T.I., Lil Wayne, And Flo Rida Vie For MTV Best Male Video Trophy

Rappers T.I., Lil Wayne, and Flo Rida lead the pack of nominees for the MTV Best Male Video award to be handed out September 7 in Los Angeles at the 2008 VMA’s.

R&B starts Usher and Chris Brown are also nominated for the award.

Tip’s somber clip for “No Matter What,” will face Weezy’s Vegas-themed “Lollipop,” and Flo Rida’s “Low.”

Most of the directors in the field, James Lopez (T.I.), Gil Green (Lil Wayne), Erik White (Chris Brown), and Bernard Gourley (Flo Rida), have either been recognized in the past with a nomination or have name recognition. For Usher’s directors, The Brothers Strause, however, this is their first major nomination.—Anthony Thomas

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  • terrence

    first who cares FLO RYDA IS A PUNK< AND HES GARBAGE

    • YO


  • REAL TALK 08

    2nd…yo…i hope Ti gets this award..lil’ wayne will get best Rap video…but,overall,i like the Bet Awards…Mtv kinda sux,esp. after dat Britney performance last year…and I hope Lupe gets sumthin’…”Dumb It Down” and “Superstar” were very good vidz!..


    LET me guess who’s gonna win that one? I’ll give you a hint….

    Filmed in VEGAS.

    Nobody stands a chance against that fool.

  • 239allday

    We all know Wayne is going to take the trophy home (unjustly). I’m a fan of Wayne but I hated that video the second time I saw it. Flo-rida, I’m ashamed to say he is from Florida. TIP definitely deserves that shit. I still aint tired of that song.

  • one time

    My vote is for T.I.P !!!

  • Jack

    ya lil wayne will win but TI should it could be chris brown to but i don’t no what video he’s nominated for.

  • Bang

    Talk about losin before you even win

  • jSeres

    Who cares they all blow.

  • Peru

    Who the fuck cares, nigga its a MTV award! TI should win for what video??? I know ya’ll aint talking bout that weak ass video he just put out with him talkin to himself in a hallway…Lil Wayne will definitely win, ITS MTV NIGGAS!!! All the white folks (MTV’s target audience) love the flavor of his lolipop…If nothing else the Industry is Entertaining.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com jeff

    i’ll would like to put this way that florida sucks and lil weezy is nice but not the best rapper. so deservedly i would say that award belongs to the king of the south T.I.P