Embattled American rapper DMX plead not guilty in court today to theft and identity theft charges, stemming from an event where he allegedly gave a medical facility a phony name.

Prosecutors maintain DMX supplied the name "Troy Jones" to the medical staff to avoid incurring the cost of treatment. The bill was reportedly $7, 500. The rapper complained about chest pains and traveled to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

After he left the court, DMX rapped for reporters saying: "If you ever fall back down, get back up." According to the Associated Press, the rapper was plugging his next album.

DMX is due back in court August 12.

The rapper, who maintains a home in the state of Arizona, has incurred a string of legal problems between that state and Florida in the past two months.

In May of this year, he was first arrested for speeding in Arizona. Then later, he was picked up on animal cruelty charges.

He was then busted in Florida twice, once on driving charges, and a second time for attempting to purchase cocaine from an undercover policeman.

In Arizona again, the rapper was arrested for having two outstanding warrants.---Craig Hume