Young Buck took the the air on XM satellite radio and challenged Tony Yayo to a boxing match.

"As far as Yayo talking about he wanna fight, I'll do it," Buck said, according to UDub News. "I'll do it off of real nigga shit I swear on my child's life. If they line this shit up, where me and that nigga can go in a ring, we can put that shit on VH1. We can make that shit real life. I'll have Floyd Mayweather training me. I'll knock that nigga's fat, flabby, old non-rappin' ass out."

The two former friends turned foes first butted heads during another Buck radio appearance. During the aftermath of Yayo allegedly assaulting the son of The Game's manager, Buck rebuked the actions. The comments led to the beginning of the end for Buck and his inclusion in G-Unit.

Buck and 50 Cent have been trading words lately, in song and in audio leaked to the Web.

Since departing from G-Unit, Young Buck has signed on with new management in Blue Williams and has collaborated with 50 Cent enemy The Game.---Anthony Thomas.