor= Wudafuxxs!!

  • Its Me

    How long is this mothafucka gonna be with this album ! lol gonna be hot shit though !

  • Peru

    Damn, how you gonna use my name to tell me I only know half the story. I know the what happened, I know the sacrafices and the prisoner shit. But regardless, they were still selling their own people. You dont see cracka ass John sellin Thomas to Muhammad cuz Thomas stole a cookie from a bakery now do you???

  • turkey hoagie

    how are you gonna promote liquor and name your album Detox? that’s a contradiction. hip hop stays losing to cash.

  • The_Truth

    Im sorry, but this a “Hannah Montana” like gimmick they’re doing to sell a classic-calibur project. . .some cracker up at Interscope thought of this.

  • roger

    can it, since when was Dre a conscious rapper?
    let the dude sell Cognac. He’s been rapping about it since most of us were kids.

  • grp03

    Liquor?! Does Dre honestly believe if he gets us all drunk enough then we’ll start to believe Detox is a real album?! Blasphemy.


    DRE’s a genius! He know’s everyone wants DETOX.

    Why not promote the products before DETOX comes out? If DETOX flops….he’s already making money off headphones and cognac.

    I doubt DETOX will flop. Knowing DRE….he’s probably waiting for the rights to “The Chronic” so he can drop “The chronic 2001″
    and “detox” as a 3-pack. Plus, he’ll probably have some unreleased Eminem shit to add as a bonus disk.


  • Q! tha Great!

    doesn’t sound like a very smart marketing plan to me. we are so way beyond niggas selling liquor to themselves!

    He should focus more on selling those head phones in conjunction with the album. Pitch is so that both products compliment each other to provide the ultimate listening experience. damn! I should be in marketing!

  • Tony Grand$

    Love it or hate it, Dre is Dre. As far as the music biz is concerned, he was well on his way to becoming our generations Quincy Jones. Somehow, it just kept escaping his grasp. He’s still the D-R-E but exactly what weight does that really hold. If yall nigs followed his career, though he is mos def a trailblazer, he still always got a nice little grip on the trend bandwagon. Back when it was “cool” to dress like a gay disco dancer, he did that. Next he’s tellin us you don’t need to smoke weed to “express yaself”. Did that too. Then he blazin up a storm, and had yee ass niggas callin any kinda smoke the “chronic”, all gangsta’d out. Now after he wakes from his coma, he gotta hit the block with some ‘yac, even though mad rap cats alcohol game fell off hella quick. Ill never doubt his sonic integrity, he knows how to manufacture hits, but he’s gettin old. Damn, where the fuck is MelMann when you need him?

  • http://360.yahoo.com/deshawn772004 Federal Ranga

    I’on give a fuck. I’m still gonna cop.

  • watz

    That isnt very smart @ kletewood, who in the heel is going to but a 4 album collection nowadays. and dre only selling this shit to create a buzz for the detox which is so late peoples interest has waned. he should no better as our poeople will overly abuse and cause more probs as this drink will be intrinslcy linked to the album there only so many times you can go to the well before it runs dry. and too much alcohol deydrates to lol