T.I.'s upcoming album, Paper Trail, has been delayed until September, MTV News is reporting. The Atlanta rapper's LP is now set to be released September 9. His latest single, "Whatever You Like," was recently leaked online an now Tip is supposedly going to collaborate with Fall Out Boy for his project. Said F.O.B.'s Pete Wentz: "[It's like] something from The Nightmare Before Christmas. After hearing about the chance to do a collaboration with someone like T.I. we thought, 'How amazing would it be to send him something with strings and a Danny Elfman-like intro that Patrick [Stump] came up with? Lyrically you can take it as [being about] a friend, a lover, or even a fan." [MTV]

Paul Wall is a hustler, for sure. The Texas rapper, already a partner in a jewelry store and proprietor of his grill company, is now launching a tattoo detox business. The product is believed to help combat heavy metals in tattoo ink and cleanse the blood. The rapper's father is said to be behind the idea. [SOHH]

The rise and fall of Scott Storch. Friends and industry insiders weigh in on the one-time multi-platinum producer's career. And his current state of legal affairs.[AP]