Trick Daddy: “Rick Ross Will Be On My Album”

Rick Ross warned Trick Daddy: “Dawg don’t want no problem.”

But Trick didn’t take the bait, and instead the Miami rap veteran is defending Ross’ actions. Not, however, the fact that the Def Jam star mislead folks.

“I know where it comes from, you heard something about Ross years ago” Trick said about the Ross correction officer rumors. But remember, and I told Ross this, years ago, they would have did worse that what they did now. They would have played what he said without letting me hear the first part and guess what I would have did? I would have responded just like Ross. So he’s not wrong, we talked abut this. But what we learned about this, now he’s famous and successful. Had he been [accused] when he first came up, this would have been done and over with 2 and a half years go. Now he’s famous, and now he’s somebody, it’s gonna continue to be in the news.”

TDD said he and Ross have history together, from early tour dates to collaborating on Trick’s earlier albums. He called whoever put the video out and the pictures of Ross out is a “slime ball, because that’s some close to home shit, in my opinion.”

In the meantime, Trick has no problem with Ross. He said he even wants the Boss to be on his next album.

“Rick Ross is gonna be on the album,” Trick said of his next solo project. “As of today, we haven’t recorded the song yet, but he is gonna be on the album. Notice I said, is, because that’s what I represent. Real street shit.”—Anthony Thomas, with additional reporting by Jayson Rodriguez

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    Luda, Cassidy, Cam’ron, Game, G.Malone, Jeezy, and Flip. Please drop albums quickly, I need some to listen to. Nas would’ve been way better if he had better production.

    don’t understand trick daddy at all.

    • KO


  • 239allday

    That’s how fuckin real Trick is. He still wants a nigga to eat even though Ross’s career is fuckin over. I can’t really say its over for Pig Boss though because there are still lames who will cop his album if he puts out a hot single.

    Trick still owns.

  • real talk

    i will never buy a rick ross album, i dont care whos on it. unless it has nas, eminem, or cam’ron, then i will atleast download it lol.

    • Penelope Rodriguez


      Why the hell would the first two guys work with Officer Ross???

  • IceCream

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! homies over hoes lol
    But big up 2 trick 4 not dwellin on da past n gettin back 2 da music

  • PePe LePEW

    Spam protection: Sum of 4 + 9 ?

    LOL…TRICK working on that “GET OUT OF JAIL” card…

  • iLL

    Thats why the South reigns supreme. We address things like real men. That was stand sh** on behalf of Trick. One time for FL.

  • jbird

    trick, you fvkin b*tch!!! you should just let ross sit in his own shit. he shit on himself, let him wipe it off. pig ross is done!!!! fvck that co. he even lied when the cat was out the bag. check out “janky” on youtube. he exposes ross 6 months before this came out here in the midwest. all peeps in fla know bout them poe boys. plies an ex wanna be go-to-school for a lawyer, ross a co, the list goes on. ain’t none these fucks what they say they are. good riddens rap. thank you for bringing it to my attentionNas. But, Rap is dead!!!

  • Ron Mexico

    yeah, but not-so-stand-up on ross’s part. trick is just taking the high road here. no need to kick ross any further, i guess.

    in the denial video ross called trick out of his name based on an unconfirmed allegation. a real nigga would have waited until he got a hold of trick somehow or at least saw for himself.

    then he went and lied.

    that’s weak sauce all around for big boss man.

  • Peru (Chicago)

    The South reigns supreme cuz trick daddy is gonna forgive and work with a phony??? Cuz ya’ll address things like real men…you mean like Tricky Boss Hog shittin on the workin man??? TI going to get guns instead of handling it like a man??? Like Plies shucking and jiving cuz his nursing certificate from college didnt get him no money??? Like all these ringtone/one hit rappers falling off(Rocko, Playaz Circle, Flo Rida, Ace Hood, Shawty Lo, D4L, etc.)??? NEGRO PLEASE…I still love the south tho…ya’ll my niggas…well some of ya’ll.

  • TxTitan

    Real nigga move on Tricks part……

    • jbird

      Real chicks talk bout movin bricks. But let’s leave it to the real dicks with extended clips. Cuz I tell you who’s coming out the real bitch, goes by the name Trick. That was NO real nigga move on Trick. Why surround yourself with all types of bullshit if you say you real. Cmon this rap is beginning to be a waste of my time now.

  • Trickdd

    Jbird you must not be getting the whole point Trick Daddy was brought up in this shit for no reason thats why hes speaking on it. Like I sayd I new about this shit before Ross last Cd way before it and it didnt make me look at him any different hes a real nigga point blank he gets his money and he aint gotta say anything about his personal life when he was young the mans 30 somthing now alot of shit can happin in 15 20 years his money prolly wasnt coming as quick as he needed it to when he was a C.O. so he might have went back to the block theres what 20 years before he was a C.O. then another 20 after he was thats alot of time they dont got documents on. just cause there documents of him being a C O means theres gunna be documents of him sellin dope

  • Mr. Fly as a Pelican

    I would’ve just let his career fizzle out. Let’s see how many of the “We the Best” crew still keeps him around…

  • d-wi



  • John Brown

    Thats why T Double D is my favorite RAPPER. He keeps it real all the way. Album to Album T Double D can match Wayne, Ludacris & T.I. TRICK is a legend in my books.

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    http://WWW.THUG.COM > Back For The First Time
    http://WWW.THUG.COM > Tha Block is Hot

  • ito

    how is this keepin it real? Wasn’t he the one that put Rick on blast in the first place?

    • Black

      No you dumb fuck, were you paying attention at all?

  • ant

    Ummm florida full of fake ass rappers
    Rick ross-c.o thats not the fake part the acten like it never happened is the fake part
    Plie-this nigga was a nurse major? That hellaaaaaa gangsta plies hella gangsta
    Dj khaled- hes arab he dont really like america so he fake for pretenden to like hiphop and america lol jk my arab brothas

    • Danny


      Even if that was true, whats the big deal??

      In case you didn’t know, a Nurse is one of the most demanded jobs in the U.S…

      And last time I checked jobs aren’t doing to good as of late…

  • John Brown

    Homie, check your facts before posting something dumb. Khaled isnt from FLA & he isnt a rapper.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Trick may have just saved dude’s career. C.O. Ross owes Trick big time. Trick could have easily Jaruled that wack @$$ dude.

    • Danny


      I respect the TDD…

      You see children, now thats a man..

  • Caine

    I wonder how much Officer Roberts paid Trick to come on record wit dis dumb shit…All ya’ll keep sayin he a STAND UP dude for takin da high road, but Officer Ross disrespected Trick for no apparent reason. THEN he goes on RECORD callin Trick a sucka and all dis shit…mane if I was Trick I woulda handled minez a lot differently…

  • Black

    Trick handled it like a REAL G, because Ross is his boy and they’re both from Miami, which means if he would have flew off the handle over some he/she said B.S., one of them would either be in jail or worse!

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Trick is in his 30′s now. When you get that age somebody callin you a sucka or talking about ya mama just ain’t that serious.

    Here are the words that I live by “I’ll be whatever you call me as long as you’re over there”

    Meaning as long as you don’t put your hands on me I don’t have a problem with you bumping your gums b/c it ain’t taking no money out my pocket.

  • PePe LePEW

    This gots me thinking,,,what does “CO ROSS” have on trick daddy?!seems like he trying to make nice to avoid it coming out!

  • Da Franchize

    It’s bad enough Rick Ross came out tryna live up 2 da real Rick Ross. Talkin’ bout he doin million dollar dope deals & what not. I accepted it just because of the fact that it’s just music and thats what most of these new rap niggaz talk about anyway. But now I find out dis nigga police, he ain’t real he tryna live up to a image. And then he gone lie about the fact he was police. That make the whole situation worse than it would’ve been if da nigga just kept it real.