50 Cent doesn't deal with small change. Especially last year, when the G-Unit boss took home over 150 million dollars. The haul landed him the number one spot on Forbes "Top 20 Hip-Hopreneurs" list. Fif ranked number two last year, behind Jay-Z with Diddy coming it at number three. The ranking of the three inspired the "I Get Money" remix. This year, however, Hov ranks behind 50 with Diddy maintaining at three and Kanye West joining them in fourth place. [SOHH]

For the mother of Yung Joc's child, it ain't going down. Allegedly the rapper won't pay her child support to the tune of $2,000 a month. Says Fatimah Jester: "[Joc has] all kinds of cars," including Bentleys and Mercedes Benzes. But hasn't lent any money to support his young son. The pair are due in court September 11. [TMZ]

Young Jeezy and Nas haven't always seen eye to eye. There was the N's Hip-Hop Is Dead campaign, which rappers below the Mason-Dixon line took offense to, since they were runnin' this rap shit. And Jeezy responded in king with words for Nas and questioned his street cred. Now, however, that's in the past. The Def Jam stars recorded a track together for Jeezy's upcoming album, The Recession. "[Nas] murdered it. Esco went in! Esco is a cool n---a, though. I can't even front. He's a thorough n---a. He went in on the record. I don't know what you're gonna think of it. ... I can't even begin to tell you what he said. I'm just telling you, Esco went in." [MTV News]