DMX wasn't arrested this time, but the troubled rapper has had his bail bond revoked by judge. The action means X will likely remain in jail until his next court date in October.

The rapper has been arrested numerous times in the past few months on a variety of charges. Recently he was arrested in Florida last week after exiting a Wal-Mart. DMX alledegly parked in a handicap spot and after authorities ran a background check it was discovered a warrant had been issued for X in Arizona.

The rapper missed a scheduled hearing. Later his layer issued a statement that X was hospitalized and unable to attend the hearing. Orignally,a $250, 000 cash bond was set for the former Ruff Ryders star.

Now, however, he will remained jail until a October 2 hearing in Florida.

In addition to legal woes, the rapper also has fiancial troubles as well.

According to the KPHO in Arizona, DMX home in Phoenix is set to be foreclosed on. A lawyer of his is quoted as saying the rapper is "without funds" and has public defenders working for him as a result. The lawyer explained his work for X is pro bono.

In May of this year DMX's troubles began. He was first arrested for speeding in Arizona. Then later, he was picked up on animal cruelty charges. He was then busted in Florida twice, once on driving charges, and a second time for attempting to purchase cocaine from an undercover policeman---LaTisha Robbins