Rell Fury And Abyss To Square Off Wednesday (7/16)

Name: Rell Fury

Representing: Brooklyn, New York

Battled: Mike Page, Envy, Raf Almighty

Respect Due: “I knew Abyss was going to make it to the end, ’cause to me she was the only real MC that stuck out.”

Final Words: “Out of all of them, the first battle stuck out a little bit more to me. The punchlines, I was killing him with. I told him it was like Rosie O’Donnell going against Kimbo Slice. My delivery and all that, I was real confident in that match. I’m good money, my talent is there, my wit. I got supporters that log on and come check for me. And I got a lot of people on the site that feel me on the site.”

Name: Abyss

Representing: New Jersey

Battled: Bars, Da Blackness, Cap

Respect Due: “I think it’s going to be a phenomenal matchup, he’s definitely an ill lyricist. I’m just gonna come with it. We’re cool and we’re gonna keep it professional.”

Final Words: “The last match with Cap, he came with his A game, but at the same time a lot of people supported me and stuck it out with me. That’s what I like most, the support. I’m a humble MC, but I just feel like I’m hot. I have so much to offer the game. I’m a breath of fresh air. I have a lot to say and on top of that I’m a female MC and you don’t have a lot of them representing right now.”

To listen to these two go at it, log onto at 3PM EST, Wednesday (7/16).

You be the judge.

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  • fireforreal

    Rap battles today are cool but,how many of these cats who do these battles ever get signed and come out with a album and have the album be very good ? I love that battle shit on mixtapes and online shit but history has shown most battle mc’s do not make good songs which lead to bad albums except for eminem.


    All BATTLE RAPPERS are punchline rappers.

    Do your homework on your contender…and its not a freestyle.

    Whats the name of that old school freestyle rapper who carries around his rap book dictionary? Bigger Dude with Dreds? Dudes tight as fuck…but, never got a deal.

    • Ron Mexico



        Thats It! Props to XXL for bringing you on board.

  • B Knife

    yo this is some shit i got tell me what y’all think dont think bout stealin it
    i got skill 2 kill u on the mic
    u beat me datd b as likely as fucking britany and not gettin hiv
    now dont i understand y u mad i mean life is bad
    u just found out ur sisters a dike and the bitch u fucking is a transvestice

    • Ron Mexico

      oh, i’mma bite.

      especialy the part bout the dike and the transvestice that shit is illll sonnnn

      • Rob The Music Ed

        Like Pun said “Now you know that aint riiiiiiiiiiiiight” lol

  • Bang

    Rell is talented as hell! Get that money kitko ill songs you got on your page – and Abyss keep doing what it do baby!

  • JE

    im done with this fuckin magazine, the week before the carter III drops, XXL is dickridin lil wayne giving him his own tab and featuring every one of his fucking promo videos… but the NAS album is droppin and theres not a single word said about the truest most talented rapper droppin the most controversial album rap has seen in a decade

    and yall wonder why hip hop is dying….

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