DMX + Arizona = Arrested Again

DMX was arrested yet again yesterday (July 19), this time in Phoenix, marking the fourth time the rapper has been busted (and sixth time overall) in the past two months.

X was arrested on suspicion of giving false information, including a name and social security number, to a Scottsdale, Arizona hospital while walking away from a $7,500 bill.

At the time, DMX was overheard saying “someone in the projects is going to get the bill,” in reference to his action.

The troubled star has an on-going string of arrests in the past couple months, spanning the states of Arizona and Florida.

In May of this year, X was first arrested for speeding in Arizona. Then later, he was picked up on animal cruelty charges.

He was busted in Florida twice, once on driving charges, and a second time for attempting to purchase cocaine from an undercover policeman.

Then in Arizona again, the rapper was arrested for having two outstanding warrants.

As of press time, DMX has not secured bail and is currently be held in jail.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told the Associated Press: “I’m hoping this is the one time he’s going to pay the penalty for his offense.”—Jayson Rodriguez

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  • Murda Mike

    FUCK 1ST!!!!!!!!!!
    This nigga stupid, 2 talented 4 his own good!!!!!!!

    • Telly Mac

      DMX is one of the few rappers thats really real and not faking it. He comes from the fuckin hood he’s a hood nigga so he gonna do hood shit. He knows he fuckin up. DMX keep ya head up. when it rains niggas get wet!

    • Max-Jerome

      I will admit that DMX’s legal trouble does seem to mount, but stupid “actions” yes.

      Having money doesn’t make you “above the law”.

      Most of his Arizona drama really started kicking in after his “soul of a man” bet show.

      They didn’t even know he even lived in that state, so its obvious know they want him out.



  • REAL TALK 08

    Damn X,its over wit fo my nigga….he need to go to rehab or sumthin’…i’m huge DMX fan2..but,dat crack got him fucked up!

  • REAL TALK 08

    DAMN X..get it 2gether..put da pipe down!

    • Marco317

      Hey he does cocaine or maybe meth, I seriously doubt he smokes crack or shoots heroin, come on he did that movie “Never die alone” he was playin a hustler and was providin fiends who would do anythin 4 money, Im sure he saw his own shit and knows da consequences of drugs…Stop jumpin to conclusion paople…

    • Marco317

      Hey Realtalk, how u gonna say he smokes crack? maybe he sniffs coke or meth, u automatically say “Put da pipe down” …man if u smokin weed everyday, jobless and drivin a piece of shit, u r a worst loser than my nigga DMX…

      • damn x

        fyi…meth is worse than crack…real talk

      • Ron Mexico

        how you gonna say he can’t be using crack because of a role he played in a movie?

        • Marco317

          Hey Ron, i didnt mean that he can’t smoke crack juz cause he did a movie role, but if u watch da film da nigga was SERVING junkies, and all Im saying is the man must have a little sense left to relalize that HE is becomin an addict to coke (or crack). But when they busted him in Miami he was buyin BLOW not ROCKS and I juz don’t think da nigga gonna go home and cook that shit lol…

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Dam that nigga X trying to take shawty LO NUMBERS down(28 arrests like ha ha ha) how much he going for man? How the fuck u get arrested 4 times in 2 months, at a point these motherfuckers just gonna tell him to stay in jail so they dont run up there gas cards to go get him again.

    For real though come on X I mean for real dawg if u claim u found god,nigga stick with him and chill.

  • Marco317

    Lmfao !!!!! Someone is gonna get da bill in da projects…lol DMX need some jail time for his own good hes been gettin away wit 2 much shit…

  • treezy

    and then there was X…arrested….AGAIN


  • $ ANOC $


  • cmon X

    wtf is up with this guy he took out a great song now his gettin arrested, he should have made one more wish, i wish i would stop gettin arrested.
    for real he has to stop this shit his songs are great but his being a bad role model

  • grp03

    earl simmons is what you call a dumbass, at the highest level.

  • cashmere

    He really need 2 do another belly and get his buzz back 4 a album get swizzy on it…ayo wat happend to ruff ryders label..

  • 239allday

    Yall are calling this nigga dumb but most of those charges are bullshit. I honestly believe the nigga X is being targeting.

    Hold ya head X!!!

  • WANG

    dam x again….

    how many times can a ni99a get arrested before he changes his ways

  • REAL TALK 08

    Naw…dat nigga do crack!…Jarule exposed dat nigga years,the truth done came to light!…damn X!…get help!

  • moise

    this nigga just da fuck you get arrested that much time in 2 mths

  • escobar9300

    Man D needs to keep his ass inside for a few months for real! I live out in phoneix and seen dude at the mall a few times, but homie needs to know that the police here are gonna hate him every chance they get.

  • Prime Minister Sinister

    X use to be in Baltimore before he was famous and he was a crack head. He got some money and became famous but still has the same problems. He’s a real nigga, nobody’s perfect. It’s a shame to see a nigga that was once the biggest name in rap now on Booby Brown status. I seen him up a metrocenter mall in Phoenix, he lost mad weight. cocaine is a hell of a drug. By the way crack is just free based cocaine so its really the same. Get your drug knowledge up.

  • Trickdd

    DMX is a down to earth person though he was just down hear in the 239 Cape Coral Diamond Billiards he was shooting pool but he freetyled out of no where shit got crazy I met him and just like he is on his songs is what he be like in real life he keeps the shit 100 he talks like that and everything he is a cool as dude just like any other person liveing his life

  • Mika

    damn x ssup with all this shit ??? get off em them cheap lil life suckers and give us some of the shit the world loves u for !!!!!!!! come on man ! grown ass man on some stupid shit ! the world waiting on u . u what the game really REALLY been missing.get outta there

  • iLL

    So why no one isnt saying that he snitching on somebody; like many of you tend to say with T.I. This cat here been to jail like 4 or 5 times over the past month and for some reason he gets out to go again. DDN!

  • Rodjilius

    dam do they have the best crack there in Arizona or somethin? but really dmx needs help hes a good rapper but hes fuckin him self up




  • willshady

    shit x….when u gonna get it together and start rockn tha mic again

  • http://bahllz/myspace.come Ernie Bahllz

    I hope that the people close to him can hear the cry for help! Lets not waite till another brother dies and then try to say what we would have done after the fact! Lets keep it HIP-HOP for a change, that is to help build our people rather than destroy them like the (and I’m sorry to say this) white media! This goes beyond music and entertainment this is LIFE!!!

  • Chi City

    This is the saddest story in hip hop!!!

  • Vicious Seiger

    X, has been f’d up for some time now. For a man at his age & of his staus to still be acting foolishly there is no excuse. Is it the drugs or his own stupidity that keeps motivating him to behave so unintelligently – I don’t know but I do want to know why his friends and family haven’t staged an intervention to help him turn his life around. This is a man who at one time was the hottest rapper to come out in a long time and now no less than ten years later he is one of those rappers that most people neglect to mention in conversations of G.O.A.T.s. He has single handed destroyed his career and it seems like everybody around him is just standing around him waiting for him to self destruct. Maybe 50 should lend that Album Title Before I Self Destruct to DMX because within the next year of two, X is going to either be in jail, broke, or worse… dead if someone doesn’t pull this guy’s chain and smack some sense into this man’s noggin. Pitiful, Where is Eve, The Lox, Dee, Waah, Drag-on at when they main man is down? True Homies stay down even when you f@#k up – because they still care for your stupid ass even when you don’t seem to care about yourself. Times like these show you who your real friends are and X doesn’t seem like he has many.

  • Shady

    co-sign wit 239allday….fuck da cops

  • Jack Bauer

    Pray for him.

  • HipHopFive15

    Come on X! Stop gettin ya dumb fuckin self arrested you make hot music nbut now all you do is stay in trouble get the album out vefore you get ya next court date. Shit.

  • DarkmanX

    Damn X please get your shit straight.Fuck the music for a minute just get off that crack.Yeah niggas he is on crack unfortunatley.

  • Huey

    They are just following the dude up and down the nation and he better watch his back else he will end up in the box

  • Pistol

    This guy used to be one of my top favorite dudes. I don’t care what none of you say, he is fucking pathetic trash now. The first or second times that he got arrested he could have gotten away with some excuses, but SIX (6) times, you have to be insanely retarded. DMX did a complete 180 unfortunately. Soulja Boy is the worst EVER, but is still making more money this guy right now. Come on D, where is the old you? Where is the legend?

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  • Xcluziv13

    I’m a big fan of X and I was hoping that he’ll come outta this rut he’s in but damn, I think and really feel that him being locked up is going to help him in the long run. X, get your ssshh*** together man. There’s still fans out here rooting for ya!

  • BMP

    ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ pay 10 times the hospital bill in court fees, LOL

  • carlito

    fo real sumbody need 2 help x…..that crack be callin him like his names pookie…..somebody stik this nigga in rehab or suttin….check out his mugshot picture on crack got his ass

  • Cam Jones

    Damn that nuckka needs to just move out of AZ and go somewhere else. Maybe Wyoming or North Dakota or somewhere he can get wrecked and not be any trouble to anyone else within dozens of miles away

  • Ghost Deini

    Shit, don’t stop now X…’re about to break the record for most arrests in a year.

  • 11KAP

    This guy is just being willfully ignorant, so you can’t feel sorry for him now.

  • Tony Grand$

    I’m leaving my drug/alcohol rehab classes right now, readin this, trippin off of the amount of “willing” participants who started the program with me, some mandated, some sick n tired of bein sick n tired. NONE of them r still there. Some had jail time, some decided they were better, most just said fuck it and did what they do best. I’m 122 days clean and sober from all my vices, because I saw a problem spiraling out of control. That shit was not what’s up, a gottdamned bit. Point being, regardless of X’s addiction, we can pray and hope and support him all we want. That man gotta decide for himself that his life is bogus right now. I don’t think he’s too concerned with reality, becuz that nigga runnin fast n hard to escape it. Aint no man quick enuff to duck the truth. Thru sobriety I see that once nothin matters but getn fucked up and buggin, its just a matter of time. Either life happens (in a good upliftment-type way) or death (spiritual, mental and/or physical). But somethin gotta give eventually,that’s just a law of physics. Hopefully God’s preparing him for greatness. And I hope he will see that before its to late. Prayers to him and his family…..

  • aaron

    this is real sad..He was on top of the world…He is still one of the dopest and realest MCs on the planet…..(NOT LIL WAYNE)…Why would this man do all of this and have that much talent……I pray that god bring him back to the spotlight and the mic..We need you to save us from the BS that the labels are putting out!

  • URL

    Do you wear boxers or biefs? I wana bui em. 407386