Soulja Boy cranked it, yaaaaah'd, and yuuuule'd his way to the top of the charts with his debut album. And now the teen titan is in the lab with Polow Da Don working on his follow-up, iSouljaBoy. SB will be producing the majority of the project, he said, but Polow is on board to produce the first single. He didn't divulge much info regarding the song, but the track won't debut on the radio. [MTV News]

Jacob Arabo, better known as "Jacob the Jeweler," has filed a lawsuit in Manhattan against Wyclef claiming the artist owes money to his company for unpaid bills. The suit alleges between 2002 and 2006, 'Clef purchased numerous items worth over $300,000. Reps for the jailed jeweler said the former Fugees front man has ignored "repeated requests for payment." [AP]

An associate of rapper Mac Minister was found guilty of murdering two Missouri men; Mac Minister was found guilty last week of the crime. Rap promoter Jason Mathis and the rapper are found guilty of killing two men, Anthony Watkins and Jermaine Akins. A jury found the men guilty after prosecutors said Mac Minister set up the two men and he and Mathis fled the scene after. [SOHH]---XXL staff