Lil Wayne Sued Over Rolling Stones Sample On Carter III Song

Lil Wayne has been sued by a musical publishing company that owns the rights to a Rolling Stone song the rapper allegedly used for his song “Play With Fire,” from his recent album, Tha Carter III.

The company, Abkco Music Inc, is accusing Wayne of copyright infringement and unfair competition. Universal Music Group, along with the song’s collaborators, are also included in the lawsuit, filed in Manhattan federal court.

Orginally, the Wayne track sampled the song, however, the producer of the song, Streetrunner, re-did the beat since the sample was not cleared.

Wayne’s lyrics, on the other hand, still reference the Rolling Stone song. The suit also cites the “explicit, sexist and offensive language” of Wayne’s version. Abkco said Wayne’s version could lead the public to believe the company and the Rolling Stones “approved of and authorized the new version.”

Lil Wayne, nor Universal Records, has commented on the lawsuit as of press time.—J.Carlos DeLeon

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  • whats CraCCin

    look at the haters if the al6um flopped the would not have sued!

  • D-Block

    man i hope they make lil wayne pay all of his money then he goes broke and starts smokin rocks and eventually kills him self. that would happen in a perfect world.

    • Rizob

      Damn homie, you got problems. All that hate can’t be caused by Wayne. Did your father rape you as a child, is your uncle still doing to this day? Did you mother make you suck your brother’s cock while adults watched? Seek counseling my friend, its not too late for you.

      • gamefkdup

        dat wuz real gay! Uz a lolipop dick ryder, bitch can’t recognize wutz real. Hope you die

    • Official!

      Your a fucking hater!

    • gamefkdup

      co-sign tired of hearing dat retarded 4 yr old’s voice evrywhere D-Block fo’ life! 354! 2 muhfuckin’ gunz up album gon’ b sikkk

  • Dizzo

    Muthafuckas is just mad that Wayne( a black man) is making so much money & noise that they gotta whip a nigga literally.

    It is what it is, them niggas still gonna make millions so what the fuck, ya feel me!!

    Rolling Stones need to Roll the fuck over and go lick a damn lollipop. Bitch Made Haters!!!

    I’m Out!!!!

    • Ghost Deini

      They created music. He used (stole) it without permission. That’s not hatin. Why should he make money off of something they created….ya feel me?

      I love this spam protection with addition. It cuts you fuckin idiots off from commenting.

  • Dizzo

    And for the record you don’t think Baby and these other Bigtime Entertainers are factoring that they will get sued, especially if they know they didn’t get the sample cleared. It’s all pre-meditaed. They know!!!

    It’s like selling garbage coke on the block, some people gonna comeback and ask for their money back but at the end of the pack you still made a profit.

    It’s only Business Baby!!!!!

  • PePe LePEW

    Who’s next to sue?”Phife Dawg” of “A Tribe Called Quest” for A Milli?!

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  • streetrunnerisafuckinjoke

    yo if u guys ahve been following streetrunner he has caused lil wayne to be sued for Gossip,I feel like dying, and now this what a horrbile producer lmao, CLEAR THE FUCKIN SAMPLES

  • Russia

    keep yo head up weezy. Haters are always on the look out for something to go wrong, remember you are the best rapper alive cant nobody get on yo level, thats why they mad. to swag is sick.Everything will be alrite i will keep u in my prayers and pray for you the same time i pray for my family, money or not i love you and your music.

  • Shawty J

    The sample was removed from the beat, there was no mention of the Rolling Stones in the liner notes, who was gonna know where the sample came from? Come on now, these are just trifling people trying to get money. I’m hoping the next generation of hip-hop producers learn to play instruments so they and the rappers they collaborate can avoid crap like this.

  • Rosco

    The carter 2 came out 3 years ago…..why da fukk dey wait until 2008 to sue??! Oh yea cuz wayne is a superstar now. GTFoutta here.

  • Real Talk

    Supposedly the sample that wasn’t cleared was removed and the song was redone, so it sounds like this lawsuit is bogus to me. The accusations of Wayne’s “explicit, sexist and offensive language” are completely ridiculous as well: If the Rolling Stones are so offended by this than why did they let Britney Spears do a remake of their song a few years ago? Britney Spears makes explicit music with offensive language too. This reminds me of that lawsuit that George Lucas’s ILM had against Dre for using their sound for the intro of Chronic 2001.

    This is a threat to sampling in hiphop as well, which has already been butchered half to death. If a few of these lawsuits ever go through, you gonna need clearence on EVERY sample or it’s grounds for a lawsuit.

    • SouthCakC23

      Here’s a thought….QUIT SAMPLIN OTHER MUFUKAS SHIT!!! Producers…make your own damn beats. Quit bitin somebody elses shit. I can understand if you want someone’s voice sampled for a hook (e.g. Killer Mike’s “10 G’s” that has the Biggie Sample). But producer’s bitin beats….that shit gets on my nerves any damn way.

      If you are gonna sample….do it to the point that the sample isn’t the bulk of the substance that makes up your beat.

  • Uway

    Copyrights are about to be thrown out if lil wayne wins. The internet has been eating away to those rights for years.

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    The stones are way more important to the music biz than a lil wayne track from streetrunner

    • Ghost Deini

      Thank You.

      • http://facebook bob


      • http://facebook bob


      • http://facebook bob




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  • http://facebook quinisha

    neva ma boy wayne is da best dnt hate cause his version is betta