DJ Whoo Kid & Remo Da Rapstar: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

You know if a dude is gonna add “Da Rapstar” to his moniker then he better be able to back up his lyrical skills and have what it takes to pop off. And man did Remo champagne it.

My man was killing it on “Hustlaz Anthem” with lyrics like “Y’all debt barely paying the rent / stack 50 on a dollar when the paper is spent / from a whole other element / yall buying into hype and guess what? I’m the muthafucka selling it / love told when she was celibate / hip-hop turn whore now everybody gettin’ head from it / even Nas tried deadin’ it / but Rap Star CPR, I breathe to blow breath in it / can’t hate the south, born in the South Bronx / made a paper trail from H-town to ATL…”

Adding to lyrics like that is a slow flow that’s re-mar-kable! Not saying that he can touch the late-great B.I.G. (Jay was the closest), but he can definitely adapt his style to slow tempo grooves. Check the way he did it on “I Just Wanna Know” and the true to the ’90s NY-sounding “Back Home” (couldn’t stop bumping this one).

He even took the time to spread the love and let a few of his homies Ransom, Kardinal Offishall (that name bugs me out), and Nina B get it in on the ride or die jumpoff “Listen 2 My Gun.” Ironically, that’s exactly what Tyga was told before he got juxed for becoming a rap star… of sorts.

Simply put, Remo and Whoo Kid made a banger. It had songs for the streets, for the club, the backpackers, the thugs and for the shorties. The man definitely knows what music is and made a bunch of it on this joint.

Hottest Joint: “Listen 2 My Gun”
Weakest Joint: “Dial Tone” (Blame the beat)

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  • Scorpion

    Shout Out to Who Kid! Doing it real major with G-Unit Radio Mixtapes.

  • da truth

    Fuck Readmo the Wackstar aka Remo the Wackspar

    He is the corniest wanna be rapper from the B Cross

  • Casey

    Slept on his tape with Dirty Harry…maybe I’ll check this.

  • capcobra

    homie wack…………

  • MC

    LOl…no commment

  • Prince Ceasar

    Umm…Who is this clown nigga? Shout-out to Whoo Kid and POW magazine.

  • chad bro chill

    i hate whoo kid i think hes annoying as fuck but i might check it just because he’s got a wierd name i wish people knew how to spell “the” it makes them look stupid

    remo da rapstar<remo THE rapstar

    • diesel

      yea i hate it when ppl do that

  • Vindi

    Remo is weak – music’s about opinion I guess but i’m not feeling him at all there’s so many other rappers better than dude

  • Henny tha don

    shit al right. give it 6.9 out of 10 on a good day.

  • jill goodwine

    people dat say remo is wack ur nuthin but a hater why cant people give credit where its due.

  • http://johndickerus charlie victor

    you dont want none of this, I’ll reem you a new asshole…cause im the real rapstar….king of the castle