Name: Rell Fury

Representing: Brooklyn, New York

Battled: Mike Page, Envy, Raf Almighty

Respect Due: "I knew Abyss was going to make it to the end, 'cause to me she was the only real MC that stuck out."

Final Words: "Out of all of them, the first battle stuck out a little bit more to me. The punchlines, I was killing him with. I told him it was like Rosie O'Donnell going against Kimbo Slice. My delivery and all that, I was real confident in that match. I'm good money, my talent is there, my wit. I got supporters that log on and come check for me. And I got a lot of people on the site that feel me on the site."

Name: Abyss

Representing: New Jersey

Battled: Bars, Da Blackness, Cap

Respect Due: "I think it's going to be a phenomenal matchup, he's definitely an ill lyricist. I'm just gonna come with it. We're cool and we're gonna keep it professional."

Final Words: "The last match with Cap, he came with his A game, but at the same time a lot of people supported me and stuck it out with me. That's what I like most, the support. I'm a humble MC, but I just feel like I'm hot. I have so much to offer the game. I'm a breath of fresh air. I have a lot to say and on top of that I'm a female MC and you don't have a lot of them representing right now."

To listen to these two go at it, log onto at 3PM EST, Wednesday (7/16).

You be the judge.