Mobb Deep Files Lawsuit Against Former Manager

Mobb Deep have filed a lawsuit in court against their former manager claiming he used their recording without permission, according to TMZ.

The suit (filed Tuesday in New York) alleges Norman Bell authorized songs by the New York duo to be used as a part of “Best of”-style compilation mixtapes. Prodigy nor Havoc gave permission the lawsuit contends. Bell, according to the suit, goes by the name Purfek Storm and he released several mixtapes under that name, packed full of Mobb Deep songs.

Mobb is claiming Bell owes the pair over $1 million in royalties for the rights to the various songs he used without permission. The group’s legal representatives are requesting a trial by jury.—Anthony Thomas

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  • Petely Pistols

    No one cares about Mobb Deep anymore, they are just two washed up 90s loose change, crubs off the table, Lil Wayne and Baby run this rap game right now.

    • Paulie

      All I have to say is that you’re just an ignorant and stupid fuck! I’m pretty sure you never heard a Mobb Deep song! Shut da fuck up bitch!!

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    • sean blak

      who are you john mccain or ralph nader. yu are a hater bounce off tha site

    • Capital G

      Get the fuck off the internet with that bullshit. Who the fuck moderates these comments?

      • Capital G

        @ sean blak, you beat me to the punch by a fuckin minute!

  • fireforreal

    Who fuckin cares ? I hope this isn’t Prodigy trying to get some money because his wackass is doing time for a minute and that HNIC 2 sold 20 thousand copies.Oh yeah 1st and have a good weekend.

  • el brechador

    Dayum! datz wut it has come down 2 4 da mobb:( ges dat g-unit da venture was’nt a good idea after all! seemz like dem chekz is seriously slowen down deez dayz! progidy is jus tryna come home 2 a lil financial stablility & havoc is jus tryna b relevent @ this point!

    PS: Aren’tcha mobb deep? where ya goonz at? ges dem lawyerz r mo g’eed out den da team huh?

  • giantstepp

    “…Outlaw til they body me.. havoc i gotta have it steady blastin at prodigy… Mobb 6 feet deep”

    seriously tho, if dude owes them some paper i hope they get it.

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  • Self Educated

    WTF is ya’ll talkin bout? It’s legal business. If someone uses your songs without your permission, u gonna just let them do it? Why not get a lawyer. Did any of you even read the article XXL did on lawyers who fight for rap artists. And just because someone sold 20k doesn’t mean people ain’t listening to it. We live in an age of technology. Most people download more than then they buy these days. Idiots. Besides, sales really don’t mean to much to the artists except for bragging rights. Yeah they get paid some, but most of that money goes to the label. Concerts is where the money at. Why do u think 50 and his crew, Rick Ross, T.I., Kanye and others are always on the road? 9 times outta 10 they sell out. Plus there’s more $$$ when they go overseas. Do your homework.

  • dusty boy

    Maan Hol’ Up!!!

  • fireforreal

    Self educated,your right just because he sold 20 thousand doesn’t mean people ain’t listening it means there just not buying. I admit I loved mobb deep up until about 4 years ago but wheather there plat or not there sales keep getting lower,and lower.Now Prodigy’s latest joint sold even less than return of the mac. I think after that G-unit album and G-unit tats there old fans said fuck it.But atleast they got paid for it right ? There quality needs to get better or fuck what you did in the past the past is not the present.


    Damn these lil nigga`s are broke.12 years in the game and they aint got shit to show up

  • gbj

    I’m not a big fan of Mobb Deep, but thats fucked up. Petely pistols Lil Wayne & Birdman, or Lil bitch & his sex daddy don’t run anything. Those first week sales numbers seem real funny 2 me.

  • Self Educated

    fireforreal, good look out. And I gotta co-sign with you too that the quality or their recent material does need a tune-up. Out with the old formula and in with the new.

  • Stu

    Meh to Mobb Deep. Washed up when they went to 50 Cent.
    They used it on a mixtape, fuck outta here.

  • niggafrommemphis

    MUTHA FUCK MOBB DEEP!Notice how no one has seen or heard from that bitch fuck boy havoc,except the folks in his projects!

  • Macdatruest

    Damn, Mobb Deep sold they whole legacy and Queensbridge fanbase out for “Bloodmoney” dissed Nas, told Kanye West to suck they little dicks and what did it get them? This shit? I thought all them niggas on G-Unit is supposedly rich even though they flopped aint that what they claim Fiddy made them rich? Damn yall niggas repped Queens like some straight bitches. I can’t believe these niggas fell off so hard. I wish Fiddy aint reprogram them niggas into formula 50: Mediocre Music+Talking Wreckless=Sales. These niggas used to be grimey, then they went on to make “Let’s Have A Party” wit that wack ass Dr. Dre beat. But I guess it was Dre and it was G Unit so they had two dicks in they mouth and couldn’t speak up. Oh yeah thats that East Coast Loyalty right? SMFH Let Funk Flex tell it Mobb Deep is Hip Hop: Old, Broke, Loyal, and from New York. Another star Fallen in the East…and prodigy look like a Alien ol bitch ass nigga

  • Tony Grand$

    True mobb deep heads saw it comn with “murda muzick”. They just couldn’t keep up wit the times. “Infamous” n “Hell on Earth” = classic material, mos def. But that was ’94. The mixtapes was aiight, but never could they reclaim the crown after Tupac jumpd on that ass. That line about P’s sickle cell was sick (pardon the pun). And that move to Guerilla Unit was a last grasp @ straws. Sorry yall, no dice. But, all a true artist got is his art and his snaps. They stuck to their art so pay them cats what they deserve. They part of where the music is today. They like ya old ass uncle who used to run shit on the block like a MF boss, then got tripd up in they own success and just fell to the background. Active or not, he still a G. So r them dudes. Perfec storm or whoeva da fuck should pay homage and pay up. I don’t know bout no milli, but those niggas will die as legends of hiphop like it or not. Give em they gottdamn respect n they money, ol greedy ass nigga. Shouts to real riders from comp-town to MIA to Q borough! Let’s get money nigs!




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