David Banner To Take Over Sirius This Weekend And More In ‘The Roundup”

David Banner must like control. He raps, produces, and arranges his album. So why not take on another challenge? The Mississippi-bred rapper will take over Sirius’ Hip-Hop Nation this weekend and play songs from his latest album, The Greatest Story Every Told, as well as list his favorite 20 hip-hop songs of all time. He’s set to hit the air Saturday at noon until Sunday night at 8pm.

The Cool Kids are among a few acts that have partnered with Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound music initiative. The Midwest duo have recorded a new track, “Delivery Man,” exclusively for GreenLabelSound that’s available for free download. GLS is an effort designed to help upcoming artists. “Green Label Sound is giving artists like ourselves to get to a different scale than we previously were on,” Mikey Rocks explained. “The program gives us a further reach that we would’ve had on our own, but we still get to keep the same creative independence that we like to have.”

Jay-Z and Noel Gallagher traded words over Hov’s appearance at the Glastonbury Festival. Now, the two are singing sweet music together. Sort of. DJs have mixed music from Gallagher’s band, Oasis, and the Roc Boy’s latest single, the Kanye Wes-backed “Dope Boy Fresh (Jockin’ Jay-Z)”. [MTV]

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  • Tony Grand$

    Its tight to be first, but it sux that I couldnt give less of a fuck about these shits if I were dead! Although Mountain Dew stay suckin off some hip hop though! Think through the years. Member that corny Busta commercial? Anyway…..

  • stuckfresh

    Bitch ass nigga! Bitch ass nigga! Fold up!

  • Mutada al sader the king

    It might just be me, but I could not give to squirts of piss about David Banner. All his “sudo” political commentary goes out the window when “flossing is a habit” or what ever the fuck its called came out. Use your degree and speak on something in your music.

  • balaramesh

    @Mutada al sader the king

    you right. dude is tripping. he is too intelligent and talented for that.

    truth be told, dude is feed up with the industry. he should just produce so he is no longer forced to to “wack crossover songs” that do not fit him.