Max B was scheduled to perform at S.O.B.'s in Manhattan last night as part of a Hot 97 showcase, but shots fired at the rapper and his entourage abruptly ended the show before it began.

The rapper was not hurt, but upon gunfire erupting the show was immediately canceled.
Max B issued a statement regarding the event and apologized to his fans for the incident.

"I had no control over it, I didn't want any trouble," he said. "I never want any, but people despise me. They are jealous and envious, and they're gonna do whatever they can to stop my movement. Shit is real."

There's no word whether the particular show featuring Max B will be rescheduled.

The rapper claimed to be unaware of who the gunmen were. Shortly before he was set to take the stage, eyewitnesses said a group of individuals entered the club, one of which shot a round toward the VIP area where Max B and his guests were seated. Police are investigating the case.---LaTisha Robbins