Andre 3000 Talks To GQ About A Few Of His Favorite Things

Andre 3000 is definitely a fashion-forward dude. From his George Clinton-inspired garb, to his more tame (by his standards, at least) Seersucker attire, 3000 knows how to make a statement. Here, the OutKast start talks to GQ about his new line and a few of his favorite things to travel with.—Anthony Thomas

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  • Ian Collins

    300 Is the best mc alive

    • Manny78d

      This nigga said 300

      • D.

        *death by decapitation, in slow motion*

  • Ital

    Only few cats can dress like him! Big up! “make yo Momma proud take that shirt 2 sizes down”

  • DJ Knox

    Yeah, 300 was a good movie, but 3000 is a better mc…LOL Anyway, wanna the most influential PEOPLE of our time. (Notice I aint say MC)

    • yo

      “wanna the most…” nigga speak english you mean “one of the most” I will slap the fuck out of you with a dictionary bitch!

  • Meech

    Nas and Rakim are still alive asshole

  • dramaking

    3000 is the best mc alive no one can compete to his lyricism. His uncanny ability to have verses that be completely raw to the ear.

  • Marco317

    Man yall motherfuckers need to stop dickriding this fucking weirdo, country ass wanna be, dresses juz like them slaves back then would, niggas b impressed by fukin 8 bars these clown dropped on dat “walk it out” remix, seriously? let da young rappers do them, da veterans deserve respect, but dont compare one generation 2 another, its 2008, when nas said hip hop is dead , he meant his style and career is dead, nas aint hip hop, hip hop is a way of living…

    • Ital

      Marco317 – You talking bout slavery and you dropping the N-bomb!? You’s a young boy probly and don’t know your history. You’s a ringtone rapper with ringtone lyrics..Fuk outta here with that Bullshit! It aint about young or old but it’s about repping the Hip Hop! Marco317 aka Dick sniffer!!!

  • TheCo!!inB

    Marco you sound like you swallowed doo doo in the womb sack….youre probably 17 huh?

  • Marco317

    No my fellow co-blogger, Im 24. The thing is I listen to gutta shit like Slim thug, Trae, UGK, Gucci mane, not this clown’s music. Who cares if he impresses u fools, anyone can go get a dictionary and write words that u dont understand, and ya’ll be like, oh he a lyricist. Man, Fat Joe said one real shit: MAKE HITS. Period. U a rapper make hits, or go be a construction worker or bus driver or anything else…

  • dramaking

    Um! I’ve got something to say to bout what you said mr.marco. For one, Nas said Hip-Hop is dead because it is dead. We don’t have many MC’s that actually rap about things. 3000 however has things to offer than other Rappers. He shows intellect and good use of words with his rap schemes. Now lettin the youngsta’s do their thing…hahaha I laugh at you…I’m younger than you and I know good music. Gucci Man makes hits but hahaha not enough good lyricsm. DJ UNK makes good beats. T-Pain be one everybody’s track and his missing notes are covered up by the vocoder lol, he can sing w/o it, but its more funny. Lil Wayne I give him credit for making his way thru mixtapes to get a new found fame and respect for each verse he puts out whether its a good one or bad one artists still cash out a quap for it,which makes them expect it’ll be a guaranteed hit which is pitiful if I do say so myself. I’m an OutKast fan all the way. And I am unsure if they paid 75,000 for a verse. And UGK. U said it like they brand new when they are legends themselves. Hip-Hop was like creative verse and ways to solve problems in the hood. “Stuntin” is braggin bout what you got and then some. I know that in the hood we struggle thru poverty and everything, but there is other ways to get around. Its called git up git out and do something with your life. Sellin weed gets you nowhere but a hot cell if you get caught. Its likely to happen. Smoking weed lowers your sperm count. Poppin pills is so overrated. I’m tired of hearing dance routines on a cd(soulja boy). And tired of hearing about being in a club and making it rain or speaking of money. Most of these ppl be broke or studio gangsters. Put the money to a good cause. Make a label, design clothes, have a fund. Forreal. No offense to you Mr. Marco, but that’s your opinion now read mine.

  • JakeB

    Nigga, Marco better stay up in the crib so I can’t say Polo and run up on the nigga.

  • Ital

    Marco317 – This is where Hip Hop went wrong. The younger generation thinks it’s about “Making Hits” when in actuality Hip Hop is about doing shit from the heart. Anyone who pays attention to Hip Hop knows it’s about diversity and respecting each other’s view points. It’s cool to listen to that gutter shit…I get it. But to trash a lyricist like Andre 3000 without ever listening to his lyrics is quite stupid, Fucker! I think you just hate the man because of his style. Just admit it dawg! Because if his public persona was “gutter” than we wouldn’t be having this back and forth non-sense. It seems you would respect and listen to a rapper with the “gutter” image than listen to lyrics that can make you critically think. That’s enough ya’ll. I’m done. Peace and Blessing

  • Karolina King

    dang marco yo ass bout as dumb as these dumb ass no vocabulary having rappers out here, im starting to feel like its n#66az like you who swear they can rap cause they from the hood wit a bullshit hook, get a deal and finish f#ckg up little kids heads with those pop corn azz rap lines!!