DMX Indicted In Arizona, Failure To Pay Medical Bills

DMX was indicted late yesterday (July 23) in Arizona on charges of using a false identity to avoid paying medical expenses, prosecutors in Phoenix announced.

The charges stem from an incident were the troubled rapper visited a local hospital and allegedly gave the name “Troy Jones” in order to avoid paying for stay at the medical facility. He was arrested last week on suspicion of the charges.

A newspaper report at the time quoted an witness who overheard X say the bill would go to someone in the projects.

The rapper, who maintains a home in the state, has incurred a string of legal problems between Florida and Miami in the past two months.

In May of this year, X was first arrested for speeding in Arizona. Then later, he was picked up on animal cruelty charges.

He was then busted in Florida twice, once on driving charges, and a second time for attempting to purchase cocaine from an undercover policeman.

In Arizona again, the rapper was arrested for having two outstanding warrants.

So far DMX has not faced penalty for his actions.—Nino “Dubs” DeLuca

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  • whats CraCCin

    Damn homie! get your sh!T 2gether! ROCCS killin you dawg

  • TheBlackHughHefner

    It was all good just 10yrs ago…

  • Tony Grand$

    I’m tired of hearin bout how Mr. Simmons keeps getting busted for this, that and the third. I’m ready to hear a little tough love injected into this cats tailspin of a life. I’m ready to throw Judge Joe Brown or Judge Greg Mathis on his ass! Its beyond drugs and/or drinkin, and aint no slap on the wrist gon do shit @ this point. Jail time alone may only fuel the fire. Somebody needs to get real with this nigga fast. I wonder does he realize he can start gettin it right, and write a great book on his life story ($$$$!). Come on X, you can do it.

  • Terry

    No comment say a alot (lol).

  • fireforreal

    X doesn’t care so why should we ? I just wish cats would stay in the studio because it seems like the more free time some of them have that’s when they stay doing stupid shit.

  • Tha Ace

    he never ceases to amaze me…..has he smoked up every dime he ever earned from movies and platinum records? a fuckin false name at the doc so u don’t have to pay???