DJ Scream Presents: Gucci Sosa, Starring Gucci Mane

You have to give it to Gucci Mane on the G-status. While damn near every rapper in the game done got got at least once in their lifetime, Gucci is one of the few rapper in the game that let them thangs go to keep from becoming part of that statistic.

Now a couple of my ATL homies know him and been told me he keeps it gully, so I’ve been rooting for the man to get on top of his game and shut a portion of the game down the same way Jeezy did when he dropped Thug Motivation 101. Though he still hasn’t gotten there, it seems like he’s inching to it.

Son got some good shit, but he lacks emotion when he spits. Look at MC’s like Tupac, Jeezy and DMX, they had the hood on fire because they spat they rhymes with that emotion that real heads can feel. Joints like “Luv Me,” Colors,” and “Tell That Girl” had the potential to blow up the spot, but like Wesley Snipes in Blade III, he just didn’t seem like he was into it.

Other joints like “My Kitchen,” “Zone 6,” and “Thirsty” shows that he can pick up the slack with the flow and make block huggers get hype off some murda muzik. He even got right with Shawnna on “Let Me See Yo Eyes.” I was fuckin’ with these joints.

If he wants to be considered a problem, Gucci gotta get on these joints and wig out like Wendy Williams on these rap nuccas that claim to be trappers–but only get trapped and clapped for they shines, man. The swagger is killer and his head is in the right place, but dunn gotta work on the delivery so he can body these tracks like Usain Bolt, na’mean? You know they say rappers ain’t gangstas and real gangstas don’t rap. Time to prove some people wrong.

Hottest Joint: “Put Em On”

Weakest Joint: “Laughin” (Based off the hook)

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  • 239allday


    Fuck what yall hatin niggas is going to say because Gucci got some bangers under his belt. His mixtapes are Fire. And he been better than Jeezy.

    • chad bro chill

      thats not saying much if you can rhyme blue with shoe your already on jeezys level

  • Trouble

    Gucci Mane is dope as hell !! He way better than Jeezy or Shawtay Lo on that dope boy shit (maybe even T.I. ?!?!), All his mix tapes be on point. He make real street music, and this mixtape is no different, it aint as good as Trap-A-Thon or Hard 2 kill but its straight.

    Ive always thought he make good music, hes obviously a trap rapper but he manages to come up with fire hooks, and his southern draw adds to his delivery. Overall Dude is a Good MC.


    I have this mixtape and compared to some of Gucci’s other work i thought it was hot .
    I recomend it .

  • Smitty


  • Ghost S.P. DA HARDEST

    Do you ever give a bad review ??? Gucci mane is one da worst rappers out hes down there with soulja boy and mike jones fuckin terrible you have just lost all credibility by giving this guy any praise hes fuckin awful

  • Ryan

    This dude had a couple of entertaining tracks but for the most part he’s beyond boring. At least he’s not as bad as Shawty Lo…….

  • Lambo Zo

    This mixtape is fiya Gucci that nigga every since he been out of prison he been dropping fiya

  • thekingof118

    this is not the good shit….

    get gucci mane and dj rell’s….

    wilt chameberlain the mixtape pt. 1 & 2

    both of those tapes are hot..

    best song: “U know how these hos be”

  • yoprince

    gucci cool.. when you’re in the mood for complete ignorance.

  • avon

    to ghost s.p. da hardest hell yeah he give out bad reviews he hated on b.g. mixtape with whoo kid and he know b.g. be going hard but gucci do wreck shit in my opinion so i aint mad at this review

  • Trickdd

    Chicken Talk is a crazy mixtape. Trap-A-Thon is crazy to. Trap House is a gucci classic most shit gucci puts out you can knock in your car and shake some shit up

  • O

    I just love rooting for the underdog. That’s how I do. Gucci keeps it gangsta and how can I not give him props for that? Avon and Smitty know what’s hood. I’m keep rooting for this man to take it to the next level.

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check out My mixtape WHO’S BETTER? on my page.

  • felipesiny

    this mother fucker so wack i thought he a duck. this is why hip-hop sucks sometimes. he wack wack wack wack wack wack wack wack no skills, he so limited in his vocabulary it so scary. yes he got money but he get paid to be dumb. shit the world is about to end soon. cucci man this is new york city get your hip-hop game right if not get the fuck out of hip-hop. i ment cucci man. real is hip-hop is coming so bitches start running cause its coming.

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    One of the best rappers from Hotlanta.

  • str8100

    Felipesiny why in the fuck would he try to appeal to newyork nigga when he from atlanta shut the fuck up you bomb

  • StreetTalk83

    He might be real and all that, but LYRICALLY, he’s DOO-DOO!


  • Capitalpro

    Zay is clean for his multi-layered bass heavy beats. I bumped Gucci through Oaklands hoods and got respect.The music Wakes up the block 4 sure.

  • Lambo Zo

    xxlmag straight tweaking laughing not the weakest track…aint no track on this cd weak…

  • zino

    man that gucci mane gangsta grillz is sick with it its called the MOVIE rate that xxl its way way harder than this