Duck Down Issues Statement On Kidz In The Hall Incident

Duck Down Records, home to rap group Kidz in The Hall, have issued a statement regarding the incident that occurred July 26 in Arizona.

Rapper Naledge was arrested after allegedly not cooperating with police orders. The Chicago-born MC was charged with obstructing justice, according to reports. He had to be restrained and removed from the scene.

DJ Double O was injured during an incident with bouncers earlier and Naledge attempted to assist his group member. According to a press statement by Duck Down, officers mistakenly identified Naledge’s behavior as disruptive.

Double O is currently hospitalized and had surgery July 27 for one of his injuries. He is in stable condition.—Anthony Thomas


    these police always gotta be extreme with it.

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  • Dee

    I Bet Theres Gon B Alotta Comments sayin they dont blieve Naledge was helpin n h was jus takin pics…

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  • the WIRE

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