Young Buck To Tony Yayo, “Let’s Fight.”

Young Buck took the the air on XM satellite radio and challenged Tony Yayo to a boxing match.

“As far as Yayo talking about he wanna fight, I’ll do it,” Buck said, according to UDub News. “I’ll do it off of real nigga shit I swear on my child’s life. If they line this shit up, where me and that nigga can go in a ring, we can put that shit on VH1. We can make that shit real life. I’ll have Floyd Mayweather training me. I’ll knock that nigga’s fat, flabby, old non-rappin’ ass out.”

The two former friends turned foes first butted heads during another Buck radio appearance. During the aftermath of Yayo allegedly assaulting the son of The Game’s manager, Buck rebuked the actions. The comments led to the beginning of the end for Buck and his inclusion in G-Unit.

Buck and 50 Cent have been trading words lately, in song and in audio leaked to the Web.

Since departing from G-Unit, Young Buck has signed on with new management in Blue Williams and has collaborated with 50 Cent enemy The Game.—Anthony Thomas.

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  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Buck skinny and Yayo old so it’s a pretty fair fight. I’ll give the edge to Buck b/c he on that stuff and they don’t feel pain.

    • lil_Tijuana

      100 pesos on Buck.


        Bucks 27 years old and Yayo’s 30.

        Yayo did a couple years in Riker’s Island Prison for gun charges….That will toughen you up like a mother fucker.

        Buck Raps hard…But, it seems like niggas be fucking with Buck. He got jacked for his rims on his Bentley.

        I like Buck…But, I got my scratch on YAYO.

        • A

          Yayo’s a CS. That’s how he made it through his time. He was somebody’s beyatch a far cry from being a tough guy. Just straight sweet! Now he’s 50′s beyatch. That’s why he got beef w/Buck. B/c in order to be in G-unit u gotta be 50′s beyatch. Buck wasn’t havin it.

  • http://xxl javi83

    buck going beat the shot out of yayo!!!!1

  • Yo Mama

    A cry baby rapper and a OLD ASS child abbuser in a fight!! PRICELESS

  • Neven

    both of them while have to clean up and quit that stuff for the fight. If they do it that shit will be professional. O wait they mix that shit in there water.

    ps. just another way to make money and I bet tony and buck won’t see a dime

  • gamma

    Buck gonna fuck this nigga up he from cashville you know he got hands gayo dont even look like he got hands all he gonna do is start shooting after it’s over!

  • stobo646

    They should just have ∀ straight up street fight and throw that ŠHÎ₮ on youtube I DN〒 wanna see no boxin match or better yet they should throw that ŠHÎ₮ on youtube

  • Maddolies

    Yayo’s Fat Ass Would Be Tired After The First 10 Seconds.
    My Money On Buck

  • i-am-hip-hop

    I dont fuck with yayo so by default i’d root for buck…… but dont be surprised if yayo really know some shit shit and fuck around and knock this nigga out….. lets not forget that southside jamaica queens aint no fuckin cake walk…… if u thnk so come try ya hand

  • mizeryluvkompany

    how bout a royal rumble, u can throw them all n there, fat joe, game, 50, banks, jada, s loc, cam…….id pay 2 c that…lol….

  • giantstepp

    Get’em Buck. I got my money on Young Buck all day!!

  • Tony Grand$

    When do a nigga finally decide to himself “I’m too old for this bullshit”. I don’t know how old yay is or buck for that matter, but that shit is for the birds. I’m a grown man and I gives a fuck what the business is, but I wish I would have the immature audacity to mutter “I put that on my kids!” That’s worse than “I swear to God!” If u just gotta see a dude over somethin, damn go holla @ that cat. I’m hiphop circa ’76, grew up on Kurtis Blow, Kool Moe Dee, Sugar Hill G’s, feel me? Down with the movement b4 it became a gottdamn sports-entertainment spectacle. Shit is fuckn wrestlin now. Raise ya hand if u agree: can’t neither 1 of them dudes rap antway. Seriously. I wouldn’t spend 5 bills on they so called music. Hell, I’m still waitn 4 yayo to catch the beat when he rhymes, and buck…anyway its just time for a man to be just that. If I feel the primitive urge to watch two animals pummel one another, ill turn to animal planet. Or at least wait for a good boxin match on tv. Not 2 washed-up never-was ass niggas slap boxing for 12 rounds! Get a clue fellas. Ding, ding….

  • dubbzz

    Yo…buck would man handle yayo..yayo knows that shit

  • los-Souljahman

    i got Buck on this one. can’t f*ck wit the south

  • viski

    i have my money on yayo.. he was in rikers island for quite a bit and you know you gotta protect yourself up there. bucks been jacked here and there. and yayo will be trained by mayweather, i think buck forgot who floyd’s best friend was in 50 cent therefore i think yay will be trained properly

    • SouthCakC23

      based on mayweather’s recent fights, yayo will get his ass kicked if floyd trains him. Mayweather just runs from his opponent and then tries to sneak some bitch shots in to get some points from the judges. His fights seemed rigged any damn way. Then when he fights hatton, he crys like a bitch because hatton is “being too ruff”. GTFO here. Yayo’s fat ass will get skull drug by buck.

      Buck got hands…he from the south. Yayo is gay, cause his fat ass wasn’t fightin in Rikers, he was keep dick in his mouth.

  • do it 4 real

    boxing match?

    wtf would that prove?!?

    if you really want to see who can whip who’s ass then do it in a cage under ufc rules…

  • j-

    Odviously buck wants to fight ppv… he’s a broke ass and needs to pay 50 back somehow lol. either way this would probably be the weakest fight ever..why anyone would actually pay to see 2 rappers fight? put that shit on youtube lol

    • SouthCakC23

      I’d rather see them settle their beef like 2 grown men then to try to shoot eachother up like 2 bitches…….and we know what happens when you try to go after your foe like a bitch……you get considered top 2 greatest of all time for no fucking reason after both of you get killed in the process.

      Civilized men settle their arguments with whit

      Grown ass men settle their battles with their hands

      Pussies settle their disputes with guns

  • MI

    Hip-hop is dead.

  • Nate

    Whoever wins I don’t care, but the idea is the best. Why can’t someone get this to ever really happen? Prob because one of the parties fears he will lose and will back out.

    Look for the person scared to say they are “too busy” or that the “money wasn’t good enough” to do it.

    No 10 count. Give it a one minute count. If you can’t get up after 60 seconds than that’s pretty much it- let em beat each other to hell like in a real fight.

  • B Knife

    Everything I own on Buck winnin didnt he stab dat mofo 4 dre fuck has yayo ever done lets c dat pussy go down

  • Super Silver Haze

    Yayo= Prag(prison fag to you queers)

  • Macdatruest

    Put my entire Buck on the Buck not the Half Dollar Henchmen. I wouldnt bet coke on Yayo, Tony’s a phony. Buck is the type of nigga that’ll come see you. Buck prolly the first rapper in history to say “yeah let’s man up and square up” that’s the best way to do it. I wanna see Yayo get punched in the heart and die. Sike I don’t wich death on nobody, but I do wish somebody get knocked the fuck out!!!!!

  • Feedback

    I’m with buck.

  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    Whateva!!!!! lol!!!! He said the thing about Game!!! Calling him all kinds of Pussy’s and taking it to the streets. I’m tired of these rappers making threats!!!!! Do something or stop talking shit!!!!! This shit is WWE for real.

  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    Whateva!!!!! lol!!!! He said the same thing about Game!!! Calling him all kinds of Pussy’s and talking about taking it to the streets. I’m tired of these rappers making threats!!!!! Do something or stop talking shit!!!!! This shit is WWE for real.

  • WOWZ

    yo the rap game is so fuckin lame now all these niggas talkin shit but NOTHING EVER HAPPENS…… notice young buck dont want it wit 50 tho cause he kno 50 would whoop that ass!!

  • Tony Grand$

    To macdatruest..naw he aint the first to call a cat to the ring. Think back a while. Ya boy psycho ass Tupac calld out Dre, but he knew Dre wasn’t gonna get down. And didn’t fifty call somebody out once. These nigs is loco de la cabasa anyway.

  • Jack

    i don’t no who would win in the ring i just hope the fight happens and those ratings would be threw the roof fuck vh1 that shit could be on paper view I would pay to see it but buck wouldn’t have mayweather training him since mayweather is way tighter with fifty but the obvious breakdown of the fight is yayo done some time and buck sniffin but also yayo’s been livin in luxery with 50 and buck been more in the street still but I’m not makin any bets until fight night.

  • Vicious Seiger

    Buck, move it along this Beef is wasting too much time. XXL please stop posting this absurd ass blips about this stale ass situation. Because most of us lost interest in this sh!t a month ago. Move It Along.

  • 123

    Finally someone with sense. I’d love to see them just box it out. Maybe it’d squash the beef properly rather then having those two fucking bitching at each other in songs/shooting it out like morons.

    My only fear would be that if Yayo won then that would boost G-Unit’s egos WAAAAY too much.

  • dizzle

    Buck is more desperate than Jose Canseco. The Game and Buck should get a endorsement deal from Kleenex, crying ass bitches.

  • KANI

    This is living proof that Hip-Hop really is dead. These 2 rappers acting like this is kindergarten. Both of them are LEGITIMATE MORONS.

  • Rodjilius

    heh we all kno this wont happen but if it does dat will be some funny ass shit put it on youtube or somethin lol

  • Queens Boy



      I knew that nigga looked older than 30!

  • lol


  • NM23

    Yo, Tony Grand the only dude on this postin some sense….couldnt have said it better myself bro…

  • Tony Grand$

    Thx 4 the cosign NM23. Chuuch homie!! I’m tired of seein BLACK MEN coonin it up and makin a decent nigga such as myself (word to big bird) look like I’m unable to deal with a situation other than violence. Pardon my french, but FUCK THAT SHIT. Worse case scenario, aint nobody got hurt yet, sticks n stones aint been thrown and words can’t ever hurt u. Hash that shit out over a ounce of that Humbolt Country blaze n a bottle of louis XIIII, and keep it pushin. Pride’ll have a nigga ridin a wheelchair. Money’ll have a nigga trickin like a bmx bike. Combine the two (with a sprinkle of idiocy) and somebody feelings gon be hurt sumn terrible. My gr8t gr8t grandpops aint pick cotton just so niggas could jump round like monkeys yellin bout some money. When its all said n done we aint no better than our forefathers in Afrikkka who traded us out to become slaves for guns to kill each other (ourselves). Put down ya nuts boys and pick up a book. Chuuuuuch! *323 holla*!!!!!

    • Penelope Rodriguez


  • hiphopking

    yo, this is funny as hell,they should just but this on the wwf/e that would draw a lot of people and plus they can put it on a pay-per view like wrestle mania. but i got 100 bucks on buck, and another 25 that says yayo is gonna act like a bitch and runaway from buck

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  • Eighce

    I’ve heard a shitload of rappers talking shit about wanting to fight another rapper on payperview. How many have I seen? None. Fuck this fucken dumb ass speculation bullshit. Never gonna happen. Got a better chance of racist ass Amerikkka electing Obama.

  • Mika

    The Game Vs. Spider Loc

    Young Buck Vs. Tony Yayo

    Lets make this motherfucker happen people !~!!!

    itd be nice to see who talk and who walk.

    lets mke it happen hip hop!!

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