Nas will join political groups and tomorrow (July 23) in New York to protest Fox News and the cable channel's coverage of black Americans, including presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

The Queens rapper has been outspoken against the network and their star anchor Bill O'Reilly in the past. When Nas was scheduled to perform at Virginia Tech to honor students who lost their lives during an outburst by a student, O'Reilly lambasted the school's administration. The conservative host referenced vile Nas' lyrics out of context and demanded the rapper not be allowed to perform on the basis of his work. O'Reilly invited members of the hip-hop community to debate the merits of Nas' work, however, he barely allowed them to speak.

The network has also been critical of Nas during the promotion of his most recent album, which was slated to be titled Nigger before the rapper dropped the name.

Nas penned a song "Sly Fox" on his Untitled album aimed at his detractors at the network and now he will take to the streets to protest Fox News.

“FOX poisons the country with racist propaganda and tries to call it news,” Nas said in a statement.

Nas, along with and, are set to deliver a petition signed with over 600,000 names calling for the "racist smears" on air against Obama and other black Americans to end. In the past few months, pundits on the network have referred to Obama's wife as his "baby mama" and inadvertently called the Democratic Presidential Nominee Osamba, instead of his given surname.---Anthony Thomas.