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Now, I’m not too sure if this is in fact an actual mixtape, but my homegirl L-Boogie passed it off to help support the cause. So I’ma talk about it anyway. [Editor's Note II: Do you, O!]

Before I get into the music, what’s is it with kids and this game? I know that it has all these street features like having sex with prostitutes, and carjacking dudes, and all types of wild sh*t, but the cult following this game has is pretty damn disturbing. [Editor's Note III: Sh*t is wild fun, though.] I’m not saying that in the sense that this game is going to influence dudes to live out these situations at all (real niggas do real things regardless, ya dig?) but I am referring to them dudes that get off on playing this game [Editor's Note IV: A-yo!] . Isn’t that equivalent to having sex with a blowup doll? Can’t do the real thing so you live out the fantasy all by yourself without involving another party? Poor bastards.

On to the music, Liberty City Invasion was entirely produce and mixed by the Evil Genius DJ Green Lantern and for that I must say, for a producer who isn’t exactly in demand this man got that heat on the low like Midget Mack when he’s packing a burner.

He got Style’s P going in hard over menacing piano keys and a hard base line on “What’s The Problem.” Green’s production on the Fab and Fat Joe laced, “I’m So Fly” is intended to make your body move all the while Akon takes care of the hook like that boy who wouldn’t grow up (In case I went over your head with that metaphor, I’m talking about Peter Pan, dummies).

Heads like Clipse (“9mm”), Tru Life (“Wet ‘em Up”), and Immortal Technique (“Parole”) manage to bring the streets back to the music and keep the head boppin’ in full effect while your body remains stationary. That’s real hood sh*t for ya. Not to mention that dope “Price on Your Head” joint by Johnny Polygon (I don’t see the science behind the name either). The drums, bells and base on that song was ridiculous.

Good work, Green. Keep that street sh*t coming, but stay away from them video games before you end up like those geeks and virgins that work in those video game stores. Nutting on the newest control pad features instead of on that shorty on the block [Editor's Note V: Hahahahahahahaah].

Hottest Joint: "Anybody Can Get It" by Uncle Murda

Weakest Joint: "Bustin’ Shots" Jim Jones & Juelz Santana