Dem Franchize Boyz Set September Date For New LP

Atlanta foursome Dem Franchize Boyz announced today their new album, Our World, Our Way, will be released September 30.

The project is the snap music vets first LP for Koch Records.

Mannie Fresh and singer Lloyd will join the group on the project. The first single, “Mr. Feel Good,” features Fresh.

Our World, Our Way is the group’s third album, on as many labels. Their debut LP featured their hits “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” and “Oh I Think Dey Like Me.”

The official single, “Turn Heads,” features Lloyd. The video will be serviced shortly, according to a statement from Koch.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • Dante

    How many of yall are actually gonna cop this shit?

    • YO


  • dusty boy

    Not ME!!!!


  • droopey

    Still leanin’ n rockin’ do your thing D.F.B.

  • j

    who cares

  • NIG


  • roscoe

    yall some fuckin’ hataz. eat dick

  • Lo-Doe

    Not wastin’ my $$$ on this trash but the single with Lloyd might be hot. Everything Lloyd get on is hot. So, I’ll be downloading that one song.

  • Mac Sleepy

    Ya’ll Hatin Hard… But I Don’t Give A Fuk Cuz I Don’t Listen 2 Dey Bullshyt Either…lol

  • B

    Doesn’t the fat dude from DFB look like Bol?

    • giantstepp

      That mofo does look like Bol on the first pic, main page. LMAO!

  • niggafrommemphis

    Down South, EAst coast, west coast, mid west,bullshit is bullshit.fuck them,only niggas in atlanta can appreciate them niggas.

  • ant

    Lol @ B thats Bol little brother….i dnt think i wuld buy this…they not wit jermaine no more? Didnt know that….what ever happened 2 Roc from sosodef he was lightweight good

  • giantstepp

    I aint mad at’em if they can get some paper, get it, but it wont be coming from me. Shit, I dont one person that copped the last joint.

  • ee-city

    They still exist?

  • Kani

    Only nigga i remotely support out that group is parlae.

  • Atlatino

    Besides a club hit (not banger) that gets the girls amped for our benefit it will probably not get bumped outside of 30318.

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  • just saying wat everyone’s thinkin

    DF who?? im nota hater but 2 be honest..they just aint relevant nomore!! if they don’t come wit a different style and betta lyrics, NOBODY’S GONNA BUY THEIR SHIT! niggas dont do snap music nomore. dat shit went out wit ’06 we danm near in ’09, like wtf! lol

  • Tony Grand$

    Wow. Show of hands niggas, buy the DFB album, or eat a $10 bill?

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man fuck these bithces who gon cop this anyway

  • Hemsee

    ill tell you whos gonna cop this, white suburban kids, who try to act gangsta, and white girls who want to shake there ass as if they were in a video. trust me, im from the suburbs, and kids up here love that snap bullshit, it’s like fuckin crack.

    Fuck Dem Franchise Boys

  • Maddolies


  • escobar9300

    Oh great. Another 12 songs of the most ignorant shit anybodys ever listened to. Every song featuring a “Yuuup in my white tee” an “Ohh I think they lyyyke me” and “We dem franchiiiise booooys.” Id rather be caught dead than listeining to this bullshit.

  • AlSween

    i love seeing people get mad just by reading a certain group’s name. Every group isn’t supposed to sound the same. We need DFB just as much as a Kweli. It’s called balance. won’t nobody complaining about positive k “i got a man”.