has obtained additional paperwork to further validate Rick Ross as a correctional officer in Miami years ago.

The Web site uncovered more documents through a Freedom of Information Act request with the Florida Department of Corrections. The rapper's employment application, an awarded certificate, and his personal history record, among other items, are posted on

Last week, the rumors regarding Ross and his past surfaced. Pictures of the rapper in his correctional officer uniform popped up on the Web. Initially, Ross denied the claim, saying the images were altered by online hackers.

The fact-finding site now has traced names found on the rapper's employment application, specifically his mother and sister, Tommie Ann Roberts and Tawanda Roberts. Their names appear on the liner notes of Ross' recent album, Trilla, in the thank you section. The address Ross listed on his application is also the same address that his charitable foundation is currently listed at now.

Ross' resignation letter, dated June 2nd, 1997, is also available to view.

"My decision has been made after months of deliberation, and now I feel that this is the right decision for me," Ross said in the typed note. "Thank you for your interest in my career and for the experience I've gained through my employment at South Florida Reception Center."---Nino "Dubs" DeLuca