Da Brat Sentenced To Three Years

So So Def rapper Da Brat was sentenced to three years in prison today for a nightclub assault that took place in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a Dekalb County judged sentenced the female lyricist for striking a woman with a rum bottle at Studio 72. In addition to prison time, Da Brat was also sentenced to seven years of probation and 200 hours of community service.

“I love y’all,” the rapper, 34, said, as she was removed from the court. Family members present to support her replied back: “We love you too.”

The incident between Da Brat and an unidentified woman took place last October at a Halloween party. The woman was a waitress at Studio 72 and she and Da Brat were involved in an altercation. The end result was the rapper struck the woman in the head, which resulted in her being hospitalized and now she has permanent facial scars.

Da Brat previously plead guilty to aggravated assault.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • bigD

    LMAO This shit is too fucking funny LMAO.

  • Pierzy

    Damn – you could argue she had the most talent and skills of any female MC since Lyte. Hopefully her next video will be filmed in the prison shower…

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      cough. cough. lauryn.

      but her and l boogie for sure.

      • King B

        Eve>>>>Da Brat nuff said

  • T Slim

    The law is something else I think it’s crazy that homegirl facing three years over basically a fucking fight. They did my man Keith Murray the same way.If Da Brat is good on her behavior she probally get out early tho.

  • John Brown

    LMAO!! If the system want to punished Brat for real, they would send her to an all male prison and make her listen to JD albums for 20 hours a day.

    ***BRAT going to prison is like heaven for her. She gonna get pu$$y for free now.***

  • http://xxlmag.com TheGeneral’

    That’s my girl,…regardless. First of all, we don’t know what really caused her to crack the broad in her dam’ head cause, we were’nt there! Further more, these artists are targets, in a sense.(There are individuals out there, who put themselves in a situation where somebody has to put they hands on em’, just so they can understand! So,…fuckem’!)Even if BRAT’ didn’t do it, somebody else was gonna’ do it and end up in court. When they don’t understand talkin’,…that’s when you use force!!!

    • Avenger XL

      That makes no sense once you get it like the brat and rap stars have it you should know fools gone try you so keep weed carriers to handle your light weight as to not mess up yo cash. Now I know that the brat don’t have much loot left since she ain’t made shit hot in years and wasn’t all that dope then except for being a little JD pop tart. So her she is running low on weed carriers right now. She need to have a couple down ass bull daggers on her team waiting to lay waist to anyone to approach her they would probably do it to grab her ass LMAO

  • ejs

    Now she’s really going to be baptized in the funk.

  • ifukawitu

    all tha pussy in there i dnt feel sorry for her eat on brat eat on

  • te noh

    Good luck Da Brat in the Hip-Hop Celebrity Fit Club. Three years=lots of push-ups.

  • Huh?

    TheGeneral is a moron. Thank you for that ridiculous opinion. I seriously got a laugh out of that.

    • iLL G

      good i thought i was the only one…the general is a fuckin clown and its scary that there are millions of ppl who think like him lmao how bout not puttin ya hands on the bitch at all? no one’s “acting up” warrants a bottle to the head!! u get ya ppls, and u get the fuck up outta there. the waitress wanna act up? theres ya tip bitch…but u dont put a bottle to the bitch head. da brat basically didnt think she just acted and now i bet you she regrets hittin her cus who is losing now? da brat!! in prison! 3 years of ur freedom GONE!! another case of “when keepin it real goes bad” lmaoo fuck her and all u ignorant niggas that think like her!

  • 239allday

    These crooked crackers always tryin to fuck these rappers. 3 years for a fuckin fight? They did the same shit with Suge when he only stomped that nigga a couple of times. They be chargin the male rappers(Mac, C-murder etc..) with murder and no evidence.


  • thestreetdiva

    well her siste was almost there too…guess the prison movie they did together done caught up with them lol

  • droopey

    Y’all know what this iz.

    Da Brat goin’ to jail.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Lots a pussy for her in there. Yummy ! (BTW I like to eat pussy, all real men do, only emo/hommo/gay/weirdo men don’t…

    Buts in the words of the infamous poet “Plies” the pussy better smell like water. LOL

    • 619

      Yummy? DJ Quik tried to tell you back in ’95 “And you dare put your lips between hips. Wait a minute, you don’t know where that pussies been. You fool, we told you don’t eat the coochie.”
      Matter of fact the whole last verse was real shit:
      “And it don’t get no brighter,
      when you’re walkin’ ’round with a tongue like a lighter,
      Bic, flick, sparking often,
      sitting in the middle of the clinic coughin’,
      and for the die hard bareback villian,
      they got some shit that kills penecilin,
      dwellin’ all in your system, killin’ you slow,
      a real jacked up way to go,
      so next time you get a fefe in your bed,
      make sure you got you a helmet for the head,
      have her wash up if the ho is a hoochie,
      and keep your mouth away from that coochie”.
      HAHAHAHA! You stupid mafuckers never learn.

  • Mutada al sader the king


    You a fool for that one LOL

  • Mutada al sader the king


    You wrong for that one . LOL

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Fuck her…….I got my own problems.

    • Tony Grand$

      ^^^^thats what the fuck I’m sayin!!!!

  • http://chlorococaina.blogspot.com Miami_Vice305

    Damn. she pulled a Keith Murray. at least she didn’t use this to release a mixtape, etc.

  • RL

    Te Noh, you took my joke. LOL!!!!!!!!

  • ty

    they are always trying togive rappers three years for this that and the other,but when they have crazy chicks like brittney spears driving with her baby on her lap or messing up feds car,and also locking her children in her house and refuse togive them back like she was suppose to. This is what they say to them go to rehab. Come on this is starting to get crazy. Give the hip hop folks some breaks,they are the ones who had so struggle to get were they are at,and they always wentthrough some hard times. nothing was handed to rappers for free. Alot of them had a hard time breaking in the game. They werent born with a silver spoon in there mouths. Everybody is not treated as equals. Brat keep your head up or down whatever you prefer,we all are rooting for you.real talk

    • niggafrommemphis

      You can’t be black when you just described every black person in the country.

  • http://www.yahoo.com andy

    why should ya guyz fuck ma mc up.keep the fire burning behind bars.

  • diggsy

    They should have arrested her for wearin a damn clown suit to the club.

  • avenger XL

    Let’s clarify something for all the “Brat” fans out there or at least the crowd who get all up in arms when folks get taken to jail for doing dumb shit. I will do this list style to make it easy to consume.

    1. This is not a police set up and a sceam by the man to get rappers. This is when a nigga moment takes you out of your life and places you in jail. Or when keeping it real goes wrong.

    2. The Brat is obiviously a Z-List celebrity now because she can’t afford addequate council or to pay the witness off or at at least a weed carrier to take the heat(I see you Puffy on shine). How do you think R Kelly pisses on a minor and tapes the shit and goes free after a much delayed trial and the Brat does time on the first pinch.

    3. To all my goon, gangsters and thugs or wanna be’s over the age of 20 you will be tried as an adult for acts like this. So you have to use the largest muscle in your body (your brain fool) and avoide dumbasses or take the precations necessary to keep from having to box with these idiot’s. Let me see is your pride worth 3 years of your life or maybe all of it depending on the circumstances. If yu answer yes you are all ready dead just waiting to fall down.

    And where the hell is JD is he off heading the lollipop gill with his 1988 trophy girl Janet jackson. totally forgeting about the folks who helped him get this job. Bow wow tacke notes and invest wisely when it’t over it’s over.

  • millionair

    Can’t you dumb ass niggaz see what the fuck is happening to us as a people. The girl got 3 yrs. for fucken assault. Be for real. Anything black and they will set an example all jokes aside. Mike vick, Marion jones, and others who I can think of. Yeah, the girl may like pussy but she is still black. I hate you crackers and you dick eating police. Wake the fuck up my people and realize we have to stop putting ourselves in situations that may cost us our freedom or whatever. Take it from me a brother who spent 13yrs in prison cause I wanted to be a killer. Now how stupid was that? Stand for something or fall for anything. Peace and Love!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/titolopez1 tito lopez

    i dont even do this comment blog shit but i only read the first few comments and yall niggas oughta be ashamed of yaself. all that hee hee laughing and jokes about this woman going to jail. aint shit funny about that. regardless on whether she deserves it, bought it on herself, is a lesbian, got skills is all irrelevant. either write something postive for her people to read on here and show here, or stay the fuck off this shit. to da brat: keep ya head up and overcome.

  • avenger xl

    For the last time this is not a part of a secret cabal to throw black folks with money in jail. This is nigga moments causing folks they shit. Don’t blame others when you fuck up the system is fucked up and locks up many folks unjustly but the brat is not a political prisoner. The brat can be a good person who made a dumb mistake or even (and I hope not) addicted to some drug besides snatch(pussy is one hell of a drug). But stop acting like we need to fight the power when folks just fuck themselves up. You can pray for them if you into that but but nothing else is required.

    • $ykotic

      It’s like this…

      Why put yourself in a “nigga moment” when you know they are looking for a reason to lock you up! Stay the fizzuk home!

      Especially when you watch your 60″ and see that they are locking up pretty much ANY female artist(Kim,Foxy,Remy)!!!!

      Hold ya head girl.

  • Richard

    Ohio’s finest check out My mixtape WHO’S BETTER? on my page.

  • REAL TALK 08

    One of the best female MC’s ever..damn Brat..keep ya head up Ma!…i wonder what her sister Lisa-Raye thinks…

  • giantstepp

    Real talk…we gotta think about the consequences of our actions. I wasnt there so I dont know what really happened, but club fights over 30 is not a good look. Hold ya head tho Brat.


    i kinda agree wit all da ppl sayin avoid a nigga moment…yes u gotta learn 2 way ur options and b accountable 4 ur actions cuz sum of da shit niggaz get in2 drama over b so fuckin petty dat they more than likely will regret wut they done later…i admit, da last time i got locked up i was 28 years old and yes it was 4 fightin in front of a club but homie was askin 4 a problem and i gave him 1…I’m 30 now and i woulda done da same shit dat i did back then 2day!!!…all i can tell u is, dnt look 2 cause a problem in da club…just go and enjoy urself and hav a nice respectable time and try 2 b as respectful 2 da next man as u would want him 2 b towards u…but if niggaz actin like they gon do sum harmful shit 2 u…U BETTER TRY 2 KNOCK HIS FUCKIN HEAD OFF!!!…PERIOD!!!…….by da way does any1 besides me find it odd dat they would giv her more time in prison 4 HITTIN SUM1 WIT A BOTTLE then T.I. 4 BEING A CONVICTED FELON WIT ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF ILLEGAL FIREARMS???…WTF!!!


    i 4got 2 say HOLD YA HEAD UP BRAT!!!

  • Avenger XL

    The reason she got so much time Cartel is the fact she is now a Z-list celebrity running low on money and out here wilding out like she still has juice. The last time I checked T.I.,R kelly and Weezy fucks baby are rich and that means able to buy there way out any crime that does not envolve white women or the real T.I.’s money. As far as being 30 in the club with a bunch of young punks, that is not a good look when you hit 30. Kids fight over bullshit but the only reason I fight is if you fuck with my family or try to harm my person. Anything else is unnecessary.

  • Tony Grand$

    Kenny Rogers said it best, “you’ve got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run,…”
    -The Gambler

  • romil

    Dang 3 years, At least they aint do her like shine.

  • Atlatino

    Well you see how much time they gave Kid Rock for fighting right here in Atlanta.

    Community fucken service

    Fuck the police!!


    Regardless,baby I still love you and always will. We all make mistakes. No one is invincble,things happen in life but we deal with it, learn from it and live on.


  • Siege

    Damn now brat when will these chicks learn going to jail for assaulting other bitches ain’t cool she should of just paid her off

  • jig

    This is news??!!??!!
    Sorry to see anyone go to jail,
    But nobody’s cared about Da Brat since
    And I doubt anyone cares now.


    i can definately say i agree wit u AVENGER XL as far as da money thing goes cuz she definately aint got da celeb cred dat she once had…i’m sure she had enuff doe 2 b comfortable in life but not enuff 2 hav a lawyer eat dat charge up…as far as being 30 and fightin in da club we share the same views…i aint fightin cuz u bumped in2 me or cuz u stepped on my shoe or bcuz u starin @ me…dat shit is played out wen u 30 plus u kno ur ass is gon end up in jail 4 da nite…but wen i knocked homie out and went 2 jail it was cuz da nigga stepped 2 me like he was bout 2 do sumthin..so i handled him b4 he handled me…i learned my lesson dat nite cuz he went home and i went 2 jail…but i couldnt chance it…it was either gon b jail or da hospital…we dnt kno wut happened dat nite wit da brat but if she hit da chick wit a bottle it had 2 b a damn good reason…


    by da way i wasn’t 30 wen i got locked up…i was 27 celebratin by 28th bday!!!…lol

  • balaramesh

    too bad for brat. granted, she is too old for this crap.

    all that money jd has he should have gotten her out of that. especially, considering that she was his main bread winner for several years.

  • TheRefriedMexican


  • Maurice L Dees

    See those ATL cat, no love for u brat come back to your roots, come back to Chicago u no 60644.

  • yung storm

    i remember when i was younger and brat first came out. i use to bump her album everyday. now shes a complete joke. she hasnt had a hit since that joint back in 2000 with tyrese. and hasnt had a decent album since her first back in 93′. she needs to focus on her career. cut jd off and use other producers. and grow the fuck up. what grown ass woman still wears berets in her hair?


    That’s crazy man…….3 fuckin years for a damn scuffle…come on now…just make her pay some damn money or something…