You have to give it to Gucci Mane on the G-status. While damn near every rapper in the game done got got at least once in their lifetime, Gucci is one of the few rapper in the game that let them thangs go to keep from becoming part of that statistic.

Now a couple of my ATL homies know him and been told me he keeps it gully, so I’ve been rooting for the man to get on top of his game and shut a portion of the game down the same way Jeezy did when he dropped Thug Motivation 101. Though he still hasn’t gotten there, it seems like he’s inching to it.

Son got some good shit, but he lacks emotion when he spits. Look at MC’s like Tupac, Jeezy and DMX, they had the hood on fire because they spat they rhymes with that emotion that real heads can feel. Joints like “Luv Me,” Colors,” and “Tell That Girl” had the potential to blow up the spot, but like Wesley Snipes in Blade III, he just didn’t seem like he was into it.

Other joints like “My Kitchen,” “Zone 6,” and “Thirsty” shows that he can pick up the slack with the flow and make block huggers get hype off some murda muzik. He even got right with Shawnna on “Let Me See Yo Eyes.” I was fuckin’ with these joints.

If he wants to be considered a problem, Gucci gotta get on these joints and wig out like Wendy Williams on these rap nuccas that claim to be trappers--but only get trapped and clapped for they shines, man. The swagger is killer and his head is in the right place, but dunn gotta work on the delivery so he can body these tracks like Usain Bolt, na’mean? You know they say rappers ain’t gangstas and real gangstas don’t rap. Time to prove some people wrong.

Hottest Joint: "Put Em On"

Weakest Joint: "Laughin" (Based off the hook)