Scarface’s Made, the southern lyricist’s seventh official solo album, almost never came out. Nearly two years ago, Face told SOHH he was quitting rap. He obviously didn't. One album later, Face is singing a familiar tune, or is he?

“This is it for me,” Face told “That should end it right here. I ain’t making it my last album. I’m moving on to some different shit. It ain’t my last album that I’m gonna be a part of. You never know what’s next for me. I might go into making one of them rock bands.”

“Scarface, Emeritus, man,” he continued. “I’m always gonna be a part of the industry. I may just not be a part of the music industry as Scarface. Maybe, I don’t know. I ain’t saying nothing."

Coincidentally, emeritus means retired with honor. Still, when queried about his next album being his last Scarface solo release, the Houston MC refused to elaborate.

“I’m not gonna say that,” he replied. “I’m gonna say Scarface, Emeritus. As time goes on, you will understand it.”

A date has yet-to-be set for Emeritus. As Face puts the finishing touches on the CD, he’s also promoting, a new site he recently launched to help up-and-coming artists put their music out.

“Every time I’m out on the road, everywhere I go, somebody got a demo for me,” Face explained. “Somebody’s gonna get caught without their music somewhere. It’s not myspace, youtube or iTunes, it’s all creative motherfuckers in one, man. You can post your own shit. You can sell your shit. You can audition musicians. You can audition singers. You wanna buy an MPC, you got pro tools for sale, there’s a classified section for shit like that.” --Carl Chery