Rick Ross warned Trick Daddy: "Dawg don't want no problem."

But Trick didn't take the bait, and instead the Miami rap veteran is defending Ross' actions. Not, however, the fact that the Def Jam star mislead folks.

"I know where it comes from, you heard something about Ross years ago" Trick said about the Ross correction officer rumors. But remember, and I told Ross this, years ago, they would have did worse that what they did now. They would have played what he said without letting me hear the first part and guess what I would have did? I would have responded just like Ross. So he’s not wrong, we talked abut this. But what we learned about this, now he’s famous and successful. Had he been [accused] when he first came up, this would have been done and over with 2 and a half years go. Now he's famous, and now he’s somebody, it's gonna continue to be in the news."

TDD said he and Ross have history together, from early tour dates to collaborating on Trick's earlier albums. He called whoever put the video out and the pictures of Ross out is a "slime ball, because that's some close to home shit, in my opinion."

In the meantime, Trick has no problem with Ross. He said he even wants the Boss to be on his next album.

"Rick Ross is gonna be on the album," Trick said of his next solo project. "As of today, we haven't recorded the song yet, but he is gonna be on the album. Notice I said, is, because that's what I represent. Real street shit."---Anthony Thomas, with additional reporting by Jayson Rodriguez