The Game has a tumultuous relationship with his family, and it looks like ain't much changed. The Compton rapper got into an altercation with a cousin at the funeral service of another relative, according to TMZ. Prior to the service, family members were allegedly already upset with Game because he offered to pay for half of the funeral charges, but when it came time to collect the funds the rapper is believed to have switched his cell phone number. So he left others to bankroll the additional $7, 000. Robert Kirkwood, a relative of The Game, told the gossip Web site that the rapper then unexpectedly arrived at the funeral and afterward when the financing issue arose he punched his cousin. According to Kirkwood, who was punched in the face, police report has been filed. [TMZ]

Snoop Dogg's wife, Shante Broadus, has been cleared of driving under the influence after it was discovered police did not provide sufficient evidence against her. The longtime wife of Snoop was arrested last month in California and was booked on DUI charges. An Orange County D.A. , however, refused to follow through with the charges citing police failed to build a proper case.

The third annual TJ's DJ's Tastemakers Music Conference and Ozone Awards ("TOA") is set to take place next month, August 8-11 in Houston, Texas. Last year, the event took place in Miami, Florida and Lil Wayne and T-Pain were the big winners, taking home three statues each. The "TOA" conference and award show are headed by T.J. Chapman and Julia Beverly.---XXL staff