AZ Judge Issues Bench Warrant For DMX

Here we go again.

DMX’s legal woes continue as a bench warrant was issued for the rapper after he failed to show up for a pre-trial hearing in Arizona.

According to the Associated Press, the bond for the rapper has now been raised to $25,000.

X is facing a number of charges in the state. Among them, are drug possession, animal cruelty, and a strange case in which the former Ruff Ryder gave a false name to avoid paying a hospital bill.

In May of this year, he was first arrested for speeding in Arizona. Then later, he was picked up on animal cruelty charges.

He was then busted in Florida twice, once on driving charges, and a second time for attempting to purchase cocaine from an undercover policeman.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • xlwhite

    is the judge sure he wasnt in another court appearence at the time?!lol.heres hoping he can come back like he was early in the game

    • niggafrommemphis

      They need to put that dog to sleep.It’s almost a crime against humanity to hear anything about that nigga.

  • xlwhite

    just noticed the tags,funny.

  • WarsawTheGod


  • wscreepa

    Im slipping , falling, cant get up……


    Plz lets not 4 get he was once the dopest artist 4 def jam records and made that record label alone worth more then 100 million in record sells alone so lets not 4 get he is a gifted artist and none of u will ever do and accomplish HALF of his accomplishment.

  • cpain94

    really who gives a fuck anymore?

  • peedi penz

    Yo X, come on man wise up. Honestly, I wanna hear more X, but not if the booth smell liek crack smoke. And I’m scared if I put his cd in I might catch a contact high…

  • Capostatus

    This nigga tripin fa real. bitch ass, old ass nigga. What a shame to N.Y He still better than any southern artist i ever heard off though. Them country ass niggers rhyme shit and they slow.

    • dj nice wit it

      just another east coast nigga hatin on the south.

      • yo

        if the south stopped putting out garbage there would be nothing to hate on but thats not the case…southern niggas are hot garbage

  • Tony Grand$

    Okay, all bullshit aside. I, Tony Grand$, being of sound mind and body, officially resign from being a loyal fan of Earl Simmons. I’m signing my walking papers @ this very moment. Teary-eyed, but determined none the less. I cannot do it any longer. I’ve done far too much defending, explaining, and believing in the toppled icon. The ryde was indeed a ruff one, vroom vroom and arf arf, but with my remaining burst of energy I must shout @ the top of my lungs the two words my father told me I could never utter.
    **looks up at the heavens** “I QUIT!!” Nope, just can’t do it anymore. We saw him slip, watched his fall, and now the sad reality is that DMX can’t get up. Never again will I stop, and drop. I refuse to shut ‘em down and open up shop. I am done. Finished. Finito. I give up, Dark man (tap tap tap tap tap…..where the fuck is the referee?). And don’t worry about the mediocre comeback album you are most certainly planning, I aint planning on buying it anyway. Your feeble attempts @ attaining yesteryears legendary status have become nothing more than urban legend whispered in abandoned subway tunnels. In the words of that remarkable linguist, Popeye the Sailor Man (not to be confused with Snoopaman, Spiderman, JiggaMan, or ScatMan Crothers), “I’ve had all I could stands, and I can’t stands no more!” Gottdamnit, where’s my spinach? I’m outta this bitch, who’s rollin with a nigga?

    **”what did DMX say to the C.O. while serving a 3-5 year sentence off of a plea bargain?”**What?**”Maybe theyll recognize MLK Day by the time I’m leavin ‘Arizona”.

  • CO

    check out sum hot musix…

  • Justice4All

    Would they just revoke this fool, and remove his breathing rights already… Dang, this dude insist on being sideshow Earl.

  • Justice4All

    Would they just revoke this fool, and remove his breathing rights already… Dang, this dude insist on being sideshow Earl…

  • Big Willie

    Yo…2 words 4 ya…Tent City. X fuckin up right into the hands of the wrong man…Sheriff Arpaio..And god bless X if he get tightend up like that.He gon b Hot as a muthufucka…gon get fed 2 cent meals..and really wishin he could get at a rock pipe.. Yo..D-Town Playas Get Loot…Niggas Already Know